173 Powerful Affirmations For Kids Motivation

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Motivation can help children keep trying even when faced with challenges. It’s important to find ways to help your child stay motivated. Here are some powerful affirmations for kids that will help them to find new ways to learn something new.

Powerful Affirmations For Kids

1. All I need to do is take the first step.

2. Anything is possible.

3. Challenges help me to learn and grow.

4. Each day is a new opportunity to learn more about myself.

5. Even professionals have to start somewhere.

6. Every day and in every way, I get better and better.

7. Every day brings new opportunities.

8. Everything is fine.

9. I accept myself for who I am.

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10. I accept who I am.

11. I act responsibly.

12. I am a caring person.

13. I am a fast learner.

14. I am a good friend to myself.

15. I am a good influence on others.

16. I am a good listener.

17. I am a hard worker.

18. I am able to find small things to be grateful for.

19. I am always in the right place at the right time.

20. I am an amazing person.

21. I am brave.

22. I am building my future.

23. I am confident.

24. I am courageous even when things are unknown to me.

25. I am deeply loved by those around me.

26. I am enough.

27. I am excited to go to school.

28. I am free to make my own choices.

29. I am friendly.

30. I am full of great ideas and thoughts.

31. I am grateful for my family.

32. I am grateful for who I am.

33. I am healthy and happy.

34. I am in charge of my life.

35. I am looking forward to today.

36. I am on this planet for a reason.

37. I am perfect just the way I am.

38. I am playful, fun, and creative.

39. I am powerful.

40. I am protected.

41. I am proud of myself.

42. I am proud of the person I am becoming.

43. I am ready to start the day.

44. I am safe, protected, and loved.

45. I am smart and do great at school.

46. I am so happy to be alive.

47. I am surrounded by positive and loving people.

48. I am unique and special.

49. I am wonderful just as I am.

50. I believe in my dreams.

51. I believe in myself.

52. I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

53. I can ask for a hug when I’m sad.

54. I can ask for support.

55. I can be a leader in my own way.

56. I can be anything I want to be.

57. I can be firm and kind with my words.

58. I can be kind even when it’s hard.

59. I can become whatever I want to be.

60. I can choose to bring joy to the people around me.

61. I can create new positive and healthy habits for myself.

62. I can do anything I set my mind to.

63. I can do anything.

64. I can do hard things.

65. I can do kind things without being asked.

66. I can do whatever I focus my mind on.

67. I can find humor in the day-to-day.

68. I can find positives in any given situation.

69. I can learn anything I put my mind to.

70. I can learn whatever I put my mind to.

71. I can let others know what touch feels good or bad.

72. I can make a difference.

73. I can only control myself, not others.

74. I can respect others’ boundaries.

75. I can say no if I’m uncomfortable.

76. I can take deep breaths.

77. I can try my best.

78. I can try to learn and understand how others think and feel.

79. I can turn a ‘bad day’ around!

80. I can’t control other people, but I can control how I respond to them.

81. I choose to look for the best way forward for myself.

82. I choose to think positively.

83. I deeply love and accept myself.

84. I deserve good things to happen in my life.

85. I deserve to be happy.

86. I deserve to be loved.

87. I do not need to stay somewhere I feel unsafe.

88. I don’t need to be perfect to be worthy.

89. I easily pick up on new information.

90. I embrace change.

91. I engage in small acts of kindness to uplift other people.

92. I enjoy absorbing knowledge.

93. I enjoy discovering something new.

94. I explore new activities to find hobbies I love.

95. I express my ideas easily.

96. I feel happy and excited to experience new things.

97. I find my worth on what’s inside my heart, not what’s on the outside.

98. I forgive myself for my mistakes.

99. I forgive others for their mistakes.

100. I get better every single day.

101. I have a big heart.

102. I have a strong focus and sharp memory.

103. I have amazing abilities.

104. I have an unlimited potential within me.

105. I have faith in myself.

106. I have inner beauty.

107. I have many talents.

108. I have many unique gifts and talents.

109. I have special gifts to give my community.

110. I have the confidence to be myself.

111. I have the power to create anything I desire.

112. I have unique strengths all my own.

113. I know right from wrong.

114. I know that I have value as a person.

115. I listen to my inner wisdom.

116. I listen to my intuition, or the little voice inside that guides me.

117. I love making new friends.

118. I love my family and friends.

119. I love myself just as I love others.

120. I love to learn new things.

121. I make learning fun and creative.

122. I only compare myself to myself.

123. I practice things to grow my skills.

124. I radiate love and compassion.

125. I radiate positive energy.

126. I set goals I want to achieve.

127. I start with a positive mindset.

128. I support others with love and kindness.

129. I take responsibility for my mistakes.

130. I talk to myself with the same kindness I do a friend.

131. I trust myself to make great decisions.

132. I will choose to be around others that make me feel comfortable and safe.

133. I will make the most of this day.

134. I will not crumble in the face of challenges.

135. I will use kind thoughts and words about myself.

136. I work hard. I have loving, positive, and happy thoughts.

137. I would want to be my friend.

138. I’m always growing my knowledge and learning.

139. I’m capable of way more than I know.

140. I’m in this world to make a difference.

141. I’m intelligent in many ways.

142. I’m learning to communicate respectfully with others.

143. I’m on this planet for a purpose.

144. I’m only beginning to discover what lies inside of me!

145. I’m proud of myself and who I am.

146. I’m the boss of my body.

147. I’ve got what it takes.

148. I’ve overcome challenges before and I can do it again.

149. If I’m overwhelmed I can take a break and come back.

150. If someone is being unsafe I will go ask for help.

151. Including someone is a bold act of kindness.

152. It is enough to do my best.

153. Kindness is contagious.

154. Learning and growing aren’t easy, but it is worth it.

155. Mistakes are invitations to learn something new!

156. My actions show others that I value and care about them.

157. My challenges help me grow.

158. My happiness is up to me.

159. My life is fun and filled with joy.

160. My mistakes help me learn and grow.

161. My thoughts and feelings are important.

162. My words leave an imprint on other’s hearts.

163. Positive thinking is a choice I make.

164. Sometimes I make mistakes but I choose to learn from them.

165. There are many exciting experiences awaiting me.

166. There is a time to push myself and a time to rest.

167. There is no one else in the world quite like me!

168. Today I am a leader.

169. What I believe about myself is more important than what others believe about me.

170. Whatever I do, I give it my best.

171. When I fall I will get back up, and try again!

172. With every breath, I feel stronger.

173. Wonderful and awesome things happen to me.