86 Positive Affirmations For Healing Your Relationship, Love & Trust

Relationship matters a lot in everyone’s life. It is not possible to live a happy life without a relationship. A relationship needs understanding, respect, and love to build it strong. You have to become capable of handling relationships yourself. We have shared some positive affirmations for a relationship that will make you capable of maintaining your relationship.

Positive Affirmations for Relationship

1. I allow myself to heal.

2. I am stepping into a world of peace.

3. I choose forgiveness.

4. I allow myself to forgive others.

5. I forgive those who have hurt me.

6. I forgive all those who have wronged me.

7. I forgive others for making mistakes.

8. I acknowledge my shortcomings.

9. I acknowledge my imperfections.

10. I forgive myself for making mistakes.

11. I am open to making amends.

12. I communicate with ease.

13. I have faith that I am understood.

14. I deserve to be understood.

15. I deserve to be heard.

16. I am always spoken to with compassion.

17. I am open to rebuilding trust.

18. I am free from anger.

19. I am free from resentment.

20. I am free from shame and guilt.

21. I am free from all the judgments.

22. I am free from all the negative emotions.

23. I am loved.

24. I am cherished.

25. I am relaxed.

26. I am patient.

27. I live in the moment.

28. I am wise in a relationship.

29. I am guided in the right direction.

30. I make the right decisions.

31. I am in a relationship that nurtures me.

32. I am in a relationship that uplifts me.

33. I let go of things that are not in my control.

34. I surrender to the universe.

35. I have the ability to resolve conflicts creatively.

36. There is a natural trust within my relationship.

37. I am open to new ideas.

38. I am open to welcoming change.

Positive affirmations for relationship problems

39. I am self-sufficient.

40. My happiness is independent of the people in my life.

41. I accept the brilliance of everything around me.

42. My boundaries deserve to be respected.

43. I draw healthy boundaries when it’s required.

44. I am blessed with people who respect my boundaries.

45. I respect the boundaries of others.

46. I treat myself with respect.

47. I nurture myself with love.

48. I am respected.

49. I am loved as I am.

50. I am loved for who I am.

51. I respect people’s emotions.

52. My emotions are respected.

53. My emotions deserve to be respected.

54. I appreciate others.

55. I am supported.

56. I trust others.

57. I am trusted.

58. I am empathetic.

59. I am compassionate.

60. I have the ability to listen and understand others.

61. I am valued.

62. I cherish my personal space.

63. I deserve my personal space.

64. I respect the personal space of others.

65. I give others the space they deserve.

66. I choose love.

67. I choose compassion.

68. I choose empathy.

69. My heart is open.

70. I choose to protect my aura.

71. I radiate love.

72. I radiate a white light of positivity.

73. I connect with people effortlessly.

Affirmations for relationship healing

74. I am building beautiful relationships.

75. I deserve true love and companionship.

76. True friendships come easily to me.

77. I am worthy of love.

78. I am respected.

79. I attract love by being myself.

80. I am surrounded by people who love me.

81. I am joyful and bring joy to others.

82. I am my source of joy.

83. My joyful personality attracts loving relationships.

84. I am happy with all of my current relationships.

85. I am in harmony with myself and all of the creation.

86. I have healed.

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