27 Best Allu Arjun Quotes To Motivate You

Read here inspiring quotes said by Allu Arjun that will help you to find motivation in your life.

Who is Allu Arjun?

Allu Arjun is an Indian actor who mainly works in Telugu cinema. He is best known for his dancing skills. He is one of the stylish stars in the Tollywood industry.

How was Allu Arjun’s life journey?

Allu Arjun was born on 8 April 1983 in Madras. His father is producer Allu Aravind and his mother is Nirmala. He is the second of three children. Allu Arjun made his film debut as a child artist in the Vijetha with Chiranjeevi in 1985. Also, he appeared as a dancer in the film Daddy in 2001. He made his adult debut in Gangotri in 2003. The film got commercial success and Allu Arjun won the Santosham Best Young Performers Award & CineMAA Award for Best Male Debut. Then he made his second film Arya. The movie was his breakthrough and he won many awards. He acted in many successful movies such as Arya, Bunny, Happy, Desamuduru, Parugu, Race Gurram, Sarrainodu, Duvvada Jagannadham, Julayi, S/O Satyamurthy, Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo.

What has Allu Arjun achieved in his life?

Allu Arjun is popularly known for his dancing skills. He is one of the highest-paid actors in Telugu cinema. He is a recipient of 5 Filmfare Awards South and three Nandi Awards.

Allu Arjun Inspiring Quotes

Read below motivational quotes said by Allu Arjun on various topics to find motivation.

1. “Everything changes with time.” ― Allu Arjun

2. “I am not so experienced enough to analyze what the people love in me.” ― Allu Arjun

3. “I want to be remembered as a star.” ― Allu Arjun

4. “I’m only competing with myself.” ― Allu Arjun

5. “I feel I haven’t been used to the fullest of my potential. There are so many genres to explore and diverse subjects to work on.” ― Allu Arjun

6. “Reach for the stars, not drugs.” ― Allu Arjun

7. “I like new challenges.” ― Allu Arjun

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8. “I feel that the ‘mega’ tag definitely acts as a platform, but after that, it’s all on the individual.” ― Allu Arjun

9. “I don’t believe in legacy. Legacy does not mean a crown that is passed on; we have to create our own paths.” ― Allu Arjun

10. “If we give something positive to others, it will return to us. If we give negative, that negativity will be returned.” ― Allu Arjun

Life Quotes by Allu Arjun

11. “My life is an open book.” ― Allu Arjun

12. “Becoming a father is a natural progression and the next stage after marriage. So the thought of becoming a father is itself an incredible feeling!” ― Allu Arjun

13. “When we do something good, people immediately follow it.” ― Allu Arjun

14. “I keep myself away from people who talk badly about others.” ― Allu Arjun

15. “Life changed a lot after marriage. I am not the same person as before.” ― Allu Arjun

16. “Everyone seems to be surprised that I’ve changed post-marriage. But what’s so surprising about it? You must change; it’s such a big turning point in your life.” ― Allu Arjun

17. “Away from shooting, well, I always want to spend time with my family and being at home.” ― Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun Quotes & Sayings

18. “I am not against acting in a Hindi film, but I will take it up only if the story is right.” ― Allu Arjun

19. “I want my films to offer wholesome entertainment and not be my personal showreels.” ― Allu Arjun

20. “You can’t expect critics to appreciate all kinds of cinema.” ― Allu Arjun

21. “I don’t make films for critics.” ― Allu Arjun

22. “My family believes in a good script and ultimately everything that is attached to it. I am more interested in a hit film than a good film.” ― Allu Arjun

23. “I don’t believe in awards, and I think only film fare awards are faring.” ― Allu Arjun

24. “I always say this, but I’m saying this again. Do not encourage piracy.” ― Allu Arjun

25. “I am a variety machine; I look for variety in my characters, and an extra edge in the characterization helps in bringing out a better performance.” ― Allu Arjun

26. “Acting is just a part of my life, and I like to lead a life on my terms.” ― Allu Arjun

27. “If the film is a hit, people talk about the hard work, but if it fails, they may not notice, but I give my best for all films.” ― Allu Arjun

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  3. Iam also big and biggest fan of allu arjun from nepal and allu arjun my inspiration i want to meet with allu arjun i hope one day meet with allu arjun i live in japan now for study if you can, send this comment to allu arjun 🙏❣️🙏 allu arjun like this quotes any every line is touch me thank you my hero for me motive with touch ❣️🙏❣️


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