55 Fun and Challenging Anagram Riddles For Kids With Answers

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Welcome to the world of Anagram Riddles, where words become puzzles waiting to be solved! An anagram is like a secret code hiding inside a jumble of letters. By rearranging these letters, we can unlock new words and meanings, just like magic!

In this exciting collection of riddles, kids will embark on a journey of wordplay and discovery. Each riddle presents a set of letters scrambled into a puzzling mess. It’s up to young sleuths like you to unravel the mystery and find the hidden word.

Anagram riddles are not just about rearranging letters; they’re about using your wit and imagination to crack the code. Get ready to sharpen your mind, expand your vocabulary, and have loads of fun along the way!

Are you ready to dive into the world of anagrams and uncover the hidden treasures within words? Let the adventure begin!

Anagram Riddles With Answers

1. A lion; capture it. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Recapitulation.

2. A wizard might use A COLD URN to brew magic.

Answer: Cauldron.

3. Accord I try not. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Contradictory.

4. Amy’s purple net. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Supplementary.

5. At DAWN a wizard needed one of these to perform magic.

Answer: Wand.

6. Beautiful insects like this one get around BY giving a FLUTTER of their wings.

Answer: Butterfly.

7. Bind sure. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Burnside.

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8. Care on lip. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Porcelain.

9. Change the letters of SEAL to make another word meaning special price or discount.

Answer: sale.

10. Change the order of the letters in CAT to make another word meaning perform.

Answer: act.

11. Cid is a common toad. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Disaccommodation.

12. COLD STAN shivers in this part of the British Isles.

Answer: Scotland.

13. Could our brightly colored, feathered friend really be PART of a pirate gang, OR is he just chatting it up?

Answer: Parrot.

14. DARK MEN are seen in this country.

Answer: Denmark.

15. Everyone, including a DOG RAN away from this firey creature.

Answer: Dragon.

16. HE is sure to laugh ANY time he hears something funny.

Answer: Hyena.

17. Head to the land down under, and maybe you’ll find out what this wild dog is DOING.

Answer: Dingo.

18. Hen, I am he. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Nehemiah.

19. HUG RYAN in this country.

Answer: Hungary.

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20. I harm the Chat. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Hiram Hatchet.

21. I sent one part. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Presentation.

22. In this country find a BIG MULE

Answer: Belgium.

23. Ira, run, go get it. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Regurgitation.

24. Is it anger? no. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Resignation.

25. It is a RISK TO COMB your hair with this flying object.

Answer: Broomstick.

26. Let’s try to find out where the small salamander WENT.

Answer: Newt.

27. Lo! a slop. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Apollos.

28. Look over there, it is a PA, ma, AND baby bear munching on bamboo.

Answer: Panda.

29. Main race. What is the anagram word?

Answer: American.

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30. Mid nice rains. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Incendiarism.

31. MIND BATON in this game.

Answer: badminton.

32. O! hark! What is the anagram word?

Answer: Korah.

33. O! if I can sit so. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Ossification.

34. Open A LOCK on a wardrobe to discover wizard clothing.

Answer: Cloak.

35. Priest tied guitar. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Prestidigitateur.

36. Ride horses through LOOP at this sport.

Answer: polo & pool.

37. ROW ANY place in this country.

Answer: Norway.

38. Say HI to the big African mammal, he always likes it when we POP by for a visit at his home in the river.

Answer: Hippo.

39. SENT IN from this game.

Answer: tennis.

40. SNUG FIR board needed for this sport.

Answer: surfing.

41. Take A SPIN on your bike in this country.

Answer: Spain.

42. Test Mars. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Smartest.

43. The BAT CLACKed when he saw one of these dark coloured pets cross his path.

Answer: Black cat.

44. The HARE changed into a bird.

Answer: Rhea.

45. The largest land mammal on the PLANET, HE is easy to recognize because of his large ears and trunk.

Answer: Elephant.

46. The PLEBS LOOK at this to learn magic.

Answer: Spellbook.

47. There are no OPTIONS for magic that can be bottled.

Answer: Potions.

48. There’s a KEY CHOICE in this team sport.

Answer: ice hockey.

49. This dainty flyer pauses MID HUM, and asks you to BRING her some sweet nectar.

Answer: Hummingbird.

50. This sport IS KING.

Answer: skiing.

51. This very tall animal will surely FARE well in his efforts to reach the top of the FIG tree.

Answer: Giraffe.

52. Tom can pet lions. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Contemplation.

53. Tore a limb. What is the anagram word?

Answer: Baltimore.

54. WE SEND letters to this country.

Answer: Sweden.

55. WIN GLOB at this sport.

Answer: bowling.

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