32 Anatomy Trivia Questions With Answers To Know Human Body

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Here are the best anatomy trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about the human body. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Anatomy Trivia Questions With Answers

1. A goiter is an inflammation of which gland? Answer: Thyroid

2. According to research, the risk of heart attack is highest on which day? Answer: Monday

3. An accumulation of bile pigment in the blood causes which skin disorder? Answer: Jaundice

4. Approximately how many miles/ km of arteries, veins and capillaries are in the average human body? Answer: 60,000 miles (96,000 km).

5. By what name is Hansen’s disease better known? Answer: Leprosy

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6. Cirrhosis and hepatitis affect which major bodily organ? Answer: Liver

7. Doctor Christian Barnard performed the first successful transplant of which human organ? Answer: Heart

8. How many bones are there in a normal adult human? Answer: 206

9. How many bones are there in the human wrist? Answer: Eight.

10. In degrees centigrade, what is the normal/average human body temperature? Answer: 37

11. The brain is a part of which organ system? Answer: Nervous System

Easy Anatomy Questions With Answers

12. What ‘BP’ is an infection called Toxaemia or Septicaemia? Answer: Blood Poisoning

13. What appears when the Sun activates your melanocytes? Answer: Freckles

14. What are the only self-cleaning organs for both men and women? Answer: The eyes

15. What is the anatomical name for the chest? Answer: Thorax

16. What is the largest organ in the human body? Answer: The skin!

17. What is the medical name for the largest vein in the human body? Answer: Vena cava

18. What is the most common blood type? Answer: O

19. What is the name of the chief muscle used in breathing? Answer: Diaphragm

20. What is the proper name of the Collarbone? Answer: Clavicale

21. What is the scientific name for the wind pipe? Answer: The Trachea

22. What makes up 60-70% of human body weight? Answer: Water.

Interesting Anatomy Trivia Questions With Answers

23. What parts of the human body are first to liquefy in the third stage of decomposition? Answer: Digestive organs, the brain, and lungs

24. What percentage of the average human brain is water? Answer: 80 percent

25. What structure joins a bone to a muscle? Answer: Tendon

26. What’s the hardest substance in the human body? Answer: Tooth enamel

27. Where in the human body are the smallest bones located? Answer: The ear

28. Which acid is present in the stomach? Answer: Hydrochloric

29. Which human body organ weighs about 2 kilos? Answer: Liver

30. Which of the senses typically deteriorates first with age? Answer: Smell

31. Which organ is responsible for regulating the blood sugar level? Answer: Pancreas

32. Which pigment is responsible for a tan’s brown colour? Answer: Melanin