41 Animal Trivia Questions With Answers

Do you know when animals appeared? Animals first appeared in the Ediacaran period, about 63.5 million to 541 million years ago? Here are the best animal trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about animals around you. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Animal Trivia Questions With Answers

1. A brown bear is what type of animal? Answer: A mammal

2. About how many species of Australia’s front-fanged snakes are potentially dangerous to humans? Answer: About 20

3. Approximately how long can dolphins live? Answer: 50 years

4. Being a sheep, what qualities am I likely to possess? Answer: gregarious and precocial

5. By what other name is the sea otter also known? Answer: Kalan

6. How do crocodiles clean their teeth? Answer: They let birds clean them.

7. How does the Alligator snapping turtle fish for food? Answer: It uses its tongue

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8. I’m a domestic sheep. What is my binominal name, the name that scientists call me by? Answer: Ovis aries

9. Mark Twain asks “How does a frog move about?” Answer: jumps

10. Mark Twain asks, “What do frogs eat?” Answer: meat

11. On average how many hours a day do koalas sleep? Answer: 19 hours

12. There is a famous poem called “Fog”. Mark Twain asks “What kind of animal is a frog?”. Answer: amphibian

13. There is a special name for girl rabbits like Fluffy; she is a doe. What is a boy rabbit called? Answer: Buck

14. What are meerkats excellent at? Answer: Baby-sitting.

Animal Trivia For Kids And Adults With Answers

15. What are mountain zebras skilled at? Answer: Climbing on big rocks

16. What color are jellyfish? Answer: They can be almost any color

17. What is a baby koala called? Answer: Joey

18. What is a group of frogs called? Answer: Army

19. What is the most common country/continent where kangaroos live? Answer: Australia

20. What often happens when dolphins get stuck on the beach or in very shallow water? Answer: They can’t get back out to sea and they die.

21. What physical feature does a kiwi use to catch its prey? Answer: Beak

22. What type of animals are badgers? Answer: members of the weasel family

23. Where can otter habitats NOT usually be found? Answer: Horse stables

24. Where do kangaroos often live? Answer: Rocky places

25. Why do kangaroos lick their forearms in hot weather? Answer: Evaporating saliva cools blood vessels.

26. You are sleeping in bed and you hear a noise that sounds a lot like somebody asking the question “Who?” Who could be making this noise? Answer: Owl

27. What is a group of kangaroos called? Answer: Mob

28. What is the bony case protecting a mammal’s brain called? Answer: Skull

29. What is the most common cause of death for badgers in the United Kingdom, besides old age? Answer: motor vehicles

30. What is the scientific name for a meerkat? Answer: Suricata suricatta

31. What is the scientific name for brown bears? Answer: Ursus arctos

32. What is wildlife conservation? Answer: Protecting plant and animal species in their natural habitat

Best Animal Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

33. What kind of animal is a kakapo? Answer: Bird

34. What kind of animals are turtles? Answer: Reptiles

35. What should you do if a wild creature wanders into your home? Answer: Help them find their way out nonviolently

36. What type of animal is a Holstein? Answer: cow

37. When are bats most active? Answer: At night

38. Where do jellyfish get their name? Answer: They have the texture of jelly

39. Where do turtles lay their eggs? Answer: All turtles lay their eggs on land.

40. Where in the world do badgers live? Answer: across North America, Europe and Asia

41. Where was Sue, the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton found? Answer: South Dakota

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