37 Funniest Ant-Man Jokes To Make You Laugh

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Find here the collection of some funny, hilarious Ant-Man jokes for kids, adults, teens, and of all ages of children. These jokes are shared here to create humor. Because laughing creates a positive impact on you physically and mentally.

Funny Ant-Man Jokes

1. Does Anyone See A Southern Gentleman Carrying A Building?

2. Everything Is Unpredictable. Is That Anybody’s Sandwich? I’m Starving.

3. Hats And Sunglasses? That’s Not A Disguise, Hank. We Look Like Ourselves At A Baseball Game.

4. How did Ant-Man win the Nobel Peace Prize? He was brill-ant.

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5. How did Ant-Man travel to the hospital after hurting his foot? In an ambul-ants!

6. How do Ant-Man and Wasp get around town? They ride on the Buzz.

7. How does Ant-Man keep his suit from getting wrinkled? With help from Iron Man.

8. No, No Whistling! This Isn’t The Andy Griffith Show.

9. What car does Ant-Man like to drive? A Mini Cooper.

10. What dance do Ant-Man and Wasp do together? The jitterbug.

11. What did Ant-Man give the Wasp to fix her hair? A honey comb.

12. What did AntMan name his musical band? Avengers Ensemble.

13. What did Sunfire say when he saw the Wasp? Wasabee.

14. What did the doctor give to a poorly Ant-Man? Ant-ibiotics!

15. What do call Ant-Man when he can predict the future? Clairvoyant!

16. What do you call Ant-Man standing on a ship? Ant and deck!

17. What does Ant-Man call his pet rabbit? Bugs Bunny!

18. What does Ant-Man call miniature golf? Golf!

19. What kind of car does Ant-Man drive? A Mini!

Best Ant-Man Jokes

20. What party game does Ant Man like most? The scAVENGER hunt.

21. What was the Wasp doing in Ant Man’s soup? The backstroke!

22. Where did Ant-Man go with the Wasp on Friday night? To a local dants club.

23. Where did Ant-Man take his injured partner? To the Waspital

24. Where does Ant-Man go on holiday? Ant-igua!

25. Where does Henry Pym go for summer vacation? ANTlantic City.

26. Which law enforcement team does Ant-Man avoid? S.W.A.T.

27. Who keeps Ant-Man’s outfit wrinkle-free? Iron Man!

28. Who looks after Ant-Man’s money? His account-ant!

29. Why did Ant Man go to the zoo to get married? He wanted to ant-elope?

30. Why did Ant-Man laugh when he walked through the park? The grass was tickling his armpits!

31. Why did Ant-Man not get a job as a butcher? The steaks were too high!

32. Why did Thor stop hanging out with Ant-Man? He kept bugging him!

33. Why does Ant-Man have lots of old chairs? He loves ant-iques!

34. Why doesn’t Ant Man play video games? He lost to Ultron too many times.

35. Why doesn’t Ant-Man eat ice cream? He’s lactose intoler-ant!

36. Why was Ant-Man cleaning up the park? He wasn’t a litterbug.

37. Why was Thor avoiding Ant-Man? He kept bugging him.