19 Ant Riddles For Kids With Answers

Here find some best collections of Ant riddles, funny puzzle questions, and brain teasers for kids and adults. And to solve these puzzles we are also sharing the answer to the question.

Ant Riddles With Answers For Kids

1. How many ants are needed to fill an apartment? Tenants

2. My soldiers all wear black clothes. Who are my soldiers? Black ants.

3. What ant is even bigger than the biggest ant in the world? A gi-aint.

4. What do you call a 100 year old ant? Antique

5. What do you call an ant from overseas? Import-ant

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6. What do you call an ant who likes to be alone? Independant

7. What do you call an ant who sluffs school? Truant

8. What do you call an ant with frogs legs? Antphibian

9. What do you call an army ant? Militant

10. What kind of ant is good at adding things up? An Accountant

11. What’s smaller than an ant’s mouth? An ant’s dinner!

12. What’s the difference between writing your will and owning an ant farm? One is a legacy and the other is a sea of legs.

Funny Ant Riddles With Answers

13. Where do ants go for summer vacation? Frants

14. Who do you call for injured ants? The Ant-bulance!

15. Why did the ant race along the boxtop? Because the box said: “Tear Along Dotted Line.”

16. Why do ants dance on jelly jars? Because the lids say “twist to open.”

17. Why is the little ant always confused? Because all his uncles are ants.

18. Why was the baby ant confused? Because all of his uncles were ants!

19. Why were the early American settlers like ants? Because they lived in colonies.

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