91 Baby Girl Names Start with E: Girl Name, Meaning & Origin

Are you searching for a perfect baby girl name that start with E? Searching for a name for your new baby may seem like an impossible task, but you will find a good name if you search. There are many names available from which you can choose a favorite name for your baby girl.

We’ve put together some favorite baby girl names starting with E to help you find the perfect baby name for your baby girl! We have a list of some popular baby girl names starting with E. Check out names, meanings, and origins for each of these special baby girl names. We are sure that you will find some cute names that will suit you for your new baby girl.

List of Baby Girl Names Start with E

Find the list of below baby girl names that start with E with their meaning and origin.

SL NoNamesWhat is the meaning of the name?Origin
2EdithRich giftTeutonic
3EgyptTemple Of The Soul Of PtahGreek
4EileenForm of EVELYN – lively, pleasantGreek
5Elainabright, shining lightGreek
7ElaraA cheerful and happy individualItalian
8Elaynashining lightGreek
9Eleanorbright, shining oneGreek
10EleanoraLight, moonFrench
11ElenaForm of ELEANOR – lightGreek
12Elenisun ray, shining lightGreek
13EliaGod has answeredHebrew
14ElianaLight, moonFrench
15EliannaGod has answeredHebrew
16ElinLight, moonWelsh
18ElinorLight, moonFrench
19Elisadedicated to godSpanish
20ElisabethGod is my oathHebrew
21Eliseform of ELIZABETH – consecrated to GodFrench
22Elissaqueen of CarthageGreek
23EliyanahGod Has AnsweredHebrew
24Elizaform of ELIZABETH – consecrated to GodHebrew
25Elizabethmy God is bountifulHebrew
27ElleWoman, GirlFrench
28EllenForm of ELEANOR. lightGreek
30EllianaLight, moonFrench
31EllieShining lightGreek
32Elliettethe Lord is my GodAmerican
33ElliotWith Strength and Rightmixed (Scottish, English, French)
34Elodiemarshy, white blossomGreek
35EloiseForm of LOIS. battle maidenFrench
36EloraMy God Is My LightHebrew
37ElouiseIntelligent, SmartGerman
38ElowynElm TreeEnglish
39Elsaform of ELIZABETH – consecrated to GodTeutonic
40Elsieform of ELIZABETH – consecrated to GodScottish
41ElyseGod is my oathFrench
43Embersmoldering remains of a fireEnglish
44Emberleesmouldering or fiery meadowEnglish
45Emberlya glowing fragment from a fireEnglish
46Emberlynnglowing ashes of a fire and lakeWelsh
47EmeliaRival, industriousLatin
48EmelyRival, industriousLatin
49EmeraldA Bright Green GemFrench
50Emersynbrave, powerfulGerman
52EmiBlessed, Favour, BeautifulJapanese
53EmileeRival, industriousLatin
54EmiliaForm of EMILIE. Ambitious, IndustriousLatin
55EmilianaTo Strive Or Excel Or RivalSpanish
56EmilieAmbitious, IndustriousLatin
57Emilystriving or eagerTeutonic
58Emmawhole or universalGerman
59EmmaleeRival, industriousLatin
60EmmalineRival, industriousLatin
61Emmalynpeaceful homeLatin
62Emmalynnrival, laborious, eager, entire, universalLatin
63EmmelineRival, industriousLatin
64EmmieWhole, universalGerman
65EmmyRival, industriousLatin
66Emoryhome strengthFrench
67EmpressFemale ruler of an empire, consort of an EmperorEnglish
68EricaHonorable RulerLatin
69ErikaForm of ERIC. ever-powerfulScandinavian
78EttaRuler Of The HomeEnglish
79EvaForm of EVE, lifeHebrew
81Evalynnwished for childFrench
82EvangelineLike an AngelGreek
85Evelynlife or livingIrish
86EvelynnBeautiful BirdEnglish
87Everleeboar meadowEnglish
88Everleighfrom the boar meadowEnglish
89Everleyboar in a meadowEnglish
90EvieForm of EVE, lifeHebrew
91Ezrahelp or helperHebrew

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