70 Baby Girl Names Start with G: Girl Name, Meaning & Origin

Are you searching for a perfect baby girl name that start with G? Searching for a name for your new baby may seem like an impossible task, but you will find a good name if you search. There are many names available from which you can choose a favorite name for your baby girl.

We’ve put together some favorite baby girl names starting with G to help you find the perfect baby name for your baby girl! We have a list of some popular baby girl names starting with G. Check out names, meanings, and origins for each of these special baby girl names. We are sure that you will find some cute names that will suit you for your new baby girl.

List of Baby Girl Names Start with G

Find the list of below baby girl names that start with G with their meaning and origin.

SL NoNamesWhat is the meaning of the name?Origin
1GabbyForm of GABRIELLE. god is my strengthFrench
2GabrielaForm of GABRIEL. God is my StrengthHebrew
3GabriellaDevoted to GodHebrew
4Gabriellegod is my strengthHebrew
5GabyForm of GABRIELLE. god is my strengthHebrew
8GalileaFrom GalileeItalian
9GemaGem, jewelItalian
12Genessisthe beginningGreek
13GenevaJuniper BerryFrench
14Genevietribe or womanFrench
15Genevievewhite waveFrench
17GeorgiaFem. form of GEORGE – a farmerGreek
20GeorginaFem. form of GEORGE – a farmerGreek
21Geraldineruler with a spearTeutonic
22Gertrudespear maidenTeutonic
23GiaGod is graciousItalian
25GianaGod is graciousItalian
26GianellaGod is graciousItalian
27GiannaGod’s GraceHebrew
28GiavannaGod is graciousItalian
32Gingerginger plantLatin
33GinnyForm of VIRGINIA. maiden, virginItalian
34GiovannaGod is graciousItalian
35GiselaForm of GISELLE. a pledgeGerman
38GittelForm of GITA. GoodHebrew
39GittyVariation of Tova meaning “Good; Kindness; WelfareHebrew
41GiulianaBearded, father of the skiesLatin
42GiuliannaYouthful, DownyItalian
43Gizellepledge or hostageGerman
44Gladysform of CLAUDIA – lameWelsh
46GlorianaGlorious graceEnglish
47GloryForm of GLORIA. gloryEnglish
48GoldaMade of GoldEnglish
49GoldieMade of GoldEnglish
50GoldyForm of GOLDA. Made of GoldEnglish
51GraceGod’s graceLatin
53Gracelynnfavor; blessingAmerican
55GracieForm of GRACE. graceLatin
58GraycenDaughter of the gray haired oneEnglish
60GreerWatchful, GuardianGreek
61GretaForm of MARGARET. child of lightGreek
62Gretchenlittle pearlGerman
63GretelForm of MARGARET. child of lightGerman
65GuadalupeMother of GodSpanish
66GuinevereFair OneCeltic
67Gwenfair, whiteWelsh
68Gwendolynwhite browCeltic
69Gwendolynnfair bow, blessed ringWelsh
70Gwynethuncertain, possibly from the placename GwyneddWelsh

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