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Legendary singer and composer Bappi Lahiri passed away on 16 February 2022. He popularized synthesized disco music in Indian cinema and sang some of his own compositions.

Bappi Lahiri started playing the tabla at the age of 4 and started composing music at the age of 11. Initially, he was trained by his parents. Since childhood, he considered American musician Elvis Presley as his idol.

Here are some inspirational Bappi Lahiri Quotes that will always remind you about him. So let’s read the inspiring quotes said by him.

Bappi Lahiri Quotes

1. “There is a lot of talent in our slums.”

Bappi Lahiri believes that even in the poorest areas, there are many talented people. Where someone lives doesn’t determine their abilities. Talent can be found everywhere.

2. “I respect and believe in all religions.”

Bappi Lahiri shows respect and faith in all religions. He values and honors the different beliefs people hold, promoting unity and understanding among different faiths.

3. “Original music is always appreciated.”

Bappi Lahiri values music that is unique and fresh. He believes that music created with original ideas and creativity is always valued and welcomed by listeners.

4. “My music is always good.”

Bappi Lahiri takes pride in his music. He believes in the quality of his work, expressing confidence in the music he creates.

5. “Music is truly universal and has no boundaries.”

Bappi Lahiri believes that music connects everyone, regardless of differences. Music transcends borders, languages, and cultures, bringing people together.

6. “Gold is lucky for me.”

Bappi Lahiri considers gold to be lucky for him. It might be a personal belief or superstition that gold brings him good fortune.

7. “Everybody has dreams.”

Bappi Lahiri acknowledges that everyone has hopes and aspirations. Dreams are something common to all people, irrespective of their background or status.

8. “I have been a tabla player since the age of four.”

Bappi Lahiri started playing the tabla when he was very young, at the age of four. This early start shows his long-standing passion and dedication to music from a young age.

9. “At the age of 11, I started composing and my first composition was sung by my father.”

Bappi Lahiri began creating music when he was just 11 years old. His initial composition was sung by his own father. This story shows that talent can flourish at a young age, and sometimes, family support plays a crucial role in nurturing that talent.

10. “I was about 17 when I began my career.”

Bappi Lahiri started his professional journey in the music industry around the age of 17. This demonstrates that one can start their career relatively early in life and achieve success through dedication and hard work.

11. “I was about 19 when I began working for Hindi films.”

Bappi Lahiri entered the Hindi film industry at approximately 19 years old. It highlights that sometimes, success and opportunities may come at a relatively young age, showing the importance of seizing those chances.

12. “Gujarati is a very sweet language, and I have always used elements from Gujarati songs in my music.”

Bappi Lahiri appreciates the sweetness of the Gujarati language. He often incorporates elements from Gujarati songs into his music. This shows how being inspired by different languages and cultures can enrich one’s creativity.

13. “Whatever I think, talk, and do is because of the influence of God… Thanks to Him, I am what I am today.”

Bappi Lahiri credits God for guiding his thoughts, actions, and music. He feels his compositions are a tribute to God and advises aspiring musicians to connect with spirituality in their work. It emphasizes the importance of gratitude and spirituality in life and creativity.

14. “My favorites are Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, and Mohammed Rafi. They are the four legends. I have worked with them on hundreds of songs.”

Bappi Lahiri admires Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, and Mohammed Rafi as legendary singers. He feels privileged to have collaborated with them on numerous songs. This illustrates the honor of working with iconic figures in the music industry.

15. “You can’t compare Lata Mangeshkar with anyone.”

Bappi Lahiri believes that Lata Mangeshkar’s talent is incomparable. He sees her as a unique and unmatched singer, showcasing immense respect for her exceptional abilities.

16. “I don’t have words for her. I only know there will be not another Lata Mangeshkar.”

Bappi Lahiri expresses deep admiration for Lata Mangeshkar, suggesting that there will never be anyone else like her. He recognizes her as an irreplaceable and extraordinary figure in the music industry.

17. “It never bothered me that people made fun of my passion for gold… I would never feel bad when people ridiculed me for my fascination with gold.”

Bappi Lahiri never felt upset or bothered when people made fun of his love for gold. This shows that he remained confident and unbothered by others’ opinions about his unique style and interests, teaching us to stay true to ourselves despite criticism.

18. “People love me.”

Bappi Lahiri believes that people genuinely love and appreciate him. This could inspire us to foster positive relationships by being kind, respectful, and spreading love.

19. “Mentoring is an interesting job.”

Bappi Lahiri finds mentoring others to be an engaging and enjoyable responsibility. It shows his willingness to guide and teach others, encouraging us to embrace the fulfilling role of being a mentor or teacher.

20. “I don’t wear any jewelry or gold at home.”

Bappi Lahiri doesn’t wear any jewelry or gold when he’s at home. This might signify that he values simplicity and comfort in his personal space, teaching us about the importance of being relaxed and at ease at home.

21. “Bappi Lahiri has a voice that alone is loud and musical enough to sway people.”

Bappi Lahiri believes that his voice, just by itself, has the power to captivate and influence people through its loud and musical qualities. It highlights the confidence he holds in his own abilities.

22. “It’s in God’s hands when we come on this earth and when we leave.”

Bappi Lahiri trusts that our birth and death are in God’s control. This statement reflects his faith in a higher power, emphasizing that life and its course are guided by a divine force.

23. “I am an extremely religious and spiritual person.”

Bappi Lahiri describes himself as deeply devoted to his religion and spirituality. This showcases the importance of faith and spiritual beliefs in his life.

24. “I am a karma yogi, and I think without God’s blessings, no one can achieve anything in this world.”

Bappi Lahiri believes in the concept of karma yoga, emphasizing that he sees himself as someone who believes in the importance of action and divine blessings to achieve success in life. It reflects his spiritual outlook on life and achievements.

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