53 Funniest Baseball Jokes For Kids

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Find here the collection of some funny, hilarious baseball jokes for kids, adults, teens, and of all ages of children. These jokes are shared here to create humor. Because laughing creates a positive impact on you physically and mentally.

Funny Baseball Jokes For Kids

1. A man leaves home, makes three left turns and is on his way back home when he notices two men in masks waiting for him. Who are they? They’re the catcher and umpire.

2. Did you hear the joke about the baseball? It will leave you in stitches.

3. Did you hear the joke about the fast pitch? Forget it. You just missed it.

4. Did you hear the joke about the pop fly? Forget it. It’s way over your head.

5. Have you ever seen a line drive? No but I have seen a baseball park.

6. How do baseball players keep in touch? They touch base!

7. How do baseball players stay cool? By sitting next to the fans.

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8. How Do Baseball Players Stay Friends? They touch base every once in awhile.

9. How is a baseball team similar to a pancake? They both need a good batter.

10. I like baseball so much more than football. It’s just a batter game.

11. I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger and bigger… And then it hit me

12. It was so foggy today that the Cubs couldn’t even see who was beating them.

13. What did the baseball glove say to the ball? “Catch ya later!”

14. What do chefs wear to play baseball? Oven mitts!

15. What do pitchers eat before a baseball game? Sliders!

16. What Do You Get When You Cross A Tree With A Baseball Player? Babe Root.

17. What goes all the way around the baseball field but never moves? The fence.

Hilarious Baseball Jokes And Puns

18. What has 18 legs and catches flies? A baseball team

19. What’s a baseball player’s favourite movie? The Umpire Strikes Back!

20. What’s the difference between a pickpocket and an umpire? One steals watches and one watches steals.

21. What’s the difference between a rain barrel and a bad fielder? One catches drops and the other drops catches.

22. What’s the difference between a Yankee Stadium hotdog, and a Fenway Park hotdog? You can buy a Yankee hot dog in October.

23. When should baseball players wear armor? When they’re playing knight games.

24. Where do baseball players buy their uniforms? New Jersey!

25. Where do baseball players eat? The home plates!

26. Where do catchers sit at lunch? Behind the plate.

27. Where do they keep the largest diamond in NYC? Yankee Stadium

28. Where does a baseball player go when he needs a new uniform? New Jersey.

29. Where in the Bible do they mention baseball? ‘In the big inning!’

30. Where shouldn’t a baseball player ever wear red? In the bull pen.

31. Which animal is best at hitting a baseball? The bat.

32. Which baseball player holds water? The pitcher

33. Which baseball player makes the best cakes? The batter!

34. Which superhero is best at baseball? Batman!

35. Which takes longer to run: from first to second base or from second to third base? From second to third base, because there is a shortstop in the middle.

One Liner Baseball Jokes For Kids

36. Who’s the most famous Los Angeles Dodger? O.J. Simpson.

37. Why are chickens bad at baseball? They always call fowl balls!

38. Why are some umpires such healthy eaters? They always clean their plate.

39. Why are spiders good baseball players? Because they know how to catch flies.

40. Why can’t tigers play baseball? Because if you have three stripes, you’re out!

41. Why did the baseball player go to the car dealer? He wanted a sales pitch.

42. Why did the Braves hire a baker? They needed a new batter.

43. Why did the hotdog stop playing baseball? We was the wurst player!

44. Why do umpires have big appetites? They have to clean all the plates!

45. Why does a pitcher raise one leg when he throws the ball? If he raised them both, he’d fall down.

46. Why is a baseball umpire like an angry chicken? They both have fowl mouths.

47. Why is it so hot at Phillies games? Because there’s not a fan in the place.

48. Why is it so hot at Rays games? Because there’s not a fan in the place.

49. Why is Yankee Stadium the coolest place to be? It’s full of fans

50. Why was Cinderella kicked off the baseball team? She kept running away from the ball!

51. Why was Cinderella so bad at baseball? She had a pumpkin for a coach!

52. Why was it always so windy at Candlestick Park? Because of all the Giant Fans.

53. Why was the artist such a big fan of baseball? She loved to paint a pitcher!