How To Become A .NET Developer? (Skills, Salary, and Roles)

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You want to become a .NET developer, but you have no idea where to start, what is the demand for dot net developers in the market, and what is the average salary companies are paying to a developer. In this article, we are going to cover everything in detail.

What is .NET?

.NET is an open-source software development platform developed by Microsoft on 14 February 2002. It is the collection of technologies that is useful for creating different types of applications for web, desktop, mobile, games, and IoT (Internet of Things). .NET framework uses languages such as C#, C, C++, F#, and Visual Basics.

Initially, .NET was used only for Microsoft Windows. But now it has updated versions like .NET Core, .NET 6 which can be used with other operating systems.

Who is a .NET developer?

.NET developer is a professional person or software engineer who creates, designs & manages various applications for the web, mobile, games using .NET technology. He develops different technical products according to the needs.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a .NET developer?

There are so many opportunities for a .NET developer in various companies. Generally, the role of a .NET developer is to build, design, and manage the applications using .NET infrastructure. But looking at the experience level, the roles and responsibilities of the person in this field are different.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Junior .NET Developer:
  • Participates in the development of various products.
  • Collaborates with other team members on various projects.
  • Learns & analyzes the processes of the use of the .NET program.
Roles and Responsibilities of Middle .NET Developer:
  • Explanation and implementation of software as per requirements,
  • Participates in the design and development of software solutions,
  • Provides high-quality code and documentation,
  • Implements modern engineering practices to ensure product quality,
  • Design and build secure, scalable, distributed applications.
Roles and Responsibilities of Senior .NET Developer:
  • Defining the strategy and scope of software requirements for the business owner and consumer
  • Developing .NET products according to consumer needs
  • Assessment of product Impact based on the needs
  • Determining the application requirements
  • Upgrading the existing products
  • Maintaining the efficiency of the applications
  • Inspiring junior developers for their roles

What is the demand for a .NET Developer?

Now the demand for a .NET developer is very high. Mostly, companies hire .NET developers for:

  • Developing eCommerce websites using Visual Studio,
  • For Full-stack development such as front end and backend development,
  • Modernizing existing applications,
  • Designing, building, and maintaining efficient, reusable, and reliable code,
  • To ensure the best performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications.

What are the skills required to be a .NET Developer?

The responsibility of a .NET developer is to make technical products, take care of them and also upgrade them. To become a successful .NET developer you need technical skills and some soft skills. This is completely from a developing background, so you should have knowledge of computer science, programming language, expertise in coding, DataBase, etc.

Below are some of the skills that you need to become a successful .NET developer:

  • Deep understanding of technology, web, or other application
  • Programming language skills such as C#, C, C++, F#, and Visual Basics.
  • Strong Database skills
  • Expertise in Coding
  • Foundational knowledge in ASP.NET
  • Experience with developmental Agile Lifecycle methodologies
  • Ability to provide in-depth evaluation and analysis of unique complex technological issues
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills.
  • The ability to lead others

.NET Developer Salary

The salary of a .NET developer depends on various criteria like his experience level, job location, employer, his skills. Let’s take a look at the details of the average salary.

.NET Developer Salary in India
CityExperienceAverage Salary/yr
Early Career₹466080
Mid Career₹859809
Early Career₹365349
Mid Career₹760035
Early Career₹447667
Mid Career₹991021
Early Career₹329754
Mid Career₹652981
Early Career₹387832
Mid Career₹750000
Source: PayScale
.NET Developer salary in top countries
CountryAverage Salary/yr
New Zealand$59183
United Kingdom$48931
Source: Glassdoor

How to become a .NET developer?

As you read before, .NET technology is a software development platform by Microsoft, then you should have technical knowledge. You need to learn about programming languages, coding, and other .NET knowledge.

Here is the list of knowledge and skills you need to become a .NET developer.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree degree or Master’s Degree degree in Computer science to learn about the fundamentals of languages and codings.
  • You need to learn about the programming languages such as C#, C, C++, F#, and Visual Basics.
  • You should have knowledge about coding. Because you will be able to make web development, mobile applications, games, cloud development using .NET technology.
  • Fundamental knowledge of .NET Core, .Net Framework.

Which are the top companies hiring .NET developers?

There are many IT companies that are hiring .NET developers for the development of the .Net framework, c#, Microservices, API, Cloud platform to give better service to their clients.

The names of some of the big companies are listed below.

  1. Cognizant
  2. Tata Consultancy Services
  3. Accenture
  4. Infosys
  5. Capgemini
  6. HCL Technologies
  7. Deloitte
  8. FIS
  9. Wipro
  10. Mindtree
  11. IBM
  12. EY
  13. Tech Mahindra
  14. Atos-Syntel
  15. CGI


What is .NET?

.NET is an open-source software development platform that is useful for web development, cloud development, desktop development, mobile development, game development, machine learning, and other IoTs.

What language does the .NET platform require?

.NET framework required the programming languages such as C#, C, C++, F#, and Visual Basics.

Can .NET platforms be used in different operating systems?

Initially, .NET technology was used only for Windows operating system. But now its product .NET Core, .NET 6 which can be used with other operating systems.

What does a .NET developer do?

A .NET developer creates various technical applications for various consumers and designs them, also he is responsible for the management of the applications.

What skills does a person need to become a .NET developer?

A person must have technical knowledge such as programming language skills, expertise in coding. He must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

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