15 Best Law Of Assumption Quotes For Achieving Dream Goal

Get here the list of some best inspirational law of assumption quotes.

The law of assumption states that what we believe to be true will actually be true in the days to come. You can do anything about this.

Best Law of Assumption Quotes

1. “The underlying assumption that human nature is basically the same at all times, everywhere, and obeys eternal laws beyond human control, is a conception that only a handful of bold thinkers have dared to question.” ― Isaiah Berlin

2. “A society that has conquered its biases and assumptions, has mastered order.” ― Abhijit Naskar

3. “The feeling of surprise is a gift. It is your mind’s way of telling you that something in your environment is not the way you thought it was: you may be wrong about something.” ― John Muir Laws

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4. “Many businesses make assumptions about what their employees want and need without first involving them in the decision-making process. In the end, you know what they say about assumptions. If we steer clear of making them, our business might reflect what the employee really wants.” ― Heather R. Younger

5. “Mere combat skills do not make you an officer of the law, you must have a firm grip over your biases, assumptions and fears.” ― Abhijit Naskar

6. “Every society is really governed by hidden laws, by unspoken but profound assumptions on the part of the people, and ours is no exception.” ― James Baldwin

7. “Most marketing mistakes stem from the assumption that you’re fighting a product battle rooted in reality.” ― Al Ries

8. “Every society is really governed by hidden laws, by unspoken but profound assumptions on the part of the people, and ours is no exception. It is up to the American writer to find out what these laws and assumptions are. In a society much given to smashing taboos without thereby managing to be liberated from them, it will be no easy matter.” ― James Baldwin

9. “you must begin with the assumption that you are ignorant and that you have natural biases that will make you judge people incorrectly.” ― Robert Greene

10. “If you don’t want people to make assumptions about you that they automatically consider as facts, be aware of not falling into the same habit.” ― Michelle Tillis Lederman

11. “its very nature, scientific investigation takes for granted such assumptions as that: there is a physical world existing independently of our minds; this world is characterized by various objective patterns and regularities; our senses are at least partially reliable sources of information about this world; there are objective laws of logic and mathematics that apply to the objective world outside our minds;” ― Edward Feser

12. “Assumptions are the things you don’t know you’re making, which is why it is so disorienting the first time you take the plug out of a wash basin in Australia and see the water spiralling down the hole the other way round. The very laws of physics are telling you how far you are from home.” ― Douglas Adams

13. “Let me first make two important assumptions, which I will discuss in more detail later on, but will now just say that they are both supported strongly by observational evidence: (1) that the laws of physics are the same everywhere in our universe, and (2) that space looks the same in all directions (the same density and distribution of galaxies).” ― Jim Al-Khalili

14. “On reflection, it happens so naturally you begin to feel or to tell yourself, ‘Well, it would have happened anyway,’ and you quickly recover from this wonderful experience of yours.” ― Neville Goddard

15. “Willingly identify yourself with that which you most desire, knowing that it will find expression through you. Yield to the feeling of the wish fulfilled and be consumed as its victim, then rise as the prophet of the law of assumption.” ― Neville Goddard

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