38 Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy

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Find here the most inspiring life experiences, and thoughts of Sudha Murthy about life. As you all know Sudha Murthy is the Chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. She also founded several orphanages, participated in rural development efforts, and supported the movement to provide all Karnataka government schools with computer and library facilities. These life teachings will teach you to learn how to live your life, what mindset you need to have in any situation & How to be happy in every part of your life. We are sharing these thoughts to completely understand life. So, let’s read the 38 Best Life Lessons from Sudha Murthy to completely understand the life process & to find the secrets of a happy life.

Here you can watch the video of the full interview of Sudha Murthy which was interviewed by Ranveer Allahbadia on his YouTube Channel.

The Secret Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy

Know the secret life lessons from the words of Sudha Murthy.

Quotes to know the definition of Life

Find the real definition of life with the help of quotes said by Sudha Murthy.

#1. “Defining life is like blind people identifying the elephant.”

Life is complex and can be understood in various ways, just like how blind people might feel different parts of an elephant and each have a different view. We should accept that life can be seen from diverse perspectives.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

#2. “Everybody has their own way of defining life because it is with respect to their experiences.”

Each person sees life differently based on what they’ve been through. Your experiences shape your view of life, and that’s okay. We should respect and learn from each other’s perspectives.

#3. “There may be sisters in a family but life for both sisters will not be the same.”

Even if two people come from the same background or family, their life experiences and paths can be very different. We should understand that everyone’s life journey is unique.

#4. “Life for both husband and wife will not be the same.”

In a marriage, both partners have their own experiences and challenges. Life for each person in a relationship is not identical. It’s important to acknowledge and respect these differences.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

#5. “Everybody’s life is a journey and it is a marathon that person has to run.”

Life is a long journey, much like a marathon race. We need patience and endurance to face the ups and downs. It’s about the journey, not just the destination.

#6. “The way you look at it is life.”

Your perspective and attitude towards life determine how you experience it. Life can be beautiful or challenging depending on how you choose to see it.

#7. “What makes you better or happy or is contentment is called life.”

Life is about finding happiness and contentment in what you do. It’s not just about chasing success; it’s also about finding fulfillment in the things that make you better and happier.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

#8. “Beginning of the day I get up and I say, look today let me do some work which is useful to society, and at the end of the day I say did I achieve what I aimed for. If I achieved 80 percent of it I feel happy and I felt life will be nice.”

Setting meaningful goals and working towards them is a way to find satisfaction in life. Even if you achieve most of your daily goals, it can make you feel fulfilled and happy.

Quotes about Young age & Romance on Life

Know about the importance of young age and romance in life with the help of Sudha Murthy’s life learning Quotes.

#9. “Romance will not rule all the time in your heart. It will be some period of time.”

Romantic feelings come and go; they don’t last forever. Life has many phases, and romance is just one of them.

#10. “Romance is a part of life. But life is bigger than romance.”

While romance is a beautiful part of life, it’s important to remember that life is much more extensive and includes various experiences and emotions beyond just romantic love.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

#11. “Romance comes when you don’t realize it.”

Sometimes, love and romantic moments happen unexpectedly when you’re not actively seeking them. They often come naturally and when you least expect it.

#12. “When you are young, you not aware of what life is.”

In youth, you may not fully understand the complexities of life. It takes time and experiences to gain a deeper understanding of life.

#13. “Life does not show any concession.”

Life can be tough and unforgiving at times. It doesn’t always make things easy for us. We must face its challenges with determination and resilience.

Quotes to know the best meaning of life

Know the real meaning of life with the help thoughts of Sudha Murthy.

#14. “Life is quite hard. Hard does not mean bad. You have to struggle to survive in this life.”

Life can be challenging, but that doesn’t make it bad. Struggling and working hard to overcome difficulties is a part of life. It teaches us to be strong and resilient.

#15. “Things may not happen the way you desire or planned. It may happen in some other way. You have to face it. You should move on in your life.”

Life doesn’t always go as we expect or plan. When things change, we must accept the new situation and continue moving forward. Adaptability is an important lesson in life.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

#16. “Forgive is okay, forget is better, move on is best.”

It’s good to forgive others, even better to forget the hurt, but the best thing is to move on without holding onto grudges. This brings peace and progress in life.

#17. “You should move on in your life, don’t stick in one place.”

It’s important to keep moving forward in life rather than staying stuck in one place. Growth and new experiences come from moving on and exploring.

#18. “After romance, you meet real life.”

Romance is wonderful, but it’s just one part of life. After romantic experiences, we encounter the everyday realities and challenges of life.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

#19. “Husband & wife together is a package of life.”

A husband and wife together make up a significant part of one’s life. Their partnership is an essential aspect of life.

#20. “If the others have negativity, you should accept that negativity.”

Sometimes, people around us may have negative attitudes. It’s important to acknowledge this negativity without letting it affect your own positivity.

#21. “How you accept the negative things of each other and move on is called life.”

Life involves accepting each other’s flaws and moving forward together despite challenges. It’s about facing difficulties together and growing as a result.

#22. “Unconditional love for husband, unconditional love for children, unconditional love for work, and passion to help others define my life.”

Sudha Murthy believes that her life is defined by the love and dedication she has for her family, her work, and her passion for helping others. Unconditional love and commitment are the core of her life.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

Quotes to know about Courage, Money & Happiness in Life

#23. “It’s not the money that makes you happy. Courage is more important in life than money.”

Money alone doesn’t guarantee happiness. Courage, the ability to face challenges and take risks, is more valuable in life. It can lead to a more fulfilling life.

#24. “Courage is something that gives you hope. Hope is the one that gives courage.”

Courage and hope go hand in hand. Being brave gives you hope for a better future, and having hope gives you the courage to face difficulties.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

#25. “My expectation in life is very very small. That’s the reason I’m always happy.”

Sudha Murthy doesn’t have overly high expectations in life, which is why she’s consistently happy. Keeping expectations modest can lead to greater contentment.

#26. “If you are happy you enjoy your life. If you are unhappy, you may be in mahal but you won’t enjoy it.”

Happiness is the key to enjoying life. Even if you have all the material comforts (like being in a palace), if you’re unhappy, you won’t truly enjoy your life. Happiness matters more than wealth or status.

#27. “It is not the place, it is not the money. It is the person who is important, with whom you enjoy life.”

What truly matters in life is not the location or the wealth but the people you share your life with. The joy and happiness come from the relationships and connections you build.

Quotes know how to build relation in Life

#28. “We build a relation by sharing.”

Relationships become stronger when you share your experiences and thoughts with others. Sharing helps in building and nurturing meaningful connections.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

#29. “This young generation never shared his life in any difficulties.”

Some younger people may not have experienced or shared their lives during challenging times. It’s important to learn from difficulties and share experiences to grow.

Life is Uncertainty

#30. “Life offers you many things which you never expect.”

Life can surprise us with unexpected opportunities and challenges. It’s important to be open to what life brings and adapt to new experiences.

#31. “You can control 10 to 15% of your life. It’s your daily routine work.”

While there are things in life you can’t control, a significant portion of your life is shaped by your daily habits and routines. These small actions have a big impact.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

#32. “Suppose something happens one year wrong, it does not matter, so many years are there in your life. Why you are in a rush?”

If something goes wrong in one year, it’s not a big deal because life is long, and there are many more years to come. There’s no need to rush or stress about short-term setbacks.

#33. “I never show anybody that I’m smarter than you.”

Sudha Murthy doesn’t try to prove she’s smarter than others. She values humility and doesn’t boast about her intelligence. Instead, she focuses on learning from others.

#34. “I’m happy because I’m good at my work. I’m happy because I’m passionate. I’m happy because I love to learn.”

Sudha Murthy finds happiness in being skilled at her work, having a strong passion for what she does, and enjoying the process of learning. These are sources of her contentment.

Sudha Murthy Quotes on Learning in Life

#35. “The day you stop the love to learn you become old.”

When you lose your enthusiasm for learning and trying new things, you start to feel old. Staying curious and eager to learn keeps you feeling young and vibrant.

Best Life Lessons From Sudha Murthy To Find The Secrets Of A Happy Life

#36. “Learning new things every day keeps me young.”

Sudha Murthy believes that constantly learning new things keeps her feeling youthful and engaged in life. It’s a mindset that keeps her active and inspired.

#37. “Every story has some positive meaning. Stories make things positive.”

Every story, even if it’s about a difficult experience, can have a positive lesson or message. Stories have the power to bring positivity and understanding into our lives.

#38. “A contented life is a good life.”

Being content with what you have is the key to a good life. When you’re happy and satisfied with your circumstances, you’re living a fulfilling life.

I hope you liked the above secret life lessons from Sudha Murthy to live a happy life.

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