100 Positive Biblical Affirmations for Personal Growth

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Biblical affirmations are positive statements based on teachings from the Bible, the holy book of Christianity. They are like encouraging reminders that help people focus on God’s love, strength, and promises. These affirmations can boost our faith, give us hope, and remind us of our worth in God’s eyes. By repeating these affirmations, we can reinforce our belief in God’s power and goodness, and find comfort and guidance in difficult times.

Empowering Biblical Affirmations

1. As I place my hope in the Lord, my strength is renewed.

2. Challenges make me stronger and wiser.

3. Even if I mess up today, I can try again tomorrow.

4. Fear has no place in my life.

5. God gives me strength.

6. God guides me with love.

7. God has good plans for me.

8. God has great plans for my life.

9. God is looking after me.

10. God is my refuge.

11. God is right here with me, holding my hand.

12. God is with me.

13. God listens to me.

14. God loves me with everlasting love.

15. God wants me to be happy.

16. God wants me to live.

17. God will give me the strength I need to do everything He wants me to do today.

18. God woke me up this morning for a purpose.

19. God woke me up today for a purpose.

20. God’s approval of me is most important.

21. God’s power works best in my weakness.

22. God’s Spirit makes me feel powerful.

23. I am a loving being.

24. I am a woman of discipline and self-control.

25. I am a worthy child of God.

26. I am accepted by God.

27. I am beautiful by God’s definition.

28. I am beautiful.

29. I am blessed.

30. I am bold in my actions.

31. I am boundlessly strong as God is with me.

32. I am content.

33. I am created in God’s image.

34. I am enough.

35. I am everything God says I am.

36. I am faithful.

37. I am fearless.

38. I am focused on what matters most.

39. I am God’s precious child.

40. I am grateful for all that God has given me.

41. I am grateful for each breath God gives me.

42. I am learning to love myself the way God does.

43. I am loved by God.

44. I am loved just as I am.

45. I am not too much for God to handle.

46. I am patient.

47. I am saved.

48. I am walking in the wisdom of God.

49. I am whole and complete.

50. I am wonderfully made.

51. I appreciate all the gifts I have received.

52. I appreciate every creation of God.

53. I appreciate myself for all I do.

54. I appreciate the body that God gave me.

55. I appreciate the life that God gave me.

56. I become a better version of myself every day.

57. I believe in myself as God believes in me.

58. I cam heathy.

59. I can be confident in God’s power.

60. I can have wisdom and guidance from God if I just ask.

61. I can rely on God.

62. I choose Godly things.

63. I deserve the healthiest version of myself.

64. I do what I can.

65. I enjoy helping others.

66. I face each challenge with grace.

67. I follow Jesus no matter where he leads me.

68. I guard my heart because it determines the course of my life.

69. I have confidence that I can do all things through Christ.

70. I have might and power.

71. I have sound knowledge and wisdom.

72. I have the courage to do challenging things.

73. I have the peace of Christ.

74. I know how to be still so I can hear from God.

75. I live by faith.

76. I live in the present.

77. I live with kindness.

78. I look for the good in each day.

79. I love who I am right now.

80. I make good choices.

81. I persevere.

82. I put God first in my life.

83. I release the pressure to perform.

84. I respect my body for the unique way it is made.

85. I speak with love.

86. I trust God at all times.

87. I trust God wholeheartedly.

88. I will respect myself and others because we are all made in the image of God.

89. I will take the time to appreciate quiet moments this morning.

90. My faith makes me whole.

91. My focus is sharp.

92. My identity is in Christ – not anyone or anything else.

93. My life is filled with beauty and grace.

94. My mind is clear.

95. My trust is in the Lord.

96. My trust lies in God alone.

97. My worth is defined by His grace.

98. Right now, I am exactly what God created me to be.

99. To show love to God, I show love to myself.

100. Today I focus on God to fill me with peace of mind.

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