65 Bird Riddles For Kids With Answers

Get here the best bird riddles, and logic questions with answers to share with your kids or any member of the family.

Bird Riddles With Answers

1. Riddle: Birds of a feather flock together. What is the contradictory proverb?

Answer: Opposites attract.

2. Riddle: Dead on the field lie ten soldiers in white, felled by three eyes, black as night. What happened?

Answer: A strike was thrown in 10-pin bowling.

3. Riddle: Forward and forward I go, never looking back. My limit no one knows, more of me do they lack. Like a river, I do flow, and as an eagle, I fly. Now can you guess, what am I?

Answer: Time. I am time!

4. Riddle: How did the chicken manage to pay for, the ‘A de Luxe’ roost?

Answer: By Higher Purchase.

5. Riddle: How do chickens like to dance?

Answer: Chick to chick

6. Riddle: I am dead but alive, I eat but am never satisfied, I consume knowledge but gain none. What am I?

Answer: A Zombie.

7. Riddle: I can’t see yet I know you’re there. I’m not a cow but I’m leather. I’m a rare find but follow paths. I can fly but I’m not a bird. What am I?

Answer: A bat.

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8. Riddle: I have a house with no doors no windows, nothing. If I want to get out I break the wall. Who am I?

Answer: Chicken as if it wants to come out breaks the wall.

9. Riddle: I howl, yet I have no voice. Can’t be seen but my presence is felt. What am I?

Answer: The wind.

10. Riddle: I make the leaves green, I make the dirt brown, I make the bluebirds blue, I make all of your dreams come true. What am I?

Answer: A box of crayons.

11. Riddle: I’m in Kentucky, with 2 bowls of chili. I stay there for 3 nights. I take a train to Georgia and back peddle to Kansas. Where am I?

Answer: Do not know the answer, help! Driving me crazy, and it’s a short trip.

12. Riddle: I’m the part of the bird that’s not in the sky. I can swim in the ocean and yet remain dry. What am I?

Answer: A shadow.

13. Riddle: If 20 blackbirds are on a fence and you shoot one, how many remain?

Answer: None, they would all fly away from the sound of the shot.

14. Riddle: If a chicken says, “All chickens are liars”. Is the chicken telling the truth?

Answer: Chickens cannot talk.

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15. Riddle: If it takes 5 microwaves and 5 minutes to cook 5 chickens, how long does it take 100 microwaves to cook 100 chickens?

Answer: 5 minutes. We can assume that one chicken is placed in each microwave and that each chicken takes 5 minutes to cook.

16. Riddle: If there is a Yellow house on Bluebird Lane, a Greenhouse on Orange Street, a Pink house on Kitten Road, a Blackhouse on Whitehorse Pike, and a Purple house on a Firebird hill. Where is the White House?

Answer: Washington, D.C.

17. Riddle: If you hadn’t put me in a bowl, I would have lived for 20 years. What am I?

Answer: I’m your goldfish, you monster.

18. Riddle: If you have nine fish in a fishbowl and 3 drown how many fish do you have left?

Best Bird Puzzle Questions With Answers

Answer: Nine because fish don’t drown.

19. Riddle: If you see a bird sitting on a twig, how could you get the twig without disturbing the bird?

Answer: Wait until the bird flies away.

20. Riddle: Inside napper, bird chaser, quick stoker, small animal killer, fish eater. What is it?

Answer: A cat.

21. Riddle: It has a long neck, a name of a bird, feeds on ships cargo, and is not alive. What is it?

Answer: A crane.

22. Riddle: Larry is dead the window is open. There is a glass and water on the floor, and Mary is sleeping. What happened??

Answer: Larry is a fish. the breeze from the window knocked over his fishbowl it broke and he died from no water.

23. Riddle: My first is in the ocean but never in the sea, my second’s in wasp but never in bee. My third is in a glider and also in flight, my whole is a creature that comes out at night. What am I?

Answer: An Owl.

24. Riddle: Something that requires our mental skill to decode it, our imagination to understand it, our knowledge is tested to its max, it confuses us at every stage, it seems easy yet difficult, only those who are used to, will get through. What is it?

Answer: A riddle.

25. Riddle: There are 2 ducks in front of 2 other ducks. There are 2 ducks behind 2 other ducks. There are 2 ducks beside 2 other ducks. How many ducks are there?

Answer: Just four, in a square formation.

26. Riddle: There are ten birds sitting on a fence. You shoot one. How many are left?

Answer: None are left. All the others are scared away because of the gunshot.

27. Riddle: There are two bodies on the floor. They are surrounded by water and broken glass. How did they die?

Answer: The bodies were goldfish because their fishbowl got knocked over onto the floor and broke.

28. Riddle: They can trickle down, They can tickle too. Or make you sneeze, Or comfort you. Their rustling sound, you’ve rarely heard, Unless you’re a pillow or a bird! What are they?

Answer: They are feathers.

29. Riddle: Under no circumstances compute the number of your barnyard fowl previous to their incubation. What is the proverb?

Answer: Do not count your chickens before they hatch.

30. Riddle: What asks, but never answers?

Answer: An owl.

31. Riddle: What bird can be heard at mealtimes?

Answer: A swallow.

32. Riddle: What bird can lift the heaviest weight?

Answer: Crane

33. Riddle: What bird can write?

Answer: PENguin

34. Riddle: What bird is always out of breath?

Answer: A puffin.

35. Riddle: What bird is very rude?

Answer: Mocking bird.

36. Riddle: What can fill a room and a bowl but not change shape?

Answer: Air.

37. Riddle: What did the scientist get when he crossed a chicken and a cow?

Answer: Roost beef.

38. Riddle: What do you call a chicken with bad sunburn?

Answer: Fried Chicken.

39. Riddle: What do you call a crate of ducks?

Answer: A box of quakers!

40. Riddle: What do you call a magic owl?

Answer: Whodini.

41. Riddle: What do you call a tavern of blackbirds?

Answer: A crowbar.

42. Riddle: What do you call two birds in love?

Answer: Tweet hearts

43. Riddle: What do you get if you cross a hen with a guitar?

Answer: A chicken that plucks itself.

44. Riddle: What do you get when you cross a parrot with a centipede?

Answer: A walkie-talkie.

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45. Riddle: What does a chicken say instead of good?

Answer: EGGcelent

46. Riddle: What happened when the rubber duckie fell into the bathtub?

Answer: It quacked up.

47. Riddle: What kind of bird writes?

Answer: A pen-guin.

48. Riddle: What time does a duck get up?

Answer: At the quack of dawn.

49. Riddle: What was never scared but became petrified, can’t make a bird but can make a bat, can’t live in a house but would die to have one. What is it?

Answer: A tree.

50. Riddle: Where do wolves stay on vacation?

Answer: At a howliday inn.

51. Riddle: Which bird does not belong in this group? Finch, gull, eagle, ostrich, or sparrow?

Answer: The Ostrich. It’s the only bird that doesn’t fly.

52. Riddle: Which would see most clearly in total darkness? A bat, a tiger, or an owl.

Answer: None. In total darkness, it is impossible to see anything.

53. Riddle: White bird, featherless, flyin’ out o’ paradise, flyin’ over sea and land, dyin’ in my hand. What is it?

Answer: A snowflake!

54. Riddle: Why are the rates at the bird’s hotel so much higher than other 4-star hotels?

Answer: Toucan stay for one!

55. Riddle: Why did Mama Duck scold her goslings?

Answer: For eating quackers in bed.

56. Riddle: Why did the chicken cross the road twice, and jump in the mud?

Answer: He was a dirty double-crosser.

57. Riddle: Why did the eagle not fly over the sea?

Answer: Because if it flew over the sea it will be a seagull.

58. Riddle: Why did the sheriff arrest the chicken?

Answer: It used fowl language

59. Riddle: Why did the turkey cross the road?

Answer: To prove he wasn’t chicken.

60. Riddle: Why do birds fly south in the Fall?

Answer: Because it’s too far to walk.

61. Riddle: Why do chickens lay eggs?

Answer: Because if they drop them, they will break.

62. Riddle: Why was the chicken forbidden from sending e-mails?

Answer: Because he kept using fowl language.

63. Riddle: Why was the Easter egg hiding?

Answer: It was a little chicken!

64. Riddle: With three eyes and a black as night, I frequently knock down ten men with a single strike! What am I?

Answer: A Bowling ball.

65. Riddle: You can feel me but, I can’t feel you. I can uproot trees and tear roofs off their houses. Yet, I can make a Baby sleep and be gentle. I can howl and whisper. I can spread and stop fires. I can toss boats and help them glide too. What am I?

Answer: I am the wind.

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