39 Bird Trivia Questions With Answers

Here are the best bird trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about birds. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Bird Trivia Questions With Answers

1. Approximately how many different species of bird are there in the world? Answer: 10,000

2. Bird shells mainly consist of which material? Answer: Calcium

3. Birds are descended from different species. Which species? Answer: Birds are in fact, descended from reptiles

4. Birds used to have forelimbs – what did they end up evolving into? Answer: Wings

5. How high can penguins jump? Answer: At least 6-feet in the air

6. How tall can ostriches grow? Answer: Up to 2.7m!

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7. I am a medium-sized bird with a large head. I easily land on and take off from flat ground. The name of my breed shows what area I live around. I walk with a hunched posture. My scientific name is “Fratercula arctica.” What bird am I? Answer: Atlantic puffin

8. I am medium sized for my type, and I have a skinny body and narrowed tail. I am the most common and widespread of my species in North America. My wings make a fluttering whistle when I fly. What bird am I? Answer: mourning dove

9. I am the largest of my group, and I’m heard more often than seen, even though I’m only threatened. My kind usually forages in the open near marshes or in road-side ditches. In spring and summer, the parents of my type go out in the open with their downy chicks behind. What bird am I? Answer: king rail

10. I am the smallest bird of my species. The juvenile of my species looks nearly the same as the adult version of my species, but the juvenile’s head is a bit of a lighter shade of gray. My scientific name is “Riparia riparia.” What bird am I? Answer: Bank swallow

11. I live in southern bottom-land forests and was thought to be long extinct. However, recent reports from eastern Arkansas say I still live in the wild. My scientific name is “Campephilus principalis.” What bird am I? Answer: ivory-billed woodpecker

12. In which rainforest would you find the Hoatzin bird? Answer: The Amazonian rainforest

13. My kind lives in aspen and western conifer forests. I am notable for my extreme sexual dimorphism, which means that you can easily tell the difference between the male and female genders of my species. My scientific name is “Sphyrapicus thyroideus.” What bird am I? Answer: Williamson’s sapsucker

14. The flamingo is the national bird of which country? Answer: The Bahamas

15. The raven is the national bird of which country? Answer: Bhutan

16. This bird is slightly smaller than an American robin, has a crest, and has a red marking on its wing. Answer: Cedar waxwing

17. What bird isn’t able to move its eyes? Answer: The owl

18. What do ostriches occasionally eat to help them digest their food? Answer: Small stones and pebbles

19. What is the average size range for a bird? Answer: It can be anywhere between 5cm and 2.75m

20. What is the fastest bird in the world? Answer: The peregrine falcon

21. What is the largest bird in the world? Answer: The ostrich

22. What is the most common species of bird in the world? Answer: The Red-billed Quelea

23. What is the only bird that can recognize itself in a mirror? Answer: The magpie

24. What is the word for the study of birds? Answer: Ornithology

25. What kind of bird builds a nest out of mud? Answer: Barn swallow

26. What part of a bird takes up ⅕ of its body? Answer: Its lungs

27. What species of penguin is the largest? Answer: The Emperor penguin

28. Which bird has the longest beak in the world? Answer: The Australian pelican

29. Which bird is bright red (male) with a crest on the top of his head? Answer: Northern Cardinal

30. Which bird is usually found on the water? Answer: Green-Winged Teal

31. Which colorful bird is the national bird of Nepal? Answer: The Himalayan Mondal

32. Which is the only continent where you can’t find owls? Answer: Antarctica

33. Which Japanese bird species is one of the rarest in the world? Answer: The Japanese Crested Ibis

34. Which species of bird can fly backward? Answer: The hummingbird

35. Which species of bird can fly underwater? Answer: The puffin

36. Which species of bird can only eat when its head is upside down? Answer: The flamingo

37. Which species of bird is native to New Zealand? Answer: The kiwi

38. Which species of bird lays the smallest eggs? Answer: The hummingbird

39. Which species of bird only has 2 toes? Answer: The ostrich

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