32 Birthday Trivia, Quiz Questions With Answers

Here are the best birthday trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about the birthdays. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Birthday Trivia Questions With Answers

1. If your birthday is in August, what is your star sign? Answer: Leo or Virgo

2. In the Caribbean, what do you get covered with on your birthday? Answer: Flour

3. In Toy Story, what does Andy receive as a birthday present? Answer: Buzz Lightyear

4. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated on the same day as his birthday. Which month is his birthday? Answer: January

5. On average, how many babies are born every year? Answer: 76,570,430

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6. On which popular holiday does Annie Lennox celebrate her birthday? Answer: Christmas Day

7. Pass the Parcel originated in which country? Answer: UK

8. Taarties are a sweet birthday treat served in which country? Answer: Netherlands

9. The tradition of sending birthday cards began in which Country? Answer: England

10. What day of the week are the most babies born? Answer: Tuesday

11. What do children in New Zealand eat instead of birthday cake? Answer: Toast

12. What do children typically eat on their birthday in China? Answer: Noodles

13. What does it mean if you are in your birthday suit? Answer: It means you don’t have any clothes on

14. What happens to babies on their 1st birthday in India? Answer: Head Shaved

15. What happens to your nose when you celebrate your birthday in Canada? Answer: Your friends will rub it in butter

16. What present Anne Frank given for her 13th birthday? Answer: A diary

17. When was the first proper birthday card manufactured? Answer: 1902

18. Where would you be if you got your earlobes pulled on your birthday? Answer: Hungary

19. Which activist did Stevie Wonder write ‘Happy Birthday’ for? Answer: Martin Luther King

20. Which are the three most important birthdays in Japan? Answer: The 3rd, 5th, and 7th birthdays are the most important

21. Which child actress received 135,000 presents for her 8th birthday? Answer: Shirley Temple

22. Which country did the birthday candle tradition come from? Answer: Germany

23. Which country likes to use black and white wrapping paper for their birthday presents? Answer: India

24. Which country started the tradition of birthday cakes? Answer: Germany

25. Which former footballer and TV sports pundit was born on Christmas Day 1957? Answer: Chris Kamara

26. Which Game Of Thrones star was born on Boxing Day 1986? Answer: Kit Harrington

27. Who celebrated birthdays with a form of birthday balloons? Answer: The Aztecs, who used to inflate the stomachs of sacrificed cats!

28. Who were the first people to celebrate birthdays? Answer: The Ancient Egyptians

29. Who were the first people to give each other birthday presents? Answer: The Romans

30. Who were the first people to use candles in a birthday cake? Answer: The Ancient Greeks

31. Who wrote the 1959 children’s book ‘Happy Birthday To You!’? Answer: Dr Suess

32. William Shakespeare died on which birthday? Answer: 52nd

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