31 Bob’s Burgers Trivia Questions With Answers

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Here are the best Bob’s Burgers trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about the movie. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Bob’s Burgers Trivia With Answers

1. Bob has three kids. Who is the oldest? Answer: Tina

2. From where does Mort joke that he was run out of “for selling human flesh to the restaurants”? Answer: Bog Harbor

3. How do Linda and Hugo, the health inspector, know each other? Answer: They were engaged

4. How many children do Bob and Linda Belcher have? Answer: Three kids.

5. How many toothpicks are initially thrown on the ground for Tina to guess a quantity? Answer: 3

6. Immediately after speaking with Tina, which offense is the health inspector shown to have written in his notebook? Answer: Rashy grill cook

7. On the day this episode takes place, which important date has Bob forgotten? Answer: His wedding anniversary

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8. What are the names of Bob and Linda’s daughters? Answer: Tina and Louise Belcher.

9. What are the names of the parents of Linda Belcher? Answer: Their names were Gloria and Al.

10. What article of clothing is Louise almost never seen without? Answer: a pink bunny hat

11. What is the full name of Bob in ‘Bob’s Burgers’? Answer: His full name is Robert “Bob” Belcher, Jr.

12. What is the name of Bob Belcher’s wife? Answer: Linda

13. What is the name of Bob’s closest friend? Answer: Teddy.

14. What is the name of Bob’s rival restaurateur? Answer: Jimmy Pesto

15. What is the name of the kids’ friend who is allergic to everything? Answer: Rudy

16. What is the real name of Jimmy Pesto in Bob’s Burgers? Answer: James Poplopovich.

Bob’s Burgers Quiz Questions With Answers

17. What kind of business is next door to Bob’s Burgers and comes into the spotlight a bit during this first episode? Answer: Funeral home

18. What state is ‘Bob’s Burgers’ set in, where the Belchers live? Answer: New Jersey.

19. What was the name of Linda’s sister in Bob’s Burgers? Answer: Gayle.

20. What was the name of the health inspector in Bob’s Burgers? Answer: Hugo Habercore.

21. When the man in charge steps away to get more condiments, which button does Gene press in the crematorium? Answer: Green button

22. Which actress voices Bob’s sister-in-law Gayle? Answer: Megan Mullally

23. Which business is next to the restaurant in Bob’s Burgers? Answer: The funeral home.

24. Which child of the Belchers loves music? Answer: Their son Gene loves music.

25. Which of these is NOT one of Bob and Linda’s children? Answer: Henry

26. Which snappy name has Bob chosen for the Burger of the Day, as seen on the chalkboard? Answer: New Bacon-ings

27. Who is Bob’s landlord? Answer: Mr. Fischoeder

28. Who is Bob’s next door neighbor, the mortician? Answer: Mort

29. Who is the health inspector who used to have a crush on Bob’s wife? Answer: Hugo

30. Who voices Bob Belcher? Answer: H. Jon Benjamin

31. Who voices the guidance counselor at Wagstaff School? Answer: Dave Herman