16 Boman Irani Quotes: Get Success in Any Stage of Life

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Read here inspiring quotes by Boman Irani to find motivation in any stage of life.

Boman Irani started his career as a photographer, now he is one of the most successful actors in the Bollywood industry. Boman Irani was born on 2 December 1959 in Bombay. His father died 6 months before Irani was born.

He used to do waiter jobs in his initial days. Boman was also a photographer, used to take sports photos and selling them for 20 to 30 rupees. He also managed his mother’s bakery and namkeen shop until he was 32 years old.

Irani has also a passion for acting and made his film debut in 2003  with the film Darna Mana Hai, but he got his first success in the film Munna Bhai M.B.B.S in 2003.

Boman Irani showed his amazing acting skill in many successful movies such as Main Hoon Na, Veer-Zaara, Don, Heyy Babyy, Housefull, Jolly LLB, Bhoothnath Returns, Housefull 3, Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, 3 Idiots, Don 2, Happy New Year, PK, Dilwale, Sanju.

Boman Irani Motivational Quotes

Find here some motivational Boman Irani Quotes to find motivation.

Quote 1: “I’m an actor, and I don’t look at myself as providing comic relief. I have done diverse and dark roles such as a psycho, murderer, and others in films such as ‘Don’, ‘Eklavya’ and ‘3 Idiots.’” – Boman Irani is saying that he’s not just a funny actor; he has played serious and complex characters in movies like ‘Don’, ‘Eklavya’, and ‘3 Idiots’. He’s versatile and can do a wide range of roles.

  • Inspiration: This quote inspires us to break out of stereotypes and not limit ourselves to one role or identity. We can explore and excel in different areas of life, just like Boman does in his acting career.
  • Tip: Don’t let others define your capabilities. Embrace your versatility and try different things in life.

Quote 2: “One can understand a person by the way he removes his wallet and puts his hand to take out money.” – Boman Irani is saying that you can learn a lot about a person’s character by observing how they handle their money, how they spend it, and how they treat others when it comes to money matters.

  • Inspiration: This quote reminds us to pay attention to how we handle our finances and how we treat others in financial transactions. It’s a way to understand and improve our own character.
  • Tip: Be mindful of your financial habits, and treat money matters with respect and fairness.
Boman Irani Quotes To Help You Get Success In Any Stage Of Life

Quote 3: “I’m not a hero or a superstar. I’m an everyday guy. I feel happy when children approach me. I feel that something good is happening in life when little kids recognize me.” – Boman Irani is saying that he doesn’t see himself as a big hero or superstar. He finds joy in the simple things, like when children recognize him and approach him. It makes him feel that something good is happening in his life.

  • Inspiration: This quote inspires us to find happiness in the small, everyday moments and not to focus solely on fame or success. It’s a reminder to appreciate the simple joys of life.
  • Tip: Look for happiness in the little things and cherish the moments that bring a smile to your face.

Quote 4: “When I was a child, I never spoke. The teacher used to write remarks in my notebook. My mom sent me to a trainer. I started talking, and it gave me confidence.” – Boman Irani is sharing that as a child, he was very quiet and had trouble speaking. But with the help of a trainer, he overcame his shyness and gained confidence by learning to speak.

  • Inspiration: This quote shows us that personal growth and development are possible. We can overcome our weaknesses and become more confident with the right guidance and effort.
  • Tip: Don’t be afraid to seek help or guidance to overcome your limitations and gain confidence.

Quote 5: “Once, Naseeruddin Shah told me that the wafer shop was the best acting school that I could have attended. And I completely agree. I observed every customer very minutely and picked up some quirk or the other. Later, I used those experiences while playing different characters.” – Boman Irani is saying that he learned a lot about acting by observing people in everyday situations, like at a wafer shop. He watched customers closely and picked up their unique behaviors, which he later used in his acting roles.

  • Inspiration: This quote teaches us that we can learn from the world around us. You don’t always need formal education; you can gain valuable insights from everyday experiences.
  • Tip: Pay attention to the world around you and learn from your observations and interactions. Life itself can be a great teacher.

Boman Irani Quotes on Film & Acting:

Quote 6: “I don’t mind being identified as any character as long as I’m doing a good job as an actor. I have done all kinds of roles – from an editor, judge, police officer, murderer to a corrupt businessman.” – Boman Irani is saying that he doesn’t care which character people associate him with, as long as he’s doing a good job as an actor. He’s played a wide range of roles in his career, from a judge to a murderer, and he’s proud of it.

  • Inspiration: This quote inspires us to be open to diverse experiences and not be limited by stereotypes or labels. It encourages us to do our best in whatever roles we take on in life.
  • Tip: Don’t be afraid to embrace different roles and experiences. Focus on doing your best in whatever you choose to do.

Quote 7: “I still reject lead roles, as I don’t accept any role if I don’t find it challenging enough. I am very careful while making selections.” – Boman Irani says that he turns down lead roles in movies because he only accepts roles that challenge him. He is very selective about the roles he chooses to play.

  • Inspiration: This quote teaches us to prioritize quality over quantity. It’s better to choose challenging and meaningful roles over ones that might be more prominent but less fulfilling.
  • Tip: Be selective in your choices, whether in your career or life in general. Choose what challenges you and helps you grow.

Quote 8: “Remember, acting is not a business of glamour. It is science, craft, and art. Read about acting; don’t do it for the sake of fun.” – Boman Irani reminds us that acting is not just about looking glamorous. It’s a combination of science, craftsmanship, and art. He advises aspiring actors to study and take it seriously, not just for fun.

  • Inspiration: This quote inspires us to approach our passions and pursuits with dedication and seriousness. Whether it’s acting or any other field, success often requires a deep understanding of the craft.
  • Tip: If you’re passionate about something, invest time in learning and mastering it. Take your interests seriously.

Quote 9: “I just love to work and spend time with my family. And that’s the reason I don’t look at the length of the role, but what it has to offer me.” – Boman Irani values his work and family time. He doesn’t judge the importance of a role by its length but by what it brings to his life.

  • Inspiration: This quote reminds us to focus on the quality and meaning of our commitments, whether they are in our professional or personal life. It’s not about quantity; it’s about what enriches our life.
  • Tip: Prioritize the things that truly matter to you, and don’t measure their value solely by their duration or quantity. It’s about the impact they have on your life and happiness.

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Quotes for Self-Help:

Quote 10: “Fear is one thing that can ruin everything. It’s the greatest problem.” – Boman Irani is saying that fear can be a big obstacle in life. It can make everything go wrong. It’s a significant problem that we need to overcome.

  • Inspiration: This quote inspires us to confront and conquer our fears. It reminds us that fear can hold us back from achieving our goals, and by facing it, we can make things better in our lives.
  • Tip: Don’t let fear stop you. When you face your fears, you often find that they’re not as big as you thought.
Boman Irani Quotes To Help You Get Success In Any Stage Of Life

Quote to Be Idol

Quote 11: “My theory is children don’t do what you tell them to do, they do what you do. You have to always do the right thing because they follow you.” – Boman Irani is saying that children don’t always do what you tell them; they often imitate your actions. So, it’s essential to set a good example by doing the right thing because kids look up to you.

  • Inspiration: This quote reminds us of the influence we have on those who look up to us, especially children. It encourages us to be role models and make the right choices in our behavior and actions.
  • Tip: Be mindful of your actions, especially when there are young people around. Your behavior can impact and shape their values and actions.
Boman Irani Quotes To Help You Get Success In Any Stage Of Life

Quotes on Family

Quote 12: “It is so wonderful to have a family to come home to, to sit with them, pull each other’s legs… To lose all of that for what? Who’s got the time? I’m having great fun working.” – Boman Irani is expressing his love for spending time with his family. He believes it’s wonderful to have a family to come home to, share light-hearted moments, and he doesn’t want to trade that for anything because he enjoys his work too.

  • Inspiration: This quote inspires us to value our family and the joy of spending time with them. It encourages us to find a balance between our work and personal life, appreciating the moments we share with loved ones.
  • Tip: Work is important, but so is spending quality time with your family. Find a balance that allows you to enjoy both aspects of your life.

Boman Irani Inspiring Dialogues from Movies

Dialogue 1: “Winning is also a habit, which comes slowly.” (Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal) – Boman Irani’s character is saying that winning isn’t just luck; it’s something you build over time through consistent effort and practice. It doesn’t happen overnight.

  • Inspiration: This dialogue inspires us to understand that success is the result of continuous effort and dedication. It encourages us to work persistently towards our goals, even if progress is slow at first.
  • Tip: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Keep working towards your goals, and over time, you’ll build the habit of winning.
Boman Irani Quotes To Help You Get Success In Any Stage Of Life

Dialogue 2: “Human beings get only two or four such opportunities in life, where he can say that I have done something in life.” (Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal) – In this dialogue, Boman Irani’s character is emphasizing that people have only a few crucial moments in life where they can proudly say they’ve achieved something significant.

  • Inspiration: This dialogue reminds us to seize the important opportunities that come our way and make the most of them. It encourages us to strive for accomplishments that make us proud.
  • Tip: Be on the lookout for those significant opportunities and make the most of them when they arise.
Boman Irani Quotes To Help You Get Success In Any Stage Of Life

Dialogue 3: “Life is a cycle, sometimes it gives happiness, sometimes it gives sorrow.” (Love Story 2050) – Boman Irani’s character reflects the cyclical nature of life. Sometimes, it brings joy, and at other times, it brings sorrow. Life has its ups and downs.

  • Inspiration: This dialogue inspires us to understand that both joy and sorrow are part of life’s natural cycle. It encourages us to embrace the good times and persevere through the challenging ones.
  • Tip: When facing difficult times, remember that they are just a part of life’s cycle, and better days will come.
Boman Irani Quotes To Help You Get Success In Any Stage Of Life

Dialogue 4: “The more you doubt life, the more life will trouble you.” (Shaadi Se Pehle) – Boman Irani’s character is warning against having too much doubt or negativity about life. He suggests that the more you doubt life, the more it will cause problems for you.

  • Inspiration: This dialogue reminds us that a pessimistic outlook can lead to more difficulties. It encourages us to maintain a positive and hopeful attitude, even in challenging situations.
  • Tip: Instead of dwelling on doubts and negativity, focus on finding solutions and maintaining a positive mindset when facing life’s challenges.
Boman Irani Quotes To Help You Get Success In Any Stage Of Life

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