14 Butter Riddles For Kids With Answers

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Here find some best collections of butter riddles, funny puzzle questions, and brain teasers for kids and adults. And to solve these puzzles we are also sharing the answer to the question.

Butter Riddles With Answers

1. I can sometimes be a stick but I’m not from a tree. I love to be spread on toast, and I’m a product that is dairy. What am I? Butter

2. I come in long, crunchy pieces and I taste good with peanut butter. I have a lot of fiber and I am green. What am I? Celery

3. I’m white but I’m not a sheet of paper. I come in different shapes and sizes but I’m not a snowflake. I can be broken but Im, not a window. I can be brittle but I’m, not peanut butter. I’m sometimes humerus but Im not funny. I am? Bones

4. Something different to show every week, but I’m still in the same place. If you’re eating it’s probably butter that you taste. What am I? A movie theater.

5. There is one that’s made for pockets. And one that’s especially for steaks. There’s one to spread peanut butter. And a large one to cut wedding cakes. What is this? Its a knife

6. What did the bread say back to the peanut butter? I think you’re nuts!

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7. What did the peanut butter say to the bread? Quit loafing around!

8. What do peanut butter and jelly do around the campfire? They tell toast stories

9. What do you call the best ‘butter’ on the farm? A goat!

10. What does a shark like to eat with peanut butter sandwiches? Jellyfish

11. What is the fastest peanut butter in the world? Jiffy

12. Why did the kid throw butter out the window? Because he wanted to see a butter fly

13. You are awoken at 3 A.M. by a knock on your door. Your parents call you to let you know that they are there for breakfast. You are confused but quickly think of what food you have. You have bread, jam, butter, and eggs. What do you open first? The door for your parents.

14. You are sleeping and you are hungry, you have butter, cheese, and baloney in the fridge. What will you open first? Your eyes