168 Card Games Related Abbreviations And Full Forms List

If you are a card game lover, then you need to know card games related abbreviations, acronyms, and full forms list.

Card games are played using playing cards as the primary device. The games may be played as traditional or game-specific. While playing card games, you may be using many words and terms in short forms. Those who are experts in this game, know more words, and abbreviations related to these games. If a new player is playing this game, he may not know much of the words. In this article, we have shared card games related abbreviations, acronyms, and their full forms list.

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Card Games Abbreviations and Full Forms List

Sl NoAcronyms/AbbreviationsFull Forms
2ACAtlantic City
3AFAggression Factor
4AFAIKAs Far As I Know
5AIAll In
6AIPFAllin Pre Flop
7APAbsolute Poker
8ATCAny Two Cards
9ATFAbout The Forums
10B&MBrick and Mortar
11BBBig Bet
12BBBig Blind
13BBLBe Back Later
14BBVBrags, Beats & Variance
15BDFDBackdoor Flush Draw
16BDSDBackdoor Straight Draw
17BIBring In
18BRBank Roll
19BRBBe Right Back
20BTWBy The Way
21BWDIKBut What Do I Know
23CCCheck Check
24CCGCollectible Card Game
26COCut Off/Cut Off Seat
27CPCard Player
28CRCheck Raise
29CTHComputer & Technical Help
31DPDraw Poker
32EOMEnd Of Message
33EPEarly Position
34EVExpected Value
35FAQFrequently Asked Questions
36FDFlush Draw
37FEFold Equity
38FHFull House
39FLFixed Limit
40FPPFrequent Player Points
41FPSFancy Play Syndrome
42FTFinal Table
43FTFull Table
44FTFull Tilt
45FTOFundamental Theorem Of
46FWIWFor What It’s Worth
47FYIFor Your Information
48FYPFixed Your Post
49GGGood Game
50GLGood Luck
53HEHold ‘Em
54HFAPHold’em For Advanced Players
55HHHand History
56HJHiJack position
57HLHigh Limit Games
58HOHHarrington On Hold ’em
59HORSEHoldem Omaha Razz Stud Eight
60HPHollywood Park
61HRHourly Rate
62HTHHead To Head
63HUHeads Up
64HUDHeads Up Display
65ICMIndependent Chip Model
66IFYWIf You Wish
67IGHNI Go Home Now
68IIRCIf I Remember Correctly
69IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
70IMOIn My Opinion
71ISDInside Straight Draw
72ITMIn The Money
73IYAMIf You Ask Me
75JATJust A Thought
77LLeft bower
78LAGLoose Aggressive/Loose Aggressive Player
79LAPLoose Passive/Loose-Passive Player
80LCLow Content
81LFGSLocal Friendly Game Shop
82LGSLocal Game Shop
83LHELimit Hold Em
84LOLLaughing Out Loud
85LPLate Position
86MGRMonthly Gross Revenue
87MHIGMy Hand Is Good
88MHINGMy Hand Is No Good
89MLMiddle Limit Games
90MMMason Malmuth
91MPMid Position/Middle Position
92MSNLMid Stakes No Limit
93MTTMulti Table Tournament
95NCNo Content
96NHNice Hand
97NLNo Limit
98NSFWNot Safe For Work
99NTNice Try
100NTNo Text
101NVGNews, Views & Gossip
104OESDOpen End Straight Draw
105OESFDOpen Ended Straight Flush Draw
106OMGOh My God
107OOPOut Of Position
108OOTMOut Of The Money
109OPOriginal Post/Original Poster
111osOff Suit
112OTOff Topic
113OTBOn the Button
114OTOHOn The Other Hand
115OWAOne Word Answers
117PFPre Flop
118PFRPre Flop Raise/Pre Flop Raiser
119PFRPre-Flop Raise
120PLPot Limit
121PLOPot Limit Omaha
122PMPrivate Message
123POTDPost Of The Day
124POTMPost Of The Month
125POTWPost Of The Week
126POTYPost Of The Year
127POVPoint Of View
128PPPocket Pair
129PPMParty Poker Million
130PSBPot Sized Bet
131PSRPot Sized Raise
132PTPoker Tracker
134QFTQuoted For Truth
135QOPTWQuestion Of Playing This Way
136RGPRecreation Gambling Poker
137ROIReturn On Investment
140SBSmall Blind
141SCSuited Connectors
142SDStandard Deviation
144SNGSit and Go
145STTSingle Table Tournament
146STTFSingle Table Tournament Forum
148TAGTight Aggressive Player
149TCGTrading Card Game
150TPBKTop Pair Bad Kicker/Top Pair Best Kicker
151TPGKTop Pair Good Kicker
152TPNKTop Pair No Kicker
153TPTKTop Pair Top Kicker
154TPWKTop Pair Weak Kicker
155TWIMCTo Whom It May Concern
156UBUltimate Bet
157UTGUnder The Gun
158VBValue Bet
159VNHVery Nice Hand
160WAWay Ahead
161WBWay Behind
162WCOOPWorld Championship Of Online Poker
163WGAFWho Gives A Flute
164WGAFFWho Gives A Flying Fig
165WPTWorld Poker Tour
166WRWin Rate
167WSDWent to Showdown
168WSOPWorld Series Of Poker

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