List of 55 Collective Nouns For People

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The collective nouns of people refer to the name of the group of individuals. For example, if there are many players, you can refer to them as a team instead of calling them a group of players. Similarly, soldiers are referred to as an army rather than addressing a group of soldiers. Here, “team” is the collective noun of “a group of players”, and “army” is the collective noun of “a group of soldiers”.

Like team and army, there are many collective nouns for people. Some examples are listed below. It will help you to understand English grammar.

You can also get the list of collective nouns for animals and birds. Read here the collective noun examples to understand the noun properly.

The List of Collective Nouns For People

1. Waiters: An absence of waiters

2. Walkers: An amble of walkers

3. Widows: An ambush of widows

4. Advocates: An argument of advocates

5. Soldiers: An army of soldiers

6. Robbers: A band of robbers

7. Bishops: A bench of bishops

8. Judges: A bench of judges

9. Beauties: A bevy of beauties

10. Ladies: A bevy of ladies

11. Boys: A blush of boys

12. Directors: A board of directors

13. Saints: A calendar of saints

14. Actors: A cast of actors

15. Singers: A choir of singers

16. Friends: A circle of friends

17. Mechanics: A clutch of mechanics

18. Worshipers: A congregation of worshipers

19. Voters: A constituency of voters

20. Witches: A coven of witches

21. Sailors: A crew of sailors

22. People: A crowd of people

23. Shoppers: A crush of shoppers

24. Jurors: A damning of jurors

25. Nurses: A dearth of nurses

26. Tailors: A disguising of tailors

27. Actresses: An entrance of actresses

28. Runners: A field of runners

29. Plumbers: A flush of plumbers

30. Women: A gaggle of women

31. Thieves: A gang of thieves

32. Girls: A giggle of girls

33. Attorneys: A greed of attorneys

34. Vendors: A haggle of vendors

35. Lawyers: A huddle of lawyers

36. Magicians: An illusion of magicians

37. Painters: An illusion of painters

38. Wives: An impatience of wives

39. Priests: A mass of priests

40. Rioters: A melee of rioters

41. Gangsters: A mob of gangsters

42. Servants: An obeisance of servants

43. Farmers: A plain of farmers

44. Firefighters: A pluck of firefighters

45. Clowns: A pratfall of clowns

46. Gamblers: A roll of gamblers

47. Salesmen: A sample of salesmen

48. Chefs: A soupçon of chefs

49. Teachers: A staff of teachers

50. Nuns: A superfluity of nuns

51. Athletes: A team of athletes

52. Players: A team of players

53. Peasants: A toil of peasants

54. Dancers: A troupe of dancers

55. Writers: A worship of writers

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