26 Best Corn Jokes For Kids And Adults

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Find here the collection of some funny, hilarious corn jokes for kids, adults, teens, and of all ages of children. These jokes are shared here to create humor. Because laughing creates a positive impact on you physically and mentally.

Best Corn Jokes For Kids

1. Corn is my favorite vegetable. It tastes amazing.

2. Do you know where the most expensive corn in the country is from? From Tampa, it’s a buccaneer.

3. How do they describe the Iowa state fair? It’s like a corn-ival.

4. How do you describe Halloween corn? It’s eerie.

5. If corn oil comes from corn, what does baby oil come from? Minerals. What did you think I was going to say?

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6. What did baby corn say to mom corn? Where’s pop corn?

7. What did the corn farmer say to his therapist? An ear full.

8. What did the corn say when he received a compliment? Aw, shucks.

9. What did the ear of corn say when its clothes fell off? Ah shucks!

10. What did the farmer give his wife for Valentines day? Corn Rows.

11. What do corn stalk’s raise? Cornish Game Hens.

12. What do farmers do on Christmas eve? Hang the corn stalkings over the fireplace.

13. What do they call the best student at Corn University? The A-corn.

One Liner Corn Jokes And Puns

14. What do you call a potato and an ear of corn driving a police car? Starchy and Husk.

15. What do you get when a truck runs over a corn cob? Creamed corn.

16. What does corn use as money? Corn bread.

17. What is a buccaneer? A fair price for corn.

18. What is corn oil used for? To stop corn from squeaking.

19. What kind of amphibian lives in a corn field? A corned toad.

20. Where does corn go for vacation? Lake Earie. (Lake Erie)

21. Where does ghost corn’s go-to haunt people? Lake Eerie.

22. Who is maize’s dad? Pop corn.

23. Who was the greatest baseball corn player of all time? Ty Cob.

24. Why is corn popular around Halloween? Because it’s so eerie.

25. Why was the farmer scared to go in his corn field? He was afraid of being stalked.

26. Why were all the corn stalks afraid of Jimmy? Because Jimmy cracks corn and he don’t care.