How to Create Self-Respect for Yourself? (By BK Shivani)

People have an opinion about us and these are different according to different people. Someone believes that we are very good, and someone else thinks that we are no good. Someone has very nice things to say about us. Someone else has unpleasant things to say about us. Such variation exists in people’s opinions about us through their perception. When we listen to other people’s perceptions about us, Maybe we get to bloom and to wilt. We thought everyone has to have a nice opinion about me. We must be strong enough to face this problem, and we will not feel hurt by anyone’s opinion. We have to believe in ourselves and build self-respect for ourselves. We are sharing the thoughts of BK Shivani Ji on how to create self-respect for yourself? This article will help you to respect yourself.

How To Create Self-Respect For Yourself? (By BK Shivani)

Find here some learning thoughts from BK Shivani to create self-respect for yourself.

If other people think nicely, very powerful and positive about us, But if we don’t think very nice about ourselves, then it is of no use. Even if people around us do not think nicely about us, If they don’t speak nice things about us, If we know our accurate identity and value, then other people’s opinions cannot influence us.

If we know our own value, and if someone does not behave that way with us, he does not speak to us according to our value, then I need to be Stable. This is self-respect.

Unless we don’t practice self-respect, we cannot understand it properly.

Self-respect means who I am and how I am. Unless I know who I am and what I am, unless I respect myself and I expect that other people should respect me, it will not happen.

Respect begins with Self respect, and self-respect begins with self. So when we have self-realization that I am the soul and I am complete, everything that I was looking for in the outer world, is already within me, it becomes very easy to respect myself.

Inspiring Thoughts by BK Shivani

One day, let’s sit and make a list of the things, situations, and behaviors that I find to be disrespectful. Or what are the scenarios where I create a thought that I have been disrespected?

If we remove the word self from the word self-respect, It leaves with the word respect. Everyone wants respect.

Self-respect is based on Kindness, compassion, generosity, Which means original qualities of the soul. These original qualities are present in every soul.

If you look at the world today, People get respect who has the age, experience they have acquired, the knowledge they have acquired, the position they have acquired. People have acquired something in their life and hence they are respected.

The values like kindness, compassion, generosity, purity, divinity will give you self-respect.

Best motivational thoughts by BK Shivani to respect yourself

Our desires and expectations are to get respect from the outer world. We are dependent on external factors to get respect. Other people’s behavior will not remain the same always. Even the respect we get from people for our position, maybe we have it today and we may lose it tomorrow. Because external factors are not constant, people’s behavior is not constant. So the vacuum of respect that had to get filled within me That was also not constant.

Very often we found ourselves asking for respect, doing something so that we get respect. And sometimes also feeling disrespected. The expectation you had about the things which will make you respect yourself, you did not fill that vacuum so you feel disrespected.

The process of seeking respect from the outside became so deep. Throughout the day we are seeking appreciation and recognition from people. Because that is the symbol of respect for us. If I am getting this then I am respected.

Someone with whom everyone behaves very well, that person we say is well respected. We say this person is well respected in society. Actually, the one who behaves rightly with his own self, the one who behaves right with other people, is a respected person.

It has become a never-ending game that I need respect, I want people to respect me. From the way we look, from what we wear, from what we eat, the way we live, the way we buy, the way we do everything. People should respect me.

The self is very valuable but by not recognizing its value. The soul will look for respect outside, and when it will not get respect from outside, then the soul will start to deplete its own value.

Every time we say I was not respected It takes a long time to feel normal. It stays on the mind for a very long time.

God teaches us a very beautiful line – If you want to check self-respect, whether you have self-respect or lack it, that soul will not need to face 2 things. One is ego and the second is an insult. Ego and insult. When these two reduce within you, it means your self-respect is increasing.

The more I feel ego and insult very easily we say I was insulted. It is a sign that our self-respect is low. Because we are dependent on other people’s behavior to feel respected. The more we repeatedly feel that I am insulted, our self-respect will reduce.

If we want to remain self-respected, we need to practice that from today we do not need respect from anybody, and we do not need to be respected by anyone.

Earlier our thought was that everyone needs to respect me. When we start respecting the self, then it becomes natural to respect other people, and then people started to respect us.

If we are not creating nice thoughts in our mind about ourselves, If we do not adhere to our values. If we don’t have purity within, If there is no cleanliness in our mind, then we will not able to respect ourselves.

Respect is not in holding the door open for someone or giving away your seat for someone. That is just regard.

Let’s make a Mantra for ourselves and just try this for one day: I do not require peace from anybody, because I am peace. I do not require to control other people, because I am a powerful soul. I do not require people to respect me. I respect myself. And I respect people for who they are.

The self-respect which is already present inside and we are unaware, it starts reducing. I always remember that my respect is for my values and for who I am. My respect is not for how other people treat me. Then I will always feel respected.

You will not stand in front of other people seeking respect. Respect neither for me nor for others. But when we are fully ourselves and don’t need people to put anything into our hands. Then no matter how they behave. Then we will fill with self-respect and automatically we give respect to others.

I do not need respect from anyone. I am pure and full. I already have everything that I need. That is self-realization. That will automatically create self-esteem and self-respect. We will also get self-confidence from there. That makes you feel so beautiful.

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