32 Darth Vader Jokes To Make You Laugh

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Find here the collection of some funny, hilarious Darth Vader Jokes for kids, adults, teens, and of all ages of children. These jokes are shared here to create humor. Because laughing creates a positive impact on you physically and mentally.

Best Darth Vader Jokes

1. After Star Wars, what’s Darth Vader’s favourite movie? Vaders of the Lost Ark!

2. Darth Vader’s outfit was so expensive. It cost him an arm and a leg!

3. Did you hear about the lifesize statue of Darth Vader? It’s a mannequin Skywalker!

4. How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting for his birthday? He felt his presents!

5. How does Darth Vader enjoy his Christmas turkey? On the dark side!

6. How does Darth Vader travel up and down in buildings? In ele-vaders!

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7. What did Darth Vader’s teacher say when he was disrupting her class? Sith down and be quiet.

8. What did Emperor Palpatine say to Darth Vader when Vader couldn’t figure out how to use chopsticks at the Chinese Restaurant? Use the forks…

9. What did the dentist say to Anakin Skywalker? May the floss be with you.

10. What do you call Darth Vader playing a keyboard? A synth Lord!

11. What do you get if you cross Darth Vader with a toad? Star Warts!

12. What does Darth Vader check when he wants to know something? Wookiepedia!

13. What is Darth Vader’s favourite fruit? Ba-na-na-nas, ba-nanas, ba-nanas!

14. What is Darth Vader’s favorite album? The Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd)

15. What is Darth Vader’s favorite Disney song? When You Wish Upon A Death Star.

16. What time is it when Darth Vader steps on your chronometer? Time to get a new chronometer.

Hilarious Darth Vader Jokes

17. What’s Darth Vader’s businessman cousin called? Tax E. Vader!

18. What’s Darth Vader’s favourite Xmas carol? Darth!

19. What’s Darth Vader’s least favourite temperature? Lukewarm!

20. When did the Jedi start to think Anakin was heading towards the dark side? When he was in the Sith Grade.

21. Where did Darth Vader get a new arm? At the second-hand store.

22. Where does Darth Vader shop for birthday gifts? At the Darth Maul.

23. Who does Princess Leia’s hair? Darth Braider!

24. Who would serve you in a Star Wars themed restaurant? Darth Waiter!

25. Why could Darth Vader never find love? He looked in Alderaan places!

26. Why did Darth Vader cross the road? To get to the dark side!

27. Why did Darth Vader throw steaks at Luke Skywalker? So he could MEAT his destiny.

28. Why did Darth Vader visit every guitar shop in the galaxy? He needed to find the rebel bass!

29. Why doesn’t Darth Vader eat Wookies? They’re too Chewie!

30. Why doesn’t Darth Vader use the metric system? He prefers Imperial!

31. Why is Darth Vader always invited to the Emperor’s dinners? He has the forks with him…

32. Why was Darth Vader’s baseball team always in last place? His teammates always choked…