15 Best Dev Anand Quotes to Find Some Motivation

Read here Inspiring Quotes from evergreen actor Dev Anand to find motivation in your life.

Dev Anand was one of the most successful actors in the Indian film industry. He came to Mumbai to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor in the early 1940s. He was one of the evergreen actors in the Hindi Cine Industry.

Dev Anand was born on 26 September 1923 in the Gurdaspur district in Punjab. His father Pishori Lal Anand was an advocate. After completing his study, Dev Anand left his hometown for Bombay in the early 1940s.

After leaving home, he joined the army and worked for a monthly salary of Rs 65. He left the military job and started working as a clerk in an accounting firm, where his monthly salary was Rs 85. After some days, Dev Anand left his job and joined his elder brother Chetan as a member of the Indian People’s Theater Association (IPTA).

Seeing the performance of famous actor Ashok Kumar in films like Achhut Kanya and Kismat, Dev Anand aspired to become an actor. Dev Anand got the opportunity to play the lead role in Prabhat Films’ Hum Ek Hain (1946), a film about Hindu-Muslim unity, where Dev Anand played the role of a Hindu boy.

After that, he never looked back. He gave many super hit films to the Hindi cine world like Rahi (1953), Paying Guest (1957), Kala Pani (1958), Bambai Ka Baboo (1960), Hum Dono (1961), Guide (1965), Johny Mera Naam (1970), Tere Mere Sapne (1971), and Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971).

He co-founded Navketan Films in 1949 with his elder brother Chetan Anand to start making films. His career spanned more than 65 years in the Hindi Cine world, starring ​in 114 Hindi films, of which he played the lead solo lead in 92 films, and he did two English films.

He ​was the recipient of many awards. The Government of India honored him with the Padma Bhushan in 2001 and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2002, National Film Award in 1965 for his contribution to Indian cinema.

2 most interesting facts about Dev Anand

Anand had a love affair with actress Suraiya from 1948 to 1951, but they never married due to opposition from Suraiya’s maternal grandmother. Suraiya remained unmarried for the rest of her life until her death on 31 January 2004. In 1954, Dev married Bollywood actress Kalpana Karthik.

Dev Anand was banned by the Bombay High Court from wearing a black coat. Because according to one of the reports, he looked ‘so handsome’ that his female fans climbed high-rise buildings to catch a glimpse of him and committed suicide after being fascinated by seeing him in a black coat. After such frequent incidents, he was banned from wearing black coats.

Dev Anand Motivational Quotes

Find here some best collected inspiring quotes said by Dev Anand to find some motivation.

Quotes on Life

1. “Life is too short. I don’t have time to speak slowly.” ― Dev Anand

2. “I am always in a rush because time is slipping away, and I am chasing it.” ― Dev Anand

3. “My life is the same, and I am at a beautiful stage at 88. I am as excited as I was in my 20s.” ― Dev Anand

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Quotes on Energy & Laziness

4. “Energy begets energy. If you are lazy, you will always be lazy. And if you retire at 60, you will die at 65.” Dev Anand

Inspiring Quotes by Dev Anand

5. “If you are a creative person, then your mind gets sharper with age. My mind is very sharp, and I am happy about that.” ― Dev Anand

6. “I think an individual’s mind is a marvelous thing. I truly believe that if your mind is strong, your body tries hard to keep pace with it.” ― Dev Anand

7. “I keep drawing inspiration from people every day.” ― Dev Anand

8. “Everything motivates me to do my work.” ― Dev Anand

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Words of Wisdom by Dev Anand

9. “If I wanted, I could have ruled half of Bombay.” ― Dev Anand

Quotes on Acting & Work

10. “Many people come to me to be an actor, but I select only those who I feel can fit my script.” ― Dev Anand

11. “I was the leading star in 1945. I slowed down my pace of acting assignments after I came into the direction.” ― Dev Anand

12. “Anybody whose film becomes a hit is a superstar. Today there is somebody, and tomorrow there will be somebody else. No single woman or man has a monopoly for all time.” ― Dev Anand

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Quotes on Love for work

13. “I wish I am born again as Dev Anand, and people will see a young star 25 years later. That will give me some time to finish what I want to do.” ― Dev Anand

Quotes on Filmmaking

14. “A filmmaker is a very intelligent man. Do not underestimate him.” ― Dev Anand

15. “No film should be meaningless.” ― Dev Anand

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