11 Disney Princess Riddles With Answers

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Check out some of the best collections of Disney princess riddles, funny puzzle questions, and brain teasers for kids and adults. And to solve these riddles we are also sharing the answer to the question.

Disney Princess Riddles With Answers

1. A man I pretend to be, to bring honor to my family. Answers: Jasmine

2. A whole new world is what I want, Rajah the tiger is my condant. Answers: Snow White

3. Cursed as a baby and hidden away, as a teen I prick my finger, and asleep I will stay. Answers: Tiana

4. Her gift is powerful and yet a curse. Only true love can reverse. Answers: Sleeping Beauty

5. I fell in love with Hans from the start. Then, my sister put ice on my heart. Answers: Anna

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6. I have seven little helpers, one’s Grumpy, one’s Dopey, ones Sleepy, and ..ah you know the others! Answers: Cinderella

7. I live with the sh in the sea, part of your world I wish to be. Answers: Elsa

8. I love to read, and my name means Beauty. I saved my beastly prince from death, truly. Answers: Rapunzel

9. I’m trapped in a tower with hair so long, it glows bright and is so strong. Answers: Ariel

10. Too many chores I must do, until the prince nds my shoe. Answers: Belle

11. Working long hours as a waitress in the Louisiana fog, this princess gets a shock when she’s turned into a frog. Answers: Mulan

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