41 Funny Dragon Jokes to Share with Your Friends

Dragon jokes are the ultimate combination of fantasy and humor. These mythical creatures have been a staple in literature and folklore for centuries, and their fiery personalities and fierce attitudes make for some hilarious puns and one-liners. Whether you’re a dragon enthusiast or just looking for a laugh, these jokes are sure to entertain and delight you. So, grab your dragon-slaying gear and prepare to laugh your scales off with these dragon jokes!

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Dragon Jokes For Kids

1. How do dragons make holiday plans? They don’t, they just wing it.

2. How do you get four dragons into a car? Open the doors!

3. How much does a dragon weigh? Ask them because they’ve got scales!

4. I want to make a really long, bad lizard joke… But I don’t want to let it dragon.

5. My dragon is asleep. He’s drag off.

6. What did the dragon order at the restaurant? Hot wings.

7. What did the dragon say after getting a birthday present? Fangs a lot!

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8. What do dancing dragons compete in? A talon show.

9. What do you call a dragon in a silk gown? A Kimono dragon!

10. What do you call a dragon who can juggle? Talon-ted.

11. What do you do with a green dragon? Wait for it to ripen!

12. What do you get when you cross a dragon with a smelly skunk? I have no idea, but please don’t make it angry.

13. What do you get when you kiss a dragon on Valentine’s Day? Third-degree burns on your lips.

14. What does a dragon eat for a snack? Firecrackers

Hilarious Dragon Jokes

15. What does a dragon-like eat at a restaurant? Hot wings.

16. What eats more knights than a dragon? Two dragons.

17. What happens if you kiss a dragon? You get burnt lips.

18. What is a dragon’s favourite meal? Hot wings!

19. What is a dragon’s favourite TV show? Britain’s Got Talons!

20. What sound do you hear when dragons eat spicy salsa? A fire alarm

21. What the most frustrating thing for dragons on their birthday? Blowing out the candles…

22. What time is it when a dragon decides to sit on your car? Time to get a new car!

23. What time is it when a dragon sits on your bike? Time to get a new bike?

24. What type of reptile uses a toilet? Commode-o-dragon (commode is another word for a flush toilet).

25. What type of stories and folktales are dragons famous for? Long tales.

26. What types of stories are dragons famous for? Long tales…

27. What’s the difference between a car and a dragon? A car only has one horn.

28. Which hockey team do dragons support? The Red Wings.

Best Dragon Jokes

29. Which side of a dragon has the most scales? The outside!

30. Why are dragons bad at telling stories? Because their tails tend to drag on!

31. Why are dragons, good storytellers? Because they all have long tails!

32. Why are dragons, such good musicians? They really know their scales.

33. Why are model dragons disappointing? They’re never to scale!

34. Why can’t dragons play ice hockey? If they breathe fire, the ice melts.

35. Why did the dragon stop fighting with knights? They got bored of canned food!

36. Why do dragons never go to church at the weekend? They only prey on weak knights!

37. Why do dragons never make plans? They like to wing it!

38. Why do dragons sleep during the day? So they can fight knights!

39. Why do dwarves hunt dragons in the morning? Because the early beard gets the worm

40. Why was the dragon always invited to barbecue Sundays? So he could fire up the grill

41. Why was the dragon nervous on their birthday? Because they had to blow the candles out!

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