33 Best Easter Riddles With Answers

Here find some best collections of Easter riddles, funny Christmas puzzle questions, and brain teasers. And to solve these puzzles we are also sharing the answer to the question.

Easter Riddles With Answers

1. Do rabbits use combs?
Answer: No, they use hare brushes.

2. He came to Earth to show us how to live, how to put others first, how to love, and how to give.

Answer:  Jesus

3. How can parents make Easter easier?

Answer:  Replace the “t” with an “i”

4. How can you catch a unique rabbit?

Answer: You u-neak up on it.

5. How can you say rabbit without using the letter R?

Answer: Bunny.

6. How can you tell which rabbit is the oldest?

Answer:  Look for the gray hare.

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7. How do rabbits travel?

Answer: By hareplane.

8. How do you send Easter Cards?

Answer: By hare mail!

9. How does Easter end?

Answer:  With an “r”

10. How many Easter eggs can you put into an empty basket?

Answer: Only one, because after that it is no longer empty.

11. How many hairs are in a bunny rabbit’s tail?

Answer: None. They are all outside.

12. If a rooster laid a brown egg and a white egg, what kind of chicks would hatch?

Answer: Roosters don’t lay eggs.

13. On Calvary, there were three, not six. It’s also known as a crucifix.

Answer:  A cross

14. What do you call a group of rabbits marching backward?

Answer:  A receding hare line

15. What do you call the Easter bunny the day after Easter?

Answer: Tired!

16. What do you get when you cross a roach and a rabbit?

Answer: Bugs Bunny.

Easter Brain Teasers, Puzzle Question With Answers

17. What does the Easter Bunny do after it takes a shower?

Answer: He uses a Hare dryer

18. What does the Easter Bunny say when it burps?

Answer:  Eggs-cuse me!

19. What Easter treat can you find at the bottom of the ocean?

Answer:  Oyster eggs

20. What has to be broken before it can be used?

Answer: An egg.

21. What kind of beans can you not grow in a garden?

Answer: Jelly Beans!

22. What kind of bunny can’t hop?

Answer: A chocolate bunny!

23. What kind of jewelry does the Easter bunny wear?

Answer: 14-carrot gold!

24. What kind of story does the Easter Bunny like?

Answer: One’s with hoppy endings!

25. What type of music do rabbits listen to?

Answer: Hip hop.

26. What would you get if 120 rabbits took one step backward at the same time?

Answer: A receding hairline.

27. What would you get if you crossed a rabbit and a lawn sprinkler?

Answer: Hare spray.

28. What’s the best way to catch a rabbit?

Answer:  Pretend to be a carrot

29. What’s the Easter Bunny’s favorite sport?

Answer:  Basketball

30. Where does a rabbit go for shampoo?

Answer: To a hare-dresser.

31. Where does Easter come before Valentine’s Day?

Answer:  In the dictionary

32. Where does the Easter bunny eat breakfast?

Answer:  IHOP

33. Which branch of the military is a bunny’s favorite?

Answer:  The hare force

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