A Basket of Egg Jokes to Fry Your Mood

Egg jokes may seem simple, but they pack a punch with their clever puns and wordplay. Whether you’re a fan of scrambled eggs or hard-boiled humor, there’s something for everyone in the world of egg jokes. So, let’s crack open some laughter and get cracking with some egg-cellent jokes!

Funny Egg Jokes For Kids

1. Did you hear about the chicken that could only lay eggs in winter? She was no spring chicken!

2. Did you hear about the wizard who turned his friend into an egg? He kept trying to poach his ideas.

3. How can you drop an egg six feet without breaking it? By dropping it seven feet – it won’t break for the first six.

4. How did the omelet find out she was ill? She had a medical eggs-am!

5. How do chickens stay fit? They eggs-ercise!

6. How do clowns like their eggs cooked? Funny side up!

7. How do hens feel on Mondays? Eggshausted!

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8. How do monsters like their eggs? Terri-fried!

9. How do you make an egg roll? Just give it a little push!

10. How does a hen leave the house? Through the egg-sit!

11. How does a witch make scrambled eggs? She holds the pan and gets two friends to make the stove shake with fright.

12. How many rotten eggs does it take to make a stink bomb? Quite a phew!

13. This egg is bad!Don’t blame me, I only laid the table!

14. This morning I tried to flip my eggs as I do with my pancakes. Yolks on me!

Hilarious Egg Jokes And Puns

15. What crime is an egg most afraid of? Poaching!

16. What day of the week do eggs hate? Fry-day!

17. What did Snow White name her hen? Egg White!

18. What did the angry hen say to her child? You’re such a rotten egg!

19. What did the egg do when it saw the frying pan? It scrambled!

20. What did the egg say after someone bumped into her? Egg-scuse me!

21. What did the egg say to the mixer? I know when I’m beaten!

22. What did the hen say to her chick? “Don’t you egg-nore me!”

23. What do you call a baby chick in a shell suit? An egg!

24. What do you call a mischievous egg? A practical yolker!

25. What do you call alien eggs? Eggstra-terrestrials!

26. What do you call an egg that goes on safari? An eggs-plorer!

27. What does a meditating egg say? Ohhhhhmmmlet!

28. What happens if you play table tennis with a bad egg? It goes ping, then it goes pong.

One-Liner Egg Jokes For Adults

29. What happens when an egg hears a joke? It cracks up!

30. What is an egg’s least favorite day of the week? Fry-day!

31. What train do eggs take to get to school? The Hogwarts eggs-press!

32. Where can you go to learn more about eggs? The hen-cyclopedia!

33. Where do eggs go when they visit the USA? New Yolk!food jokes

34. Where do tough chickens come from? Hard-boiled eggs!

35. Where’s the best place to get information about eggs? The hen-cyclopedia!

36. Who tells the funniest egg jokes? Comedi-hens!

37. Why did the man steal his eggs? He liked ’em poached.

38. Why do so many people love a boiled egg for breakfast? It’s so hard to beat.

39. Why is a bear big, brown, and hairy? Because if it was small, smooth, and white… it would be an egg!

40. Why is the Easter bunny so smart? He’s an egghead!

41. Why shouldn’t you tease egg whites? They can’t take a yolk!

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