107 Entertainment Related Abbreviations And Full Forms List

While entertaining yourself you must be using some common short forms of some words, idioms, and lines. Some of these examples are mentioned below. So, get the below entertainment related abbreviations, acronyms, and full forms list.

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Entertainment abbreviations and full forms list

Sl NoAcronyms/AbbreviationsFull Forms
12FFace to Face
22L8Too Late
334UFree For You
44EGFour Entertainment Group
54UFor you
6A.E.R.Adult Entertainment Robot
7A&EArts and Entertainment
8AAEAll American Entertainment
9AAEGAmerican Artists Entertainment Group
10AAGHAll Around Gaming Hub
11ABAmusement Business
12ABAngry Birds
13ABWTArmored Brigade War Toys
14ACActivity Check
15ACEAdvances in Computer Entertainment
16ACEAmerican Championship Entertainment
17ACEAnimal Content in Entertainment
18ACEAnton Capital Entertainment
19ACEArts, Culture and Entertainment
20ACEAssociation for Campus Entertainment
21ACEAustralian Club Entertainment
22ACEAustralian College of Entertainment
23ACEPAmerican Casino & Entertainment Properties
24ACGAngry Canadian Gamer
25ACGAnime Cosplay and Gaming
26ACJOAnimal Crossing Jump Out
27ACNFAnimal Crossing New Leaf
28ACPTAmerican Crossword Puzzle Tournament
29ACPWAmerican Championship Pro Wrestling
30ACTSAmerican Collegiate Talent Showcase
31ACWAll-Star Championship Wrestling
32AEAirerose Entertainment
33AEAlpha Elites
35AEArtix Entertainment
36AEAAfrican Entertainment Awards
37AEAAAustralian Entertainment Agents Association
38AEBLAtlanta Entertainment Basketball League
39AECAdelaide Entertainment Centre
40AECAlliance Entertainment Corporation
41AEEAdult Entertainment Expo
42AEGAlderac Entertainment Games
43AEGAlderac Entertainment Group
44AEGAnschultz Entertainment Group
45AEIAtchity Entertainment International
46AELAdlabs Entertainment Limited
47AELJArts & Entertainment Law Journal
48AEMAmerican Entertainment Marketing
49AEMAmusement Entertainment Management
50AEMArts and Entertainment Management
51AERArts & Entertainment Radio
52AETAcademy of Entertainment and Technology
53AETArts and Entertainment Technologies
54AEWRCArts and Entertainment Worker Resource Center
55AFAfter Fantasy
56AFAICAs Far As I’m Concerned
57AFAIKAs Far As I Know
58AFCAway From Controller
59AFEAlliance for Family Entertainment
60AFEArmed Forces Entertainment
61AFKCGA Free Kill computer game
62AGAccepted Games
63AGAdiccted Gamer
64AGAnime Gamers
65AGAnime Genisis
66AGAAggressive Gaming Alliance
67AGDQAwesome Games Done Quick
68AGEAeria Games & Entertainment
69AGESAssociation of Global Event Suppliers
70AGGAway Game Goals
71AHAchievement Hunter
72AHAuction House
73AHBEAAfro-Heritage Broadcasting & Entertainment Awards
74AIEAcademy of Interactive Entertainment
75AIIDEArtificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment
76ARPGAction Role Playing Game
77ATMAt The Moment
78BRBBe Right Back
79BTWBy The Way
80CBClosed Beta
82DLCDownloadable Content
83DPSDamage Per Second
84EEGEmperor Entertainment Group
85F2PFree to Play
86FYIFor Your Information
87GGGood Game
88GJGood Job
89GLGood Luck
90GYTGet Your Tournament
91HPHit Points
92IMOIn My Opinion
93IRLIn Real Life
94JKJust Kidding
95JYJJaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu
97PSPPlayStation Portable
98PvEPlayer versus Environment
99PvPPlayer versus Player
100RPGRole-Playing Game
101RPURookies Poker University
102RTSReal Time Strategy
104TBSTurn-Based Strategy
106WoWWorld of Warcraft
107WWEWorld Wrestling Enter

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