27 Farm Riddles With Answers For All

Here find some best collections of farm riddles, funny puzzle questions, and brain teasers for kids and adults. And to solve these puzzles we are also sharing the answer to the question.

Farm Riddles With Answers

1. A farmer died and lost his house, land, and money. What did he lose first? Answer: His life.

2. I’m an orange that grows on a farm and is used but then thrown away. What am I? Answer: A Pumpkin

3. Missis Queen dress tear, but no needle kyaan sew it. Answer: Banana or plantain leaf

4. Sweet water standing up. What is it? Answer: Sugar cane

5. What day do potatoes hate the most? Answer: Fry-day

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6. What did the daddy tomato say to the baby tomato? Answer: Catch up!

7. What do you get from a pampered cow? Answer: Spoiled milk

8. What is a sheep’s favorite game? Answer: Baa-dminton

9. What is vegetables’ least favorite dessert? Answer: Fruitcake

10. What new crop did the farmer plant? Answer: Beets me!

Hard Farm Riddles With Answers

11. Why did the cabbage win the race? Answer: Because it was ahead

12. Why do dentists like potatoes? Answer: Because they are so filling.

13. Why was the cucumber mad? Answer: Because it was in a pickle

14. You can hear me & control me, but never see me or touch me. What am I? Answer: Your voice

15. A farmer had 752 sheep and took one shot that got them all. How did he do it? Answer: With a camera.

16. I grow in a field or on a foot. What am I? Answer: Corn

17. Two chickens were found dead on a farm, what does the detective suspect happen? Answer: Fowl play.

18. What cow lives in a haunted farmhouse? Answer: Cow-nt Dracula.

Farmer Riddles With Answers

19. What did the baby corn say to its mother? Answer: Where’s popcorn?

20. What did the farmer use to cure his sick hog? Answer: Oinkment (ointment).

21. What do farmers plant that rhymes with weeds? Answer: Seeds

22. What do farmers use to make crop circles? Answer: A Protractor

23. What do you call the best ‘butter’ on the farm? Answer: A goat!

24. What do you get when a turkey lays an egg on top of a barn? Answer: An eggroll!

25. What farm animal keeps the best time? Answer: A watchdog

26. What kind of things does a farmer talk about when he is milking cows? Answer: Udder nonsense!

27. Why should you never tell a secret at a farm? Answer: The corn has ears, the potatoes have eyes, and the beanstalk (Beans stalk)!

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