47 Funny Dentist Jokes & Humor For Kids

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Find here the collection of some funny, hilarious dentist jokes for kids, adults, teens, and of all ages of children. These jokes are shared here to create humor. Because laughing creates a positive impact on you physically and mentally.

Dentist Jokes For Kids

1. Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused to have an anaesthetic injection when he was going for a filling? Apparently, he wanted to transcend dental medication.

2. How did the dentist become a brain surgeon? Their drill slipped!

3. How do you know the Tooth Fairy is a journalist? They’re always searching for the tooth.

4. How far is it to the dentist’s office? Six smiles!

5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Dish. Dish, who? Dish is how I talk since I lost my tooth.

6. Patient: How much will it cost me to have this tooth pulled out? Dentist: £500 Patient: £500 for just a few minutes work? That’s hardly cheap. Dentist: No worries, I’ll pull it out slowly if you prefer.

7. What award did the dentist win? A plaque!

8. What award do you give a bad dentist? A plaque!

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9. What did Ash Ketchum say to his tooth when he pulled it out? I Chews You!

10. What did the dentist say to Tiger Woods? “You have a hole in one. “

11. What did the dentist see at the North Pole? A molar bear!

12. What did the judge say to the dentist? Do you swear to pull the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth!

13. What did the monster eat after it had its teeth taken out? The dentist!

14. What do dentists call their x-rays? Tooth pics.

15. What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear.

16. What do you call a dentist that doesn’t like tea? Denis!

Hilarious Dentist Jokes For Adults

17. What do you call a dentist’s opinion? His flossophy!

18. What does a dentist call an astronaut’s cavity? A black hole!

19. What does a dentist do before going on a roller coaster? They brace themselves!

20. What does a marching band member use to brush his teeth? A tuba toothpaste!

21. What does the dentist do when they’re on a roller coaster? Brace themselves!

22. What kind of filling do you want in your teeth? Chocolate!

23. What kind of music do kids with traditional braces listen to? Heavy metal!

24. What kind of teeth can you buy with a dollar? Buck teeth.

25. What other occupation did the dentist have? A drill sergeant!

26. What will the dentist give you for a dollar? Buck’s teeth!

27. What’s a dentist’s least favourite movie? Plaque to the future!

28. What’s Orangey and bad for your teeth? A brick

29. What’s the best time to go the dentist? Two-thirty!

30. What’s the most dangerous job in Transylvania? A dentist!

31. What’s a dentist’s favourite dinosaur? A Flossiraptor

32. When is the best time for a dentist appointment? Tooth hurty.

One Liner Jokes About Dentist

33. Where do killer whales go to get their teeth straightened? The orca-dontist!

34. Which superhero needs to visit a dentist? Plaque Panther!

35. Which teeth do you need to brush? The ones you want to keep!

36. Why are dentists good at Fortnite? Because they floss twice a day!

37. Why couldn’t the god of thunder speak after the dentist? He was too Thore!

38. Why did the apple pie crust go to a dentist? He need a filling!

39. Why did the dentist make a poor date with the manicurist? Because they fought both tooth and nail!

40. Why did the doughnut go to the dentist? He needed a filling!

41. Why did the lumberjack need to see the dentist? He had a cavitree!

42. Why did the Pharaoh visit the dentist? Because Egypt his tooth!

43. Why did the pie go to the dentist? It needed a filling.

44. Why did the Queen go to the dentist? To get her teeth crowned!

45. Why do dentists always look grumpy? Because they always look down in the mouth!

46. Why does the Doctor regularly go to the dentist? He doesn’t want to lose his K9!

47. Why is it sometimes necessary to get a second opinion from a dentist? Because each dentist has their own floss-ophy.