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Find here the collection of some funny, hilarious dolphin jokes for kids, adults, teens, and of all ages of children. These jokes are shared here to create humor. Because laughing creates a positive impact on you physically and mentally.

Dolphin Jokes For Kids

1. Did you know that dolphins sometimes eat cephalopods like an octopus? Seriously, I’m not squidding.

2. How do dolphins make decisions? They flipper coin!

3. How does a mermaid make friends with a dolphin? On porpoise!

4. If dolphins didn’t live in the ocean and lived on land instead, which country would they live in? Finland.

5. If dolphins lived on land, which country would they live in? Finland

6. If you think swimming with dolphins is expensive, try swimming with sharks. It costs an arm and a leg!

7. What currency do dolphins use? Sand dollars.

8. What did Cinderella Dolphin lose? Her glass flipper.

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9. What did the dolphin say when it broke its neighbor’s window? “It wasn’t on porpoise!”

10. What did the dolphin say when the priest tossed him a fish? “Holy mackerel!”

11. What did the ocean say to the dolphin? Nothing, it just waved!

12. What do you call a group of dolphins that move with the moons gravity? A Tide Pod!

Funny Dolphin Jokes And Puns

13. What does a dolphin say when he’s confused? Can you please be more Pacific?

14. What game do dolphins play at parties? Salmon says!

15. What is a dolphin’s favorite game to play at parties? Salmon says.

16. What is a dolphin’s favorite TV show? Whale of Fortune!

17. What kind of soap do dolphins use? All porpoise cleaner!

18. What should dolphins always have to stay healthy? Vitamin sea!

19. What was the dolphin’s favorite movie? A Dolphin Tale.

20. What’s a dolphin’s favorite TV show? Whale of fortune!

21. What’s the best way to hear dolphins talking? Just listen to their podcast!

22. Where do dolphin races end? At dol-phinish line!

23. Where do dolphins go on holiday? Finland!

24. Where do dolphins sleep? In water beds.

Hilarious Dolphin Jokes

25. Where do women dolphins keep their money? In their octopurse.

26. Who helps sick dolphins at the underwater hospital? Sturgeons!

27. Why are dolphins so good at making pancakes? They’re great flippers!

28. Why did the dolphin cross the road? To get to the other tide!

29. Why did the dolphin feel grumpy? He ate too many crabs.

30. Why do dolphins enjoy living in salt water? Because pepper water makes them sneeze.

31. Why do dolphins live in salt water? Because pepper water would make them sneeze!

32. Why don’t dolphins play tennis? They’re scared of the net!

33. Why don’t dolphin do well on school tests? Because they work below C-Level.

34. Why don’t dolphins ever play tennis? Because they’re too scared of the net.

35. Why was the dolphin so grumpy? He ate too many crabs.