184 Gaming Related Abbreviations, Acronyms, And Full Forms

If you are a game lover, then you need to know gaming related abbreviations, acronyms, and full forms. These terms make it easy for you to understand the game and to communicate with the opponent player.

Top Gaming Chat Abbreviations, full forms

  1. AFK: Away From Keyboard
  2. BG: Bad Game
  3. DC: Disconnect
  4. FF: Friendly Fire or Forfeit
  5. FGC: Fighting Game Community
  6. GG/GGWP: Good Game, Well Played
  7. GLHF: Good Luck, Have Fun
  8. IGN: In Game Name
  9. OMW: On My Way
  10. OP/UP: Overpowered/Underpowered

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Best Gaming Terminology, Abbreviations, & Full Forms

  1. AoE: Area of Effect
  2. CS: Creep Score
  3. DOT: Damage Over Time
  4. DPS: Damage Per Second
  5. FOV: Field of View
  6. HUD: Heads Up Display
  7. LoS: Line of Sight
  8. MP: Mana (or Magic) Points
  9. MVP: Most Valuable Player
  10. NPC: Non-Player Character
  11. PvE: Player vs Environment
  12. PvP: Player vs Player
  13. XP: Experience Points

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Abbreviations & Full Forms Related to Types of Games

  1. ARPG – Action Role Playing Game
  2. F2P – Free To Play
  3. FGC – Fighting Game Community
  4. FPS – First Person Shooter
  5. HOG – Hidden Objects Game
  6. MMO – Massively Multiplayer Online
  7. MMOG – Massively Multiplayer Online Game
  8. MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  9. RPG – Role-Playing Game
  10. RTS – Real-Time Strategy
  11. SIM – Simulation Games
  12. TBS – Turn-Based Strategy
  13. TCG – Trading Card Game
  14. TD – Tower Defense
  15. TMG – Time Management Game

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Game Rating Abbreviations, Acronyms, & Full Forms

  1. AO – Adults Only
  2. E – Everyone
  3. E10+ – Everyone ages 10 and up
  4. EC – Early Childhood
  5. M – Mature
  6. RP – Rating Pending
  7. T – Teen

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Abbreviations & Acronyms for In-Game Features

  1. AOE – Area of Effect
  2. DLC – Downloadable Content
  3. FOV – Field of View
  4. HUD – Heads-Up Display
  5. LAN – Local Area Network
  6. LOS – Line of Sight
  7. Mod – Modification

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Gaming Abbreviations, Acronyms, And Full Forms List

Sl NoAcronyms/AbbreviationsFull Forms
12L8Too Late
2A.A.R.After Action Report
3ACSAverage Combat Score
4AFKAway From Keyboard
5AoEArea of Effect
6APAbility Power
7APAction Points
8APAttack Power
9BBBye, Bye
10BBLBe Back Later
11BGBad Game
12BMBad Manners
13BoABind on Account
14BoEBind on Equip
15BRBattle Rating
16BRBattle Royale
17BRBBe Right Back
18BSBad Strategy
19BTBBig Team Battle
20BTWBy The Way
21CBClosed Beta
22CBACan’t Be Arsed
23CBTClosed Beta Testing
24CCClan Chat
25CCCrowd Control
26CCGCollectible Card Game
28CDMCentral Defensive Midfielder
29CFCenter Forward
30CGCharacter Graphics
31CPCampaign Points
32CPCombat Power
33CRMCustomer Relationship Management
34CSCreep Score
36CVCCharacter Vs. Character
38DDDamage Dealing
41DLCDownloadable Content
42DNDDo Not Disturb
43DNFDo Not Finish
44DOTDamage Over Time
45DPMDamage Per Minute
46DPSDamage Per Second
47DSDark Souls
48EHPEffective Hit Points
49ETAEstimated time arrival
51F2PFree to Play
52FAQFrequently Asked Questions
54FFFriendly Fire
55FFSFighting for Survival
56FFSFor Fuck’s Sake
57FGFighting Games
58FGCFighting Game Community
59FOVField of View
60FPSFirst Person Shooter
61FTWFor the Win
62FUTFIFA Ultimate Team
63GDGeometry Dash
64GDDGame Design Document
65GFGood Fight
66GFGreat Fight
67GGGood Game
68GJGood Job
70GLGood Luck
71GLHFGood Luck, Have Fun
72GTGood Try
73GTAGrand Theft Auto
76HFHave Fun
77HoTHealing over Time
78HPHealth Points
79HPHit Points
80HUDHeads Up Display
81IFIn Form
82IGLIn-game Leader
83IGNIn-Game Name
84IMOIn My Opinion
85IRLIn Real Life
86KAOSKill All On Sight
88KOSKill On Sight
89LBLeft Back
90LFLooking for
91LFGLooking for Group
92LFPLooking for Party
93LFTLooking For a Team
94LGLast Game
95LoSLine of Sight
96LPLet’s Play
97LPLife Points
98MBMy Bad
100mkhm okay
101MLBMax Limit Break
102MMOMassively Multiplayer Online
103MMOGMassively Multiplayer Online Game
104MOBMonster or Beast
105MOBAMultiplayer Online Battle Arena
107MPMagic Points/Mana Points
108MTMain Tank
109MVPMost Valuable Player
110NAPNon-Aggression Pact
111NPNo Problem
112NPCNon-Player Character
113NSNice Shot
114NTNice try
115O.G.Original Gamer
116OBOpen Beta
117OGOld Gamer
118OGOne Grand
119OGOptimal Gaming
120OGOriginal Gangster
121OGOriginal Generations
122OGOriginal Guide
123OGOscar Gonzalez
125OTOff Tank
126P2WPay to Win
128PCPersonal Computer
130PKPlayer Kill
131PoEPath of Exile
132PoEPillars of Eternity
133PSTPacific Standard Timezone
134PSTPlease Send Tell
135PTOPersonal Time Off
136PTSPrivate Test Server
137PTSPublic Test Server
138PUGPick Up Group
139PvEPlayer vs Environment
140PvPPlayer vs Player
141QAQuality Assurance
142QTEQuick-Time Event
143RCRandom Chat
145RGRaza Gaming
146RGReal Gamer
147RIPRest In Peace
148RKRevenge Killing
149RLRocket League
150RMTReal Money Trading
151ROFRate Of Fire
152RPGRole-Playing Game
153RQRage Quit
154RTSReal-Time Strategy
155SBCSquad Building Challenge
158SPSkill Points
160SPMScore Per Minute
162SVPSecond Valuable Player
163TBATo Be Announced
164TBHTo Be Honest
165TBSTurn-Based Strategy
166TCGTrading Card Game
167TDTower Defense
168TDMTeam Deathmatch
169TGTarget Games
170TOTSTeam of the Season
172TPTown Portal
173TPSThird Person Shooter
174TYThank You
175UIUser Interface
177VCVoice Chat
178WCWrong Chat
180WoWWorld of Warcraft
181WPWell Played
182WRWin Rate
183WRWorld Record
184XPExperience Points

FAQs on Gaming Abbreviations

What is the acronym for Good Game?

Answer: GG

What is the acronym for Minecraft?

Answer: MC

What does BGMI Stand for?

Answer: Battlegrounds Mobile India

What is the full form of MVP in BGMI?

Answer: Most Valuable Player

What is the acronym for Target Games?

Answer: TG

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