6 Habits That Can Turn You Into A High Performer

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Know about your 6 Habits That Can help you to Turn You Into A High Performer and achieve great success in life.

1. Seek clarity

A simple approach to seeking clarity is to focus on four things: self, skills, social, and service.

  • How do you want to describe your ideal self?
  • How do you want to behave socially?
  • What skills do you want to develop and demonstrate?
  • What service do you want to provide?

Asking and answering those questions – more often than other people will definitely give you an edge.

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2. Generate energy

Most people bleed out energy and intention in the transitions between tasks, between meetings, etc. High performers have mastered their transitions.

They’re more likely to take a quick break, to close their eyes, to meditate – to give themselves a short psychological break that releases their tension and focus from one activity so they are primed to take on the next.

Give your mind and body a break every 45 to 60 minutes, plan your day in those chunks.

3. Raise necessity

High performers often ask themselves, “Who needs me right now?” It could be your family, your teammates, your customers.

These high performers double down on their efforts to help others out of a sense of duty, which leads to the excellent performance.

“High performers often feel the necessity to perform well out of a sense of duty to someone or something beyond themselves. Someone is counting on them, or they’re trying to fulfill a promise or responsibility.”

4. Increase productivity

“The fundamentals of becoming more productive are setting goals and maintaining energy and focus.”

Clear and challenging goals are the starting point.

Taking care of yourself, including good sleep, nutrition, exercise and positive emotions help you maintain energy. Keeping focused isn’t easy in the modern era with information overload, distractions and interruptions diminishing productivity.

5. Develop influence

High performers develop influence by teaching people how to think and challenging them to grow.

Teach people how to think and you change their lives. High performers say things like, “Think of it this way” or “What if we approached it this way?” or “What do you think about this?” Over time, they train the people around them how to think because when you impact – someone else’s thoughts in a positive way, you have influence.

6. Demonstrate courage

  • Honor the struggle. Don’t get frustrated or overwhelmed by opposition, inertia, or challenges that make you struggle.
  • Share your truth and your ambitions. Each day, reveal to others what you’re really thinking and what you really want in life.
  • Find someone to fight for. Remember who depends on you, and you will find the will and the courage to fight for them.