17 Hearthstone Trivia Questions With Answers

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Welcome, fellow Hearthstone enthusiasts, to a journey through the enchanting realm of Azeroth, where cards come to life and battles unfold in the magical world of Hearthstone! If you’ve ever found yourself immersed in the strategic gameplay, thrilling card draws, and legendary encounters of this digital collectible card game, you’re in for a treat. In this blog, we delve into the realm of Hearthstone Trivia Questions With Answers—a delightful exploration designed to test your knowledge, uncover hidden card mechanics, and celebrate the intricate details that make Hearthstone an ever-evolving gaming experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking to showcase your expertise or a newcomer eager to learn more about the game, these trivia questions cover a spectrum of topics, from card strategies and deck building to the captivating lore that breathes life into the cards you play.

So, grab your favorite deck, summon your inner Hearthstone scholar, and let’s embark on a journey filled with surprises, challenges, and, of course, the joy of answering Hearthstone trivia questions! Get ready to prove your mettle and uncover the secrets that lie within the cards of Hearthstone. The adventure awaits!

Hearthstone Trivia Questions With Answers

1. What is the term for a deck that focuses on drawing and playing its cards in a specific order to achieve a powerful combo?

Answer: Combo Deck: A deck that revolves around drawing specific cards and playing them in a specific order to trigger a powerful interaction or win condition, often resulting in an explosive turn.

2. Name three popular deck archetypes in the current Standard meta.

Answer: Current Standard Meta Archetypes (As of October 26, 2023):

  • Tier 1: Treant Druid, Highlander Hunter, Tempo Demon Hunter
  • Tier 2: Naga Priest, Big Spell Mage, Reno Warlock

3. Which expansion introduced the “Discover” mechanic to Hearthstone?

Answer: Gadgetzan Auctioneer: The “Discover” mechanic was introduced with the Gadgetzan expansion in August 2016.

4. Can you name one card that was recently buffed or nerfed in the latest patch?

Answer: Patch 32.2.2 Changes: Several cards were adjusted in the latest patch (October 25, 2023), including buffs for [[Brann Bronzebeard]] and [[Kobold Stickyfingers]], and nerfs for [[Shadow Priestess]] and [[Onyxian Ward]].

5. How does ‘Hand of Protection’ affect a minion?

Answer: ‘Hand of Protection’ gives a minion Divine Shield. Divine Shield is a protective effect that prevents the first instance of damage or effects that would destroy the minion. Once the Divine Shield is used (absorbs damage or an effect), the minion loses the shield.

6. How many mana crystals does ‘Mind Control’ cost?

Answer: ‘Mind Control’ costs 10 mana crystals. It is a powerful spell that allows the player to take control of an opponent’s minion, essentially turning it into an ally under their command.

7. How many mana crystals does the ‘Truesilver Champion’ weapon cost?

Answer: The ‘Truesilver Champion’ weapon costs 4 mana crystals. It’s a Paladin class weapon that has both attack and durability values, allowing the hero to deal damage to minions or opponents while restoring health to the hero with each attack.

8. How much HP does the Northshire Cleric have?

Answer: The Northshire Cleric has 3 Health (HP). The Northshire Cleric is a Priest minion known for its low cost and ability to draw cards for the controlling player whenever a minion is healed. Its modest health pool makes it vulnerable to removal spells or attacks from opponents.

9. What is the card name that can grant a minion the same attack as its health?

Answer: The card that can grant a minion the same attack as its health is ‘Inner Fire.’ When cast, ‘Inner Fire’ sets a minion’s attack equal to its current health, potentially turning a high-health minion into a formidable attacker.

10. What is the name of the card whose battle cry is to take an enemy minion with 2 attacks or less?

Answer: The card is ‘Cabal Shadow Priest.’ Its Battlecry allows the player to take control of an enemy minion with 2 or less attack. This effect can be particularly useful for gaining control of low-attack minions on the opponent’s side of the board.

11. What is the name of your hero power?

Answer: The name of the hero power for the Priest class is ‘Lesser Heal.’ It allows the player to restore 2 health to any target, including the player’s hero or minions on the board.

12. What is the name of your hero?

Answer: The Priest hero’s name is ‘Anduin Wrynn.’ Anduin is a key character in the Warcraft lore and serves as the representation of the Priest class in Hearthstone.

13. What is Tirion Fordring’s famous entrance statement?

Answer: Tirion Fordring’s famous entrance statement is, “Put your faith in the light.” This line is often associated with his entrance animation and reflects his role as a paladin and defender of the light.

14. Which card is called ‘HoW’ when abbreviated?

Answer: The card abbreviated as ‘HoW’ is ‘Hammer of Wrath.’ ‘Hammer of Wrath’ is a Paladin spell that deals damage to a target and draws a card, providing both removal and card draw in one card.

15. What is the ‘Auchenai Soulpriest’s’ ability until it dies?

Answer: The ‘Auchenai Soulpriest’ has an ability that changes all forms of friendly healing into damage. This means that while it is on the board, any attempt to heal a character, including the player’s hero, will instead deal damage equivalent to the amount that would have been healed.

16. What is the epic ‘Shadow Bomber’s’ battle cry?

Answer: The ‘Shadow Bomber’ has a Battlecry that deals 3 damage to each hero. This means it deals 3 damage to both the player who played it and their opponent, making it a card with potential for aggressive strategies or finishing moves.

17. What is the epic quality card that costs 8 mana crystals, restores 8 health to a character, AND draws you three cards?

Answer: The card you are referring to is ‘Lay on Hands.’ ‘Lay on Hands’ is a Paladin spell that costs 8 mana crystals, restores 8 health to a chosen character (usually the player’s hero), and draws three cards. It provides a combination of healing and card draw, making it a versatile card in control-oriented Paladin decks.

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