17 Janatha Garage Movie Dialogues To Live A Gentle Life

Read here inspiring dialogues & quotes from the movie Janatha Garage to find the motivation to live a gentlemen’s life.

Janatha Garage is a socially based Indian Telugu film. This movie makes people aware of social issues. This movie teaches us to take care of our nature. By planting trees we can take care of ourselves along with nature. This movie also makes us aware of social corruption.

We are sharing here 17 inspiring dialogues & Quotes from the Movie “Janatha Garage” that will help you to live a gentle life without making any harm to our nature & humanity.

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie Janatha Garage

Work with Good Intensions

1. “One who works hard with good intentions can live life wherever he wants.”

Janatha Garage Movie Inspiring Dialogues

Show your courage

2. “People keep the gentlemen suppressed. That’s why it is important to show courage.”

Janatha Garage Movie Inspiring Dialogues

Take care of nature

3. “We cannot fix what happened, but we can definitely plant a new tree.”

4. “Diwali is a festival of lights, not a festival of sounds.”

5. “Nature is calm, but humans create disturbances.”

Janatha Garage Movie Inspiring Dialogues

6. “Nothing is greater than nature.”

Help but do not expect something

7. “If you are expected to get something in return by helping someone, then it is not a help, it is a business.”

Janatha Garage Movie Inspiring Dialogues

Betterment of poor

8. “The project which is for the betterment of the poor, it is obvious that it will be good.”

Earth is not our property

9. “We are lucky that we are born on earth. But that does not mean that it is our estate.”

Janatha Garage Movie Inspiring Dialogues

10. “We are all tenants on earth. We have no right over anything here. Just live here for free. That’s why it is our responsibility to hand it over safely to the next generation.”

Janatha Garage Movie Inspiring Dialogues

Stay strong in every situation

11. “Even if your branches are cut down, you must stand strong.”

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Importance of Office & Family

12. “Office is also a family.”

13. “If one member of the family has any problem, then the whole family stands together.”

Janatha Garage Movie Inspiring Dialogues

14. “If the family members leave each other’s hands in a time of trouble, then it is not a family.”

Janatha Garage Movie Inspiring Dialogues

15. “If children are capable, they do not show interest in the father’s money. And if they are worthless, then whatever you earn becomes less.”

Money & happiness

16. “What is the use of earning such money which cannot even provide you a good sleep?”

Janatha Garage Movie Inspiring Dialogues

17. “God does not give all the happiness to a man at once.”

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