47 Juneteenth Trivia Questions With Answers

Here are the best Juneteenth trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about Juneteenth day. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Juneteenth Trivia Questions With Answers

1. How many enslaved people were estimated to be living in Texas in 1865? Answer: 250,000

2. In the early years of celebrating Juneteenth, what color of food did former slaves eat to symbolize the struggles they endured for their freedom? Answer: Red

3. In what city in Texas did General Gordon Granger announce the end of slavery? Answer: Galveston

4. In what year did Apple add Juneteenth into the iOS calendar as a United States holiday? Answer: 2018

5. In what year did Juneteenth become a federal holiday? Answer: 2021

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6. In what year did Juneteenth first become recognized as a state holiday? Answer: 1980

7. In what year did the last U.S. state finally recognize Juneteenth as a holiday? Answer: 2021

8. Is Juneteenth recognized as a national holiday? Answer: No

9. Juneteenth is also called what? Answer: Emancipation Day

10. Juneteenth is commemorated in how many states? Answer: 47

11. Juneteenth recognizes the news of slavery’s end reaching Texas and other southwest states in what year? Answer: 1865

12. The Confederate States of America is made up of how many states? Answer: 11

13. The first legislation to recognize Juneteenth Independence Day was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by who? Answer: Barbara-Rose Collins

14. The holiday Juneteenth is also commonly referred to as what? Answer: Emancipation Day

15. What is the date that Juneteenth is celebrated on? Answer: June 19th

16. What state was the first to establish Juneteenth as a state holiday under the legislation and in what year? Answer: Texas in 1980

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17. What year did Illinois officially recognize Juneteenth? Answer: 2003

18. What year did Juneteenth begin in the U.S.? Answer: 1865

19. What year did the Emancipation Proclamation first become effective? Answer: 1863

20. Which states currently do NOT recognize Juneteenth? Answer: North Dakota, South Dakota, and Hawaii

21. Which U.S. President issued the Emancipation Proclamation? Answer: Abraham Lincoln

22. Who began Juneteenth by enforcing the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas? Answer: General Gordon Granger

23. Who first introduced legislation to the U.S. House of Representatives recognizing Juneteenth as a holiday? Answer: Barbara-Rose Collins

24. Who started Juneteenth? Answer: General Gordon Granger

Juneteenth Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

25. Why is it called Juneteenth? Answer: The name is a portmanteau of the day and the month for when it is observed; i.e. June + 19th = Juneteenth

26. In what year was the first issue of the antislavery newspaper “The North Star” published? Answer: 1847

27. In what year was the Juneteenth flag created? Answer: 1997

28. In what year was the text “June 19, 1865” added to the Juneteenth flag? Answer: 2007

29. In what year were the last slaves freed due to resistance by slave owners? Answer: 1868

30. Juneteenth is the first new federal holiday since which another federal holiday was adopted in 1983? Answer: MLK Jr. Day

31. The bursting star depicted on the Juneteenth flag represents what? Answer: A new beginning

32. What are the colors on the Juneteenth flag? Answer: Red, white, blue

33. What flavor of soda is associated with celebrating Juneteenth? Answer: Strawberry

34. What is the name of the American abolitionist who was born into slavery but escaped with her infant daughter in 1826? Answer: Sojourner Truth

35. What is the name of the former slave who became the first person of color to graduate from the “United States Military Academy” at West Point? Answer: Henry Ossian Flipper

36. What is the name of the former slave who founded the abolition journal “The North Star”? Answer: Frederick Douglass

37. What is the name of the official order was given by General Gordon Granger announcing that slavery had ended? Answer: General Order No. 3

38. What is the name of the slave who incited, and was ultimately hanged for, the rebellion known as the Southhampton Insurrection? Answer: Nat Turner

39. What is the period that occurred after the announcement by General Gordon Granger, in which former slaves left Texas for other states known as? Answer: The scatter

40. What symbol is on the Juneteenth flag? Answer: A star

41. What was the holiday originally called until it became commonly known as Juneteenth in the 1890s? Answer: Jubilee Day

42. What was the name of the 10 acres of land purchased by a group of former slaves used to celebrate Juneteenth in the 1870s? Answer: Emancipation Park

43. Which state was formed during the American Civil War? Answer: West Virginia

44. Which U.S. state was the last to recognize Juneteenth as a holiday? Answer: South Dakota

45. Which war prompted the end of slavery in the United States? Answer: The Civil War

46. Who designed the original Juneteenth flag? Answer: Ben Haith

47. Who is the African American author whose novel “Juneteenth” was published posthumously? Answer: Ralph Ellison

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