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Read Inspiring Dialogues & Quotes from the Indian movie KGF (KGF Chapter 1 & Chapter 2) that will help you set a big goal for yourself and also to help fulfill your goal.

KGF (K.G.F: Chapter 1 & Chapter 2) is an Indian Kannada-language action film. Its story is about a boy named Rocky, who becomes a gangster to reach the destination shown by his mother. You will find many emotional and heart-touching dialogues and quotes in this movie that will inspire you to make a destination for yourself and reach this destination.

Find the below inspiring dialogues of the movie KGF.

KGF Chapter 1 Movie Dialogues

Dialogue on Victory

1. “If his picture has been etched in the stone, then he must have achieved something big.”

2. “When people have accepted, then who are you or who we are?”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

Dialogue on the importance of money

3. “Everyone in the world says that without money one cannot live peacefully. But no one says that without money one cannot die peacefully.”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

Dialogue about the vision of life

4. “Promise me, I don’t know how you will live, but when death comes, you will die becoming the most powerful and richest person in the world.”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

Quotes about finding the way to the destination

5. “His mother had shown him the destination. But he had to find the way to the destination.”

6. “When he was young, he had decided that he will become a brand.”

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Dialogues on Power

7. “If there is power, there is money.”

8. “Powerful people come from powerful places.”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

Dialogue on Daring

9. “If you hit someone, the police will search for you! if you hit the police, A don like you will search.”

10. “He who comes to live in the city learns about it. The one who comes to rule the city teaches the city about himself.”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

Dialogue on Creating Identity

11. “The post doesn’t come just because of the address. It comes because of the landmark. And this landmark does not even require a stamp.”

Dialogue on becoming a don

12. “I have not become a don by killing only ten or twelve people. Those whom I killed were all dons.”

Dialogue to know about your goal

13. “It cannot be ruled without knowing the depth of the ocean. Let’s get down and measure it.”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

Dialogue about selfishness

14. “The world running after selfishness does not stop for anyone. We have to stop it.”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

Dialogue to know that you are stronger

15. “Don’t think about these people. No one is stronger than you.”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

Dialogue to know that Mother is great

16. “Mother is the greatest warrior in this world.”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

Who is a man?

17. “Not everyone who puts a finger on the trigger is a shooter, not everyone who lays his hand on a girl is a man.”

Other Powerful lines

18. “It doesn’t matter who hits first in a fight. Who fell down first it matters.”

19. “My father has built a huge empire, I will build a bigger empire than that.”

20. “There should be fear in life. The fear should be there in the heart. But the heart should not be ours, it should be our opponents.”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

21. “History cannot be created overnight. History cannot be made in a hurry. You cannot create history even by planning or creating a blueprint. Just a little spark is needed.”

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF

22. “If you draw the courage from the thousand people standing behind you, then you can win only one battle. If they draw the courage that you are leading them, then you can win the whole world.”

KGF Chapter 2 Movie Dialogues

KGF Chapter 2 Movie dialogues & quotes from the trailer.

1. The story is written in blood. It can’t continue with ink. If it has to continue, it has to be only with blood!

2. There will be no more tolerance. I also have forces! We shall seek and destroy.

3. The swing of a sword and the splash of blood in a battle is not a destroy but is progress. The fallen bodies there are useful too. If you want check with the vultures.

4. Violence, Violence, Violence. I don’t like it. I avoid. But, violence likes me. I can’t avoid.

5. Proclaim to them. I am coming. To reclaim my KGF.

6. There is no friend worthy of my friendship, no such sword can withstand my enmity.

7. Shall we do business? Offer closes soon!

8. Maa! One day I will bring you all the gold in the world!

9. OK, go to sleep now. Go bring it tomorrow morning.

Final Words: I hope you liked the above Inspiring Dialogues from the movie KGF. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should definitely watch it. If Don’t forget to mention the best line that you liked most from the above lines in the comment box below.

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