19 Success Quotes from Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

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Your happiness is a crucial factor in achieving success in your life. True happiness often emerges when you embrace the spirit of giving and love. Napoleon Hill emphasized that success is a result of understanding, believing, and applying your knowledge. If you can envision and believe in something, you have the power to achieve it. In this post, we’ll explore key motivational quotes from Napoleon Hill’s ‘Law of Success’ to guide you on the path to achieving your goals and finding success in life.

Law of Success Quotes by Napoleon Hill

Quote 1: “No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he begins to look in a mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes.” – This quote means that if you want to be successful for a long time, you need to start by looking at yourself and understanding why you make mistakes. Success comes when you learn from your errors and improve yourself.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to take responsibility for our mistakes and not blame others. By self-reflection and learning from our errors, we can improve and achieve lasting success.

Quote 2: “Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.” – This quote tells us that our fears are just thoughts in our head. They are not real things, but something we create in our minds.

Inspiration: This quote encourages us to realize that we can overcome our fears by changing our thoughts. It motivates us to have a positive mindset and face our fears with confidence.

Quote 3: “Prayer based upon FAITH always works.” – This quote suggests that when you pray with strong belief and faith, your prayers are more likely to come true. Faith is the key to making your prayers effective.

Inspiration: This quote motivates us to have faith in our desires and dreams. It teaches us that having strong belief in our goals can make them a reality.

Quote 4: “Where thought prevails power may be found!” – This quote means that when you have strong and determined thoughts, you can find the power to achieve your goals and desires.

Inspiration: This quote encourages us to have focused and determined thoughts. It reminds us that our thoughts have the power to lead us towards success.

Quote 5: “You have been endowed with the power to use the most highly organized form of energy known to man, that of thought.” – This quote tells us that our thoughts are a powerful form of energy that we can use to accomplish great things. It’s one of the most organized energies available to us.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to recognize the incredible potential of our thoughts. It motivates us to harness the power of our thinking to achieve success.

Quote 6: “Power is organized effort! Success is based upon power!” – This quote means that power comes from putting in an organized and focused effort. Success depends on having this kind of power and using it effectively.

Inspiration: This quote motivates us to work hard with a clear plan and organization. It emphasizes that success is achieved through disciplined and focused efforts.

Quote 7: “Success in life depends upon happiness, and happiness is found in no other way than through SERVICE that is rendered in a spirit of love.” – This quote suggests that true success is tied to happiness, and the path to happiness is through serving others with a loving and caring attitude.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to find joy and fulfillment in helping others. It reminds us that success is not just about personal gain but also about making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Quote 8: “Hard labor and good intentions are not sufficient to carry a man through to success, for how may a man be sure that he has attained success unless he has established in his mind some definite object that he wishes?” – This quote means that working hard and having good intentions alone are not enough to achieve success. To know if you’ve succeeded, you need a clear goal in your mind.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to set specific goals for ourselves. It emphasizes that having a clear purpose is essential to measure and attain success.

Quote 9: “The world will forgive you if you make mistakes, but it will never forgive you if you make no DECISIONS because it will never hear of you outside of the community in which you live.” – This quote suggests that making mistakes is okay because the world can forgive them. However, not making any decisions and remaining unknown beyond your local community is unforgivable.

Inspiration: This quote motivates us to make decisions, take action, and be willing to make mistakes. It reminds us that taking risks and making choices is vital for gaining recognition and success.

Quote 10: “Success comes only when you act on what you know and believe. What your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve!” – This quote means that success is possible when you put into action what you know and believe in. If you can imagine and believe in something, you have the potential to make it a reality.

Inspiration: This quote encourages us to have faith in our ideas and knowledge. It motivates us to take steps towards our goals with confidence and determination.

Quote 11: “Success is the development of the power with which to get whatever one wants in life without interfering with the rights of others.” – This quote suggests that success is about acquiring the ability to achieve your desires in life without infringing on the rights and well-being of others.

Inspiration: This quote motivates us to pursue success while being considerate and ethical. It reminds us that true success should not harm or hinder others.

Quote 12: “Before you can achieve success in the higher and broader sense you must gain such thorough control over yourself that you will be a person of poise.” – This quote means that to attain real success, you must have strong self-control and composure. You need to be a person who can handle challenges calmly.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to work on self-discipline and maintaining our composure in difficult situations. It highlights that personal growth and inner strength are crucial for achieving higher success.

Quote 13: “Imagination is a faculty of the mind which can be cultivated, developed, extended and broadened by use.” – This quote tells us that imagination is like a mental skill that can grow and become more powerful when we use it often.

Inspiration: This quote motivates us to exercise our imagination regularly. It emphasizes that creativity and thinking outside the box can be expanded and improved through practice, leading to greater success.

Quote 14: “Everyone needs a change of mental environment at regular periods, the same as a change and variety of food is essential. The mind becomes more alert, more elastic and more ready to work with speed and accuracy after it has been bathed in new ideas, outside of one’s own field of daily labor.” – This quote suggests that, just like we need different types of food for our bodies, our minds also need a change in what we think about. When we expose our minds to new ideas, it becomes more active, flexible, and efficient in our work.

Inspiration: This quote inspires us to seek new experiences and ideas outside our usual routines. It motivates us to keep our minds fresh and open to learning, which can boost our creativity and productivity.

Quote 15: “Money is necessary, but the big prizes of life cannot be measured in dollars and cents.” – This quote means that while money is important, the most valuable and fulfilling things in life cannot be measured in terms of dollars and cents. There are other important aspects to life beyond money.

Inspiration: This quote encourages us to recognize the importance of non-material aspects of life, like happiness, relationships, and personal growth. It motivates us to pursue a well-rounded and meaningful life.

Quote 16: “I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose, therefore I demand of myself persistent, aggressive and continuous action toward its attainment.” – This quote tells us that when we believe in our ability to achieve our specific goals, we should push ourselves to take determined, aggressive, and ongoing actions to reach them.

Inspiration: This quote motivates us to have confidence in our capabilities and to be persistent in pursuing our goals. It emphasizes that with belief and consistent effort, we can achieve what we set out to do.

Quote 17: “You cannot enjoy outstanding success in life without power, and you can never enjoy power without sufficient personality to influence other people to cooperate with you in a spirit of harmony.” – This quote suggests that to achieve remarkable success, you need power, and to have power, you must have a personality that can influence and work in harmony with others.

Inspiration: This quote motivates us to develop strong interpersonal skills and build positive relationships with others. It highlights the importance of collaboration and cooperation in achieving outstanding success.

Quote 18: “Bravery is physical; courage is mental and moral.” – This quote differentiates between bravery, which relates to physical actions, and courage, which is about mental and moral strength. It means that courage involves having the mental strength to do what’s right.

Inspiration: This quote encourages us to develop mental and moral courage. It reminds us that bravery is not just physical actions but also doing what’s right and standing up for our beliefs.

Quote 19: “You can do it if you believe you can!” – This quote means that you can achieve your goals if you truly believe in your ability to do so. Belief in yourself is a powerful motivator.

Inspiration: This quote is a strong reminder that self-belief is essential for success. It motivates us to have confidence in our capabilities and encourages us to take action with the belief that we can accomplish our goals.

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