9 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Bhakti (Devotion) to Inspire You

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Bhakti means the path of loving devotion to a particular god or deity, which, it is believed, leads to salvation or nirvana. Bhakti is also sometimes described as “love for love’s sake. Read here 9 inspiring quotes said by Mahatma Gandhi on Bhakti (Devotion).

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes On Bhakti

1. “Devotion to Truth is the sole justification for our effusiveness.”

This quote emphasizes that the ultimate reason for expressing enthusiasm and passion should be a deep commitment to truth. It highlights the importance of aligning one’s energy with a devotion to truth.

2. “Devotion required by the Gita is not soft-hearted effusiveness.”

In this quote, Gandhi distinguishes the devotion described in the Gita from mere sentimentality. It suggests that genuine devotion is not about being sentimentally soft-hearted, but rather about a deep and sincere commitment.

3. “Without devotion, action and knowledge are cold and dry, and may even become shackles.”

This quote emphasizes that devotion is essential to infuse warmth and meaning into one’s actions and knowledge. Without devotion, both can become empty and potentially restrictive.

4. “A devotee may use, if he likes, rosaries, forehead marks, make offerings, but these things are not a test of his devotion.”

Gandhi suggests that external rituals and symbols, such as rosaries and offerings, may be used by devotees, but they do not define the depth of one’s devotion. True devotion goes beyond these external practices.

5. “A devotee of Rama may be said to be the same as the steadfast one (sthitaprajnya) of the Gita.”

This quote equates a devotee of Lord Rama to the concept of a “steadfast one” described in the Gita. It implies that unwavering devotion can lead to the same spiritual state described in the Gita.

6. “The path of bhakti, karma, love, as expounded in the Gita, leaves no room for the despising of man by man.”

Gandhi highlights that the paths of devotion (bhakti), action (karma), and love, as explained in the Gita, reject any form of discrimination or contempt between individuals. They promote equality and respect among all people.

7. “Knowledge without devotion will be like a misfire.”

This quote suggests that knowledge alone, without a genuine and devoted approach, lacks effectiveness. True knowledge is ignited and purposeful when accompanied by devotion.

Bhakti Quotes by Gandhiji

“Knowledge without devotion will be like a misfire.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

8. “Renunciation is the central sun, around which devotion, knowledge and the rest revolve like planets.”

Gandhi emphasizes that renunciation, the act of giving up worldly attachments, is the central core of spiritual practice. Devotion, knowledge, and other aspects of the spiritual journey revolve around this central principle, like planets orbiting the sun.

9. “In order that knowledge may not run riot, the author of the Gita has insisted on devotion accompanying it and has given it the first place.”

This quote highlights the Gita’s emphasis on pairing knowledge with devotion. It suggests that devotion takes precedence to ensure that knowledge is applied in a balanced and ethical way, preventing its misuse or abuse.

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