47 Minecraft Trivia Questions With Answers

Here are the best Minecraft trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about the game. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Minecraft Trivia Questions With Answers

1. A Husk is a type of zombie found in only one place. Where is this?

Answer: Desert.

2. A school in which country had Minecraft become a mandatory part of its curriculum for all 13-year-olds?

Answer: Sweden.

3. As well as hay bales, what else will a Llama eat?

Answer: Wheat.

4. Axolotl can come in how many different colors?

Answer: 5.

5. Do you know how many versions of Minecraft there are?

Answer: There are two versions. Java edition which can only be played on a pc and Bedrock edition which can be played on consoles, PCs, and on phones. The phone version is also sometimes called ‘pocket edition’

6. How did ⅓ of players learn about the game’s existence?

Answer: Word of mouth on Social Media – there was very little-to-no advertising for the game initially.

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7. How do you get to the end dimension?

Answer: You need to find an end portal and light it. These are situated in strongholds and to activate the portal you need the eyes of the ender.

8. How do you make a bed?

Answer: You need three wool blocks and three planks of wood. Or, if you are near to a village you can steal one from the villagers!

9. How do you make a double chest?

Answer: You craft two chests and place them side by side. They will join together and turn into a double chest.

10. How many alternative dimensions can you visit as well as the overworld?

Answer: The nether which is a world full of lava and scary monsters and The End which is a barren dimension with lots of islands and a very long fall into the void.

11. How many BAFTA awards has the game won?

Answer: 3.

12. How many meters does one Minecraft block equal?

Answer: Each block is one meter.

13. How many players can play together, at the same time, on Minecraft Realms?

Answer: 10.

14. If you kill a zombie what items could you get?

Answer: Most commonly zombies drop rotten flesh but they can sometimes drop carrots and potatoes. Rarely a zombie will drop armor, tools and even an iron ingot.

15. If you swim near a dolphin, what happens?

Answer: You swim faster.

16. In what year was Minecraft fully released?

Answer: 2011.

Minecraft Quiz Questions With Answers

17. Minecraft has been used in educational environments to teach computer science, computer-aided design, and what other subject?

Answer: Chemistry.

18. The achievement system is known as ‘trophies’ on Playstation ports. What is it called in the Java Editions?

Answer: Advancements.

19. The game follows a day and night cycle. How long does one full cycle last in real-time?

Answer: 20 minutes.

20. There have been enough copies of the game purchased for UK residents to how many copies each?

Answer: 4.

21. To make one iron ingot, how many slabs of iron ore do you need?

Answer: 1.

22. True or False: there are 2 alternative dimensions to play in, besides the main world.

Answer: True (The Nether and the End).

23. What are Endermen afraid of?

Answer: Endermen don’t like water and will avoid it. If they keep getting wet they will die.

24. What creature can you control with a carrot on a stick?

Answer: Pigs.

25. What do Evokers drop?

Answer: Totems of Undying.

26. What important item does a creeper drop when it is killed?

Answer: Gunpowder which you need to make fireworks, TNT, and for potion brewing.

27. What is terrified of Ocelots?

Answer: Creepers.

28. What is the best material you can get in Minecraft to make tools and armor with?

Answer: Netherite is the best and has been available since The Nether Update in 2020.

29. What is the material you need if you want to make automatic machines and farms?

Answer: Redstone.

30. What is the mobile version of the game called?

Answer: Minecraft Earth.

31. What is the most common crafting material used?

Answer: Wood! You need it for so many things in Minecraft.

Random Minecraft Trivia Questions With Answers

32. What is the most famous evil mob in Minecraft?

Answer: The creeper of course! This character is iconic in Minecraft and will hiss at you before blowing up next to you.

33. What item can sugar cane make?

Answer: Paper.

34. What item do you need to make all of the potions?

Answer: Water bottle.

35. What must you use to mine ores and stones?

Answer: Pickaxe.

36. What name is given to a villager who cannot trade?

Answer: Nitwit.

37. What problem does tonic cure?

Answer: Nausea.

38. What tool do you need to gather stone and ore?

Answer: Pickaxe. You can craft them from wood, iron, gold, diamond or nephrite. Although, not all pickaxes will work for all types of materials.

39. What type of food do cows and sheep eat?

Answer: Wheat which you can farm by planting seeds.

40. What was the game initially going to be called?

Answer: Cave Game.

41. When would you fight the Ender Dragon?

Answer: At the climax of the game.

42. When you first spawn in the game what dimension do you start in?

Answer: The overworld. This is where most people spend most of their time in Minecraft.

43. When you first visit The End what terrifying creature is waiting for you?

Answer: The Ender Dragon. You need to kill the dragon to access the end.

44. Where can you find the Drowned Mob?

Answer: In dark water. You usually find them in the deep oceans but you can find them underground too. You can also turn zombies into drowned by drowning them in the water!

45. Where can you get enchanted books from?

Answer: You can get enchanted books from loot chests or form trading with librarian villagers.

46. Which creature has 2 hearts?

Answer: Chicken.

47. Which species began due to a coding error?

Answer: Creeper – it was initially a pig gone wrong!

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