63 Inspiring Dialogues From The Movie Miss India

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Read Inspiring Dialogues & Quotes from the Indian movie Miss India to fulfill your dream and to create a separate identity for yourself.

Miss India is a 2020 Indian Telugu language film. This movie is an inspiration for every person who wants to achieve something in their life, live their dreams. National Award winner Keerthy Suresh is in the lead role in this movie. This movie is completely a business motivation movie.

A girl named Manasa Samyukta, who had a dream since her childhood that she has to do business and make a separate identity for herself. Her father, who works in a bank, suffers from Alzheimer’s due to stress since childhood and he slowly starts forgetting everything. Meanwhile, there are many obstacles in the maintenance of their house. In a few days, Manasa’s elder brother completes his study and gets a job in the USA. Manasa refuses to go to the USA as she has to do business, but she has to go to the USA due to pressure from her mother and brother. Manasa’s mother and brother are against her dream of doing business. They said to her “after completing your studies, find a good job for yourself, girls cannot do business”. Meanwhile, Manasa’s grandfather dies. For Manasa, her grandfather was everything. She had learned about the importance of tea from her grandfather. Manasa has to leave India and go to the USA and there she completes her MBA. Mansa misses Indian tea a lot in there and thinks of doing the Indian tea business in America.

But under the pressure of her mother and brother, she has to do a job. But after not getting self-satisfaction from her job, she also wants to fulfill her dream. But her family does not support her. Amid such tension, she left her house.

Keerthy Suresh in Miss India Movie

To start her tea business, Manasa meets the owner of KSK Company who is an owner of a coffee business. Instead of helping her, he challenges her and says that a woman can never be successful, especially in the business world.

Manasa decides to fulfill her dreams based on hard work. She believes that a woman can be whatever she wants to be. In the end, leaving everyone behind, she becomes the most successful businesswoman in America.

The Movie Miss India

If you haven’t seen this movie then you should watch it. The movie is an inspiration for those who have a dream of becoming something for themselves, who give up on their dreams halfway, compromising their dreams under the pressure of situations.

We have collected some inspiring dialogues from this Miss India movie that will give you the passion to fulfill your dream.

Inspiring Dialogues from the movie Miss India

Find here some inspiring movie dialogues from Miss India movie.

Getting Fame in your life

1. “Getting fame is not easy. It is neither achieved by prayers, nor it is stopped by interrupting.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

2. “Getting fame is not easy. This is not achieved by prayers. And it doesn’t get erased by anyone’s bullshit.”

Life & Life Lesson

3. “When the salary increases, the responsibility also increases.”

4. “Only those people remain as our memories, whom we love. And when that person leaves us, then those memories make us sad. This is life.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

5. “One person cannot always be unhappy in life. The opportunity we have got, we should not lose it.”

6. “If everything starts happening according to the wishes of the person, then this is not life.”

7. “No one comes in the world forever. Neither you nor me. We have nothing in our hands except forgetting everything and moving on.”

8. “Compromise is your friend, like a close friend. Lies are our neighbors, who are always with us. Cheating is like a lover.”

9. “Life is also not guaranteed, but it goes on. Do you know why? Because of hope.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

10. “The most trusted person cheats us.”

Purpose in life

11. “If there is no purpose in life, then there is no use of getting the first rank.”

Fulfill your dream

12. “I will go ahead and do what I want to do.”

13. “Business is my dream.”

14. “Listen to your heart. Only you are the owner, founder, and sole proprietor of your life.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

15. “It is very easy to tell others to listen to your heart. But what are you doing yourself? What happened to your goal?”

16. “Every human has the right to dream in life. And everyone has some talent. It may be you, me, or someone else. When one understands this, on that day the real journey of his life begins.”

17. “I have only one goal. McDonald, KFC, Starbucks, How did these brands get started? Like a small brand. And soon he became global. Miss India also has to become such a brand that every person of America should know what Miss India is.”

18. “I have come this far through my hard work. Not begging anyone.”

19. “If you don’t fulfill your dreams someone will hire you to fulfill their dreams.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

20. “The most important thing in the world is your dream.”

21. “Whatever your goal is, your dream is, work hard to achieve it. Just do it. Because if you haven’t, what’s the point of living?”

22. “Life is not meant to be lived in fear. Neither from God, nor the professor, nor the society. We should be afraid that if we are not able to fulfill our dream, then the world will not be able to recognize our potential.”

23. “Life is a golden opportunity to prove your worth. Just prove it.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

24. “Awake, Arise, and Stop not till the goal is achieved.”


25. “The greatest happiness in life is in the happiness of the family.”

Do not leave your birthplace

26. “We send our children from the village to the city for studies. So that he can become something in life by studying in a good college. We just kept living under the illusion that our children love this soil. But today he decided to leave us for just one job!”


27. “I can never throttle your happiness, your dreams.”


28. “It is better to give food to someone homeless than to waste food.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

29. “To donate something is charity, to share something is humanity.”

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Live Happily

30. “The simplicity that we see in nature, if a person brings it to his thoughts, then surely his life will also be filled with peace.”

31. “By making excuses for your pain, you are turning your back on the beauty of nature and its happiness.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

32. “It doesn’t matter how hard you are working in life as it matters how happy you are in life.”

33. “It doesn’t matter who is unhappy & how much unhappy you are in life.”

Being Positive

34. “Despite knowing everything, where is the result in hand? It is very difficult to turn your dreams into reality. But this is the name of living. So staying positive is the best solution.”


35. “Give time a chance and it will surely change.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

36. “Time is the most valuable thing.”

37. “Time is valuable for everyone. For you, for me. Job is a waste of time for me.”

38. “I know the value of time. That’s why I neither waste my time nor do I want to waste others.”


39. “Success comes from ability.”

40. “Money brings happiness, but only hard work brings success.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

41. “I will work hard, give my life to reach that point. Not at all so that I can beat you, but make my mark.”

42. “Behind anyone’s success is not just his talent and courage. The reason is those people who support when needed.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

43. “The only competition we have is ourselves.”

44. “If we keep improving and moving ahead every second, we will be on top eventually.”

45. “Miss India is not a person, it is a brand of Miss India.”

46. “Success can never be bought by money. They meet hard work by shedding blood and sweat.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

47. “I have worked day and night to achieve success. This is my legacy.”

Power of Women

48. “There are many jobs in the world for which women are trained, not men.”

49. “Everyone knows multi-tasking, planning, organizing. Women are adept at all of these.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

50. “In the field of science, research says that the mental stability of women is more than that of men. Even a business angle, the finance model that a woman can make, cannot be made by a man.”

51. “When a woman gets home, she creates a family. If she gets a ration, she cooks food for everyone. If she gets happiness, she gives love in return. She dedicates herself to the family till the last breath of her life. Whatever she gets in life, she gives double. Whatever it may be, good or bad.”


52. “The relationship that exists between a customer or a seller is trust.”

53. “How can a relationship that takes away your happiness from you be good?”


54. “Marriage is a huge responsibility. There is a big difference between living your life alone and living with someone.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

Self Belief

55. “I want to use my talent, and make a mark for myself.”

56. “I want to work hard. If this life is mine, then the decisions will also be mine.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

57. “Believe it or not, I will only do what my heart tells me. You accompany or not.”

58. “As long as we don’t do wrong, we don’t need to be ashamed and panic.”

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59. “Tea is like petrol in India. Until someone has sipped tea, their day doesn’t start. In joy, in worry, in sadness, in fear, in anger, no matter what the occasion, tea is their real companion.”

Business & Risk

60. “Whenever a person wants to do something big, there is a risk in it. If there is no risk, then there is no success. That’s the business.”

Miss India movie inspiring quotes

61. “Whatever is achieved without risk does not last.”

62. “Business is a battle.”


63. “Appointment is a small rule. Simply so that a person can spare his valuable time for another human.”

Final Words: I hope you liked the above Inspiring Dialogues from the movie Miss India. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should definitely watch it. If Don’t forget to mention the best line that you liked most from the above lines in the comment box below.

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