34 Mortal Kombat Trivia Questions With Answers

Here are the best Mortal Kombat trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about it. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Mortal Kombat Trivia Questions With Answers

1. A handful of people on a leaky boat are gonna save the world? Answer: Sonya

2. According to Sub-Zero what is Lui Kang not ready for? Answer: what lies ahead

3. Goro broke my glasses but he could not break me. Who played me? Answer: Linden Ashby

4. I dropped one of Johnny Cage’s suitcases into the water. Who played me? Answer: Robin Shou

5. I gave Liu some pointers on his fight with Sub Zero. Who played me? Answer: Talisa Soto

6. I literally gave Kano a break. Who played me? Answer: Bridgette Wilson

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7. In Liu Kang’s dream, what does Shang Tsung say as he is killing Liu’s brother? Answer: You will be next!

8. Most of my power as a fighter came from deceased warriors’ souls. Who played me? Answer: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

9. We’re standing, they’re not. What more do you want? Answer: Johnny Cage

10. What does Johnny Cage say to his attackers while filming his movie? Answer: ‘Let’s Dance’

11. What does Liu Kang mistake Rayden for? Answer: A beggar

12. What does Liu say after defeating Reptile? Answer: “Oh, no you don’t!”

13. What doesn’t work on Shang Tsung’s island? Answer: Sonya’s Radio

14. What is Jax’s codename in the movie? Answer: Cardinal

15. What is Sonya’s code name? Answer: Blackhawk

16. What is the only special move that Johnny Cage does successfully in the movie? Answer: Splitz Punch

Mortal Kombat Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

17. What special move does Liu Kang use to defeat Shang Tsung? Answer: Dragon Fireball

18. Who becomes Shao Kahn’s new general after Shao Kahn kills Rain? Answer: Queen Sindel

19. Who does Liu Kang NOT fight in the movie? Answer: Scorpion

20. Who ejects Kano from the tournament? Answer: Sonya

21. Who is Johnny Cage’s master? Answer: Boyd

22. Who is Kano? Answer: Mafia leader

23. Who is Liu Kang’s brother? Answer: Chan

24. Who is Liu Kang’s famous ancestor, who once won Mortal Kombat? Answer: Kung Lao

25. Who is Sonya intent on killing? Answer: Kano

26. Who is Sonya’s partner? Answer: Jax

27. Who is the 10,000-year-old princess whom Liu Kang takes a liking to? Answer: Kitana

28. Who is the first character to learn from Raiden’s advice? Answer: Johnny Cage

29. Who is the first person that Johny Cage fights? Answer: Scorpion

30. Who is the first person to compete in the tournament? Answer: Liu Kang

31. Who killed Liu Kang’s brother? Answer: Shang Tsung

32. Who played Johnny Cage? Answer: Linden Ashby

33. Who was the person who defeats Goro? Answer: Johnny Cage

34. With what does Johnny Cage stop Scorpion? Answer: A shield and spear

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