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Read here inspiring quotes said by Pawan Kalyan that will help you to find motivation in your life.

Who is Pawan Kalyan?

Pawan Kalyan is an Indian actor and director who mainly works in Telugu language films. He is The younger brother of the actor-politician Chiranjeevi. Pawan Kalyan is popularly known as “Power Star” by his fans.

How was Pawan Kalyan’s life journey?

Pawan Kalyan was born on 2 September 1971 in Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh. His real name is Konidela Kalyan Babu. His father was Konidela Venkat Rao and his mother was Anjana Devi.

Pawan Kalyan made his acting debut in the 1996 Telugu film Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi. His starred film Tholi Prema won the National Film Award and six Nandi Awards for Best Feature Film in Telugu in 1998. Pawan Kalyan is referred to as “Power Star” by his fans. His film Attarintiki Daredi held the record of being the highest-grossing Telugu film. He is known for films such as Gokulamlo Seeta, Suswagatham, Tholi Prema, Thammudu, Badri, Kushi, Jalsa, Gabbar Singh, Gopala Gopala, and Attarintiki Daredi. Pawan Kalyan entered into politics in 2008. In March 2014, Pawan Kalyan founded the Jana Sena Party.

What has Pawan Kalyan Achieved in his life?

Pawan Kalyan is popularly known as “Power Star” by his fans.

Pawan Kalyan was listed by Google as the most searched Indian celebrity politician on Google Search in 2014. He is famous for his philanthropic work. He founded the Common Man Protection Force (CMPF) to help people. This trust was known to assist citizens who fall under EWS in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He holds a black belt in karate and specializes in various martial arts.

Pawan Kalyan Inspiring Quotes

Read below motivational quotes said by Pawan Kalyan to find motivation.

1. Pawan Kalyan says, “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.” This quote inspires us to take action and not just wait for change to happen on its own. It tells us that if we want to see a revolution or significant change, we have to work for it.

2. Pawan Kalyan shares, “Nature, philosophy and social issues are the three things that always occupy my mind.” This quote tells us about the things that are important to him. It encourages us to have interests and values that occupy our thoughts and drive us to make a positive impact on society.

Pawan Kalyan Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

3. He says, “I’m Indian. I care for our Motherland.” This quote shows his love for his country. It inspires us to care for and be proud of our own homeland and work for its betterment.

4. Pawan Kalyan mentions, “If I do not respond to some situation, my conscience kills me.” This quote emphasizes the importance of listening to our inner sense of right and wrong. It inspires us to take responsibility for our actions and responses.

5. He says, “I believe in permissible violence, not necessarily non-violence.” This quote suggests that he believes in using force when necessary, but only when it’s allowed and justified. It encourages us to think carefully about when and how to use force or violence.

Pawan Kalyan Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

6. Pawan Kalyan expresses, “I don’t believe in planning for things. I just want them to fall in place, unfold as they like.” This quote tells us that he prefers to be adaptable and let things happen naturally. It inspires us to be open to unexpected opportunities and not rigidly plan everything.

7. He says, “I never design things. I want films to choose me; I don’t choose films.” This quote indicates that he lets circumstances guide his choices. It encourages us to be open to life’s opportunities and let them guide our decisions.

8. Pawan Kalyan reflects, “I feel the superstardom is God-given. I don’t know how Pawanism came. I find it strange.” This quote shows his humility and how he sees his stardom as something beyond his control. It inspires us to remain humble despite our achievements.

Pawan Kalyan Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

9. Pawan Kalyan shares, “I have always wanted to be a gardener, and I love the time I spend in my garden.” This quote reveals his personal interest in gardening. It encourages us to find joy in our hobbies and take time for the things that make us happy.

10. Pawan Kalyan says, “You do not have any power over others but can only change yourself.” This quote reminds us that we can’t control others, but we can work on improving ourselves. It inspires us to focus on self-improvement and let our positive changes influence those around us.

Pawan Kalyan Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

Pawan Kalyan’s Quotes on Politics:

11. Pawan Kalyan says, “Politics organizes our lives. We can’t disregard it.” This quote reminds us that politics plays a significant role in how our society functions and shapes our daily lives. It inspires us to be aware of political matters and participate in the process to make a positive impact.

Pawan Kalyan Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

12. He mentions, “Politics has a lot of muck, a lot of dirt. But that doesn’t mean you have to be away from it. It’s ubiquitous.” This quote acknowledges that politics can be messy, but it’s everywhere. It encourages us not to avoid it but to engage and work to make it better.

13. He states, “Politics decides our day-to-day life.” This quote underscores that political decisions influence our daily routines and well-being. It inspires us to be informed and take an active role in shaping our political landscape.

Pawan Kalyan’s Quotes on Caste and Society:

14. Pawan Kalyan shares, “I never wanted to become an actor. I always wanted to be a farmer and dreamt of owning half an acre of agricultural land.” This quote reveals his initial dream of being a farmer. It inspires us to follow our passions and not be limited by other people’s expectations.

15. He says, “We can’t deny the existence of caste in India. We have to live with it.” This quote acknowledges the reality of caste divisions in India. It inspires us to address these issues and work towards harmony and equality.

Pawan Kalyan Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

16. He notes, “Caste is a delicate issue. It’s ubiquitous, and we are full of it. We should start to change things from an individual level. But when you go to people and deny caste, they may not react favorably.” This quote recognizes the sensitivity of caste as an issue and encourages us to begin the process of change at a personal level while being aware of the challenges in changing others’ perspectives.

17. Pawan Kalyan suggests, “I think if a decisive percentage of people, especially elites, start marrying out of their caste, we may see a casteless India in a generation’s time.” This quote proposes a solution to the caste issue by promoting inter-caste marriages. It inspires us to consider ways to bring about a casteless society.

18. He states, “Societal good comes first for me.” This quote emphasizes his priority for the well-being of society. It inspires us to prioritize the greater good in our decisions and actions.

19. Pawan Kalyan says, “I was always interested in knowing how societies get organized, why there is a rich and poor divide, why there are classes.” This quote reflects his curiosity about societal structures and inequalities. It inspires us to question and understand how societies function and work towards a fairer and more equitable world.

Pawan Kalyan Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

Pawan Kalyan’s Quotes on Self-improvement:

20. Pawan Kalyan says, “There is a latent talent in everyone. I am nothing extraordinary just because I happen to be an actor.” This quote reminds us that each person has hidden talents, and being recognized or famous doesn’t make someone inherently special. It inspires us to explore and develop our unique abilities.

Pawan Kalyan Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

21. He mentions, “Everybody is extraordinary in his own way. One must identify one’s own talent early on – one is not great merely when he gets recognized by others.” This quote emphasizes that everyone has something exceptional about them. It encourages us to discover and nurture our talents, regardless of whether others acknowledge them.

22. Pawan Kalyan states, “One doesn’t become anybody just because his talent is not widely known.” This quote tells us that our worth isn’t defined by how famous or recognized our talents are. It inspires us to value our abilities even if they are not widely acknowledged.

Pawan Kalyan’s Quotes on Destiny and Belief:

23. He says, “It’s destiny that pushed me towards showbiz. I wanted to start off as a technician, but out of compulsion, I became an actor.” This quote suggests that destiny can influence our path in life. It inspires us to adapt and make the best of the circumstances that come our way.

Pawan Kalyan Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

24. Pawan Kalyan shares, “Right from my childhood, I have believed in a Supreme Power. I don’t know whether it has form, or it is formless.” This quote reveals his belief in a higher power. It inspires us to explore our own spiritual or philosophical beliefs and find meaning in our lives.

Pawan Kalyan’s Quotes on Success and Humility:

25. He notes, “I am a high school dropout. How come life has given me so much? It’s not my intelligence, it’s not my abilities. This understanding makes me scared even of success.” This quote acknowledges that success can be unexpected and humbling. It inspires us to stay humble and grateful, even when we achieve great things.

26. Pawan Kalyan says, “I don’t own my success. Neither do I own my failure.” This quote shows that he doesn’t take complete credit for his success or failures. It inspires us to understand that outcomes are influenced by many factors, and it’s not solely about us.

Pawan Kalyan’s Quotes on Personal Struggles and Perspective:

27. He shares, “I have been a depressed kid. I wanted to lead a quiet life, never wanted to be an actor.” This quote reveals that he faced personal challenges and didn’t initially aspire to be an actor. It inspires us to understand that we can overcome difficulties and adapt to new paths in life.

28. Pawan Kalyan states, “Life is bigger than cinema. Cinema is just a part of life, so I never take success or failure seriously.” This quote highlights the broader perspective that life encompasses more than just one’s career. It inspires us to maintain a balanced view of success and failure and not let them define our entire lives.

Pawan Kalyan Quotes To Help You To Find Motivation In Your Life

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