66 Pokemon Trivia Questions With Answers

Here are the best Pokemon trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge of how much you know about pokemon. Trivia Questions are the best fun way to test your knowledge in the knowledge-growing process.

Pokemon Trivia Questions With Answers

1. At what level does Squirtle learn Hydro Pump in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow?Answer: Level 42

2. Brock has how many brothers and sisters?

Answer: 9

3. Diglett is a Pokémon that is well known for its ability to tunnel underground. What is the evolved form of Diglett?

Answer: Dugtrio

4. How does Ash Ketchum first meet his friend Misty?

Answer: From being dragged out of a lake

5. How many members are there of the Squirtle Squad?

Answer: 5

6. I am Ash’s rival from the Sinnoh region. I feud with Ash almost all the time. I only care about strong Pokemon and release any Pokemon that is weak or does not reach my standards. Who am I?

Answer: Paul

7. I want to be the best Pokemon master ever. Who am I?

Answer: Ash

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8. I was Ash’s very first Pokemon. Who am I?

Answer: Pikachu

9. In the beginning of the episode, Ash catches what Pokemon?

Answer: Caterpie

10. In the episode “Gymbaliar”, what Pokemon does Brock catch?

Answer: Croagunk

11. Muk is an evolved form of what Pokemon?

Answer: Grimer

12. Name the last “Pokemon” in the evolution stage of Treecko – Grovyle – ?

Answer: Sceptile

13. Officer Jenny makes an announcement to the people of Viridian City that thieves have been roaming around the city. Who does she see running with a wounded Pikachu in his arms?

Answer: Ash

14. The voice of Ash is done by?

Answer: Veronica Taylor

15. The voice of Tracey?

Answer: Ted Lewis

16. This is a dark and ghost type Pokemon. It has jewels for eyes and razor sharp claws. It comes from the Hoenn region. Who’s that Pokemon?

Answer: Sableye

17. This Pokemon has a flame on its tail, and if it goes out, it won’t survive. It is orange and is known as a lizard Pokemon. It is a fire type. Who’s that Pokemon?

Answer: Charmander

18. This Pokemon is a flying type, although it is not a bird. It has no eyes and uses its senses to move around. It resembles a bat. Who’s that Pokemon?

Answer: Zubat

19. This Pokemon is a water type. It is at its first stage of evolution, and it comes from the Sinnoh region. It resembles a tiny penguin. Who’s that Pokemon?

Answer: Piplup

20. This Pokemon is an electric type. It is known as the gleaming eyes Pokemon, and it’s at its final stage of evolution. It is black, blue and yellow. Who’s that Pokemon?

Answer: Luxray

21. TV question: As revealed in the Ruins of Alph, Prof. Oak was inspired to become a Pokemon researcher after seeing a fossil of what Pokemon?

Answer: Omanyte

22. What animal is Onix?

Answer: snake

Pokemon Trivia For Kids With Answers

23. What animal is Turtwig?

Answer: Turtle

24. What animal is Vibrava?

Answer: dragonfly

25. What are two of Bagon’s weaknesses?

Answer: Dragon / Ice

26. What color was Ash’s egg?

Answer: blue

27. What could happen to you if you grab one of the tails of a Ninetales?

Answer: Cursed for 1,000 years

28. What does Ash’s new Pokemon do when Misty insults it?

Answer: It goes back into its pokeball

29. What does Pikachu evolve into?

Answer: Raichu

30. What does Skitty evolve into?

Answer: Delcatty

31. What event happened that caused Ash and May to travel together?

Answer: His Pikachu destroyed her bike.

32. What is May’s brother’s name?

Answer: Max

33. What is not one of Dewgong’s weaknesses?

Answer: Steel

34. What is the evolved form of Blaziken?

Answer: It doesn’t evolve.

35. What is the evolved form of Ekans?

Answer: Arbok

36. What is the evolved form of Krabby?

Answer: Kingler

37. What is the evolved form of Marshtomp?

Answer: Swampert

38. What is the evolved form of Vulpix?

Answer: Ninetales

39. What is the name of the famous electric-type, yellow-colored Pokémon that follows the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, around and refuses to enter a Poké ball?

Answer: Pikachu

40. What is the name of the main trainer in Pokemon?

Answer: Ash

41. What is the Pokedex?

Answer: a list of all the Pokemon species

42. What kind of stone do you need to evolve Gloom into Vileplume?

Answer: Leaf stone

43. What legendary Pokemon did Ash see on the first day of his “Pokemon” journey?

Answer: Ho-oh

44. What Pokemon did Ash use first against his battle with Skyla?

Answer: Krokorok

45. What Pokemon did May start out with?

Answer: Torchic

46. What Pokemon do Team Rocket throw into the Pokemon Centre to attack those insides?

Answer: Koffing and Ekans

47. What Pokemon does James get in the episode “Two Degrees of Separation”?

Answer: Carnivine

Pokemon Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

48. What Pokemon does Nolan use to try and defeat Ash?

Answer: Articuno

49. What Pokemon hatched from Ash’s egg?

Answer: Phanpy

50. What species is Weedle?

Answer: The Hairy Bug Pokemon

51. What type of Pokemon is Charmander?

Answer: Fire

52. What type of Pokemon is Goldeen?

Answer: Water

53. What was Ash’s first Pokemon in the Unova region?

Answer: Pidove

54. What was the first gym Ash ever challenged?

Answer: Pewter

55. What was the first Pokemon that Ash caught himself?

Answer: Caterpie

56. What was the first Pokemon to appear in the animated series?

Answer: Gengar

57. When does Igglypuff evolve from Igglybuff?

Answer: Igglybuff reaches its Happiness Quota

58. When we are introduced to Team Rocket, what means of transportation are they on?

Answer: A hot air balloon

59. Where was the first encounter between Ash and Brock?

Answer: At a Gym Battle

60. Which flying Pokemon flies by when Ash and Misty are talking?

Answer: Pidgeotto

61. Which group is always behind stealing Pikachu?

Answer: Team Rocket

62. Who is a HUGE Electabuzz fan?

Answer: Casey

63. Who is Ash traveling with?

Answer: Iris and Cilan

64. Who will win this battle- Horsea vs Gloom?

Answer: Gloom

65. Who’s the Boss of Team Rocket?

Answer: Giovanni

66. Whose bike does Ash break?

Answer: Misty

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