146 Progress Related Abbreviations And Full Forms List

Progress is the word used when someone makes a development in one’s career. The meaning of the word progress is to move forward, to develop to a higher or more advanced stage. Here you can get the list of abbreviations and full forms related to the word progress.

Let’s find progress related abbreviations, acronyms, and full forms list.

What is the acronym of the word progress?

You can use the acronym PROG for the word progress. It can be used in the fields of business, transportation, Government, military, education, etc.

What does PROGRESS Stand for?

The term PROGRESS stands for Personal Responsibility and Opportunities to Gainfully Reach Economic Self Sufficiency.

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Progress Abbreviations and Full Forms List

Sl NoAcronyms/AbbreviationsFull Forms
1ABLAdvanced Business Language
2ADAPAfrican Development Association for Progress
3ADPAlliance for Digital Progress
4AIAfter Image
5ALPAArnhem Land Progress Aboriginal
6AMPAlaska Measures of Progress
7APAPAsian Pacific Americans for Progress
8APCAcademic Progress Committee
9APPAfrica Progress Panel
10APPAssessing Pupil Progress
11APRAcademic Progress Rate
12APRAcademic Progress Report
13APRAccountability Progress Report
14APRAccountability Progress Reporting
15AprActivity Progress Report
16APRAfrica Progress Report
17APRAnnual Progress Report
18APRAnnual Progress Review
19APSAverage Point Score
20ARTSAccelerating and Rescaling Transitions to Sustainability
21AUDPCArea under disease progress curve
22AWLPAlliance for Work Life Progress
23AYPAnnual Yearly Progress
24BIBefore Image
25CAPCenter for American Progress
26CAPCentral Atlanta Progress
27CAPAFCenter for American Progress Action Fund
28CBMCurriculum-Based Measurement
29CEPCenter for Economic Progress
30CEPChemical Engineering Progress
31CIPCenter for Industrial Progress
32CIPConstruction in Progress
33CISRERPCommittee on Independent Scientific Review of Everglades Restoration Progress
34CMEPSPCommission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress
35CMPCenter for Medical Progress
36COPCarousel of Progress
37COPCommunication on Progress
38COPsCommunications on Progress
39CPCampus Progress
40CPCreating Progress
41CP&LCarolina Power & Light
42CPACall Progress Analysis
43CPDCall Progress Detection
44CPRCrew Progress Report
45CPTCall Progress Tone
46CRTPCultural Restoration Tourism Project
47CSCSCentre for the Study of Culture & Society
48CTCClose to Ceiling
49CUPCommittee of Union and Progress
50CUSPCenter for Urban Science and Progress
51CWFCat Wrestling Federation
52DAPData Assessment Plan
53DKSDagannoth Kings
54DLCData Language Corporation
55DPIDemocratic Progress Institute
56DPRDaily Progress Report
57DPRDegree Progress Report
58DPRDissertation Progress Report
59DRADynamic Routing Architecture
60ECAIElectronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
61ECCElectronic Check Clearing
62ECMIEuropean Conference on Mathematics for Industry
63ECMIEuropean Consortium for Mathematics in Industry
64EPEntity Persistence
65EPEnvironmental Progress
66EPREarly Progress Reporting
67EPRElementary Progress Report
68ESHEEssential Services for Health in Ethiopia
69EWICEncyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures
70F4CPFoundation for Chiropractic Progress
71FEIFondo europeo per gli investimenti
72FESEFundación Educación Superior-Empresa
73FFPFood for Progress
74FNPFoundation for National Progress
75FPCFlorida Power Corporation
76FPSFarm Progress Show
77GAPGlobal Alliance for Progress
78GHPGlobal Health Progress
79GIPCGreater Indianapolis Progress Committee
80GISPRIGlobal Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute
81GOMGeneral Outcome Measurement
82GPIGenuine Progress Indicator
83GSAGraphene Stakeholders Association
84H-NEASIAH-Net Network on Northeast Asian History and Culture
85HIPHacking In Progress
86I.P.O.International Progress Organization
87IACDInstitute of Asian Culture and Development
88IACSInter-Asia Cultural Studies
89ICIslamic Culture
90ICCPRInternational Conference on Cultural Policy Research
91ICCRIndian Council for Cultural Relations
92ICHOIran Cultural Heritage Organisation
93ICIPInternational Catalan Institute for Peace
94IDIndicator Demo
95IIin Implementation
96IISNCInternational Institute for the Study of Nomadic Cultures
97IJSPRInternational Journal of Scientific Progress & Research
99IPOInternational Progress Organization
100IPRIn-Progress Review
101IPRIndependent Progress Review
102IPRIntegration Progress Review
103IPRInterim Progress Report
104IPRInterim Progress Review
105IPSÍndice de Progreso Social
106IPSPInternational Panel on Social Progress
107IREFInternational Robotics Education Forum
108IRLDInstitute for Research on Learning Disabilities
109ISCARInternational Society for Cultural and Activity Research
110ISTEPIndiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress
111iTACITUSIntelligent Tourism And Cultural Information Through Ubiquitous Services
112JIPJoin In Progress
113KCAKansas Computerized Assessments
114LAUPLatin Americans United for Progress
115LHIsLeading Health Indicators
116LPPLinux Progress Patch
117MAPMeasure of Academic Progress
118MapMississippi Action For Progress
119MAPMoving Ahead for Progress
120MBSPMonitoring Basic Skills Progress
121MCLCModern Chinese Literature and Culture
122MECMiddle East Center
123MEPSMarine Ecology Progress Series
124MGPMaking Good Progress
125MPICEMeasuring Progress in Conflict Environments
126MPJPMuslims for Peace, Justice and Progress
127MPRMonthly Progress Report
128MSPMeasurements of Student Progress
129MTPMaster Treatment Plan
130MYFMulti-Year Funded
131NAEPNational Assessment of Educational Progress
132NipNetwork in Progress
133NPNo Progress
134P4PPartnering for Progress
135P4PPedals for Progress
136P4PPurchase for Progress
137PAProgress Answer
138PAProgress Auto
139PAProgress Ave
140PAProgress Avenue
141PBProgress Bar
142PBSPPhilippines Business for Social Progress
143PCFDProgress in Computational Fluid Dynamics
144PCPPrimary Care Progress
146PEProgress Energy

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